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Mission and Vision

Our Name

Elamant is a combination of “element” and “elephant.” So how did these two concepts come together to create one worldwide members’ benefit club? How did Elamant start? Find more about our history and our unstoppable mission moving forward!

Save 30-70%

Save anywhere from 30-70% on travel by booking directly with Elamant Travel. As an Elamant member, you have access to over 240,000 hotels and resorts around the world, all while enjoying exclusive wholesale rates.

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Did you know you could be a travel agent working online and traveling the world? Through Elamant Travel, receive travel software that allows you to book your personal or public travel needs including flights, cruises, car hires, hotels, and more.

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Travel Benefits

Receive Travel Loyalty Credits

Members also receive travel credits, which are used for free travel. For every dollar spent in our already guaranteed LOWEST rates for travel, you will receive 1.5% cashback! Elamant Travel Credits let you take even more off the price of your next trip. Travel a lot? You’ll be rewarded with free travel just in Travel Credits alone

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Lifestyle Portfolio

Here is the space to showcase your lifestyle. Lifestyle Portfolio is only for our exclusive members. People who love to travel, shop, and showcase their lives. This is social media that is solely for Elamant members, a safe space to share the experiences that you’re proud of, your accomplishments, and your travel adventures.

Data Research Shopping

We all love shopping for those special luxuries, but we also enjoy the necessities. Things that we need every day, such as groceries, gas, restaurant meals, and medicine. And did we mention shoes? As an Elamant member, it’s simple to earn up to 20%

Earn Up To

20% Back on Each Redemption!

Working with retailers, we enhance your buying power through our data rewards platform. Just turn in your qualified receipts to receive data points and enjoy instant deals and discounts on shopping that you are already doing!

Earn $20-$450 per hour for training, supporting, and educating your team

The Consultant Program

Our service model is simple, get paid hourly for the work you will already do. By training, educating, and supporting your growing network of Elamant members, you may qualify to receive hourly compensation. With our Exclusive Consultant Program, Consultants are paid for the services they provide for our company and compensated at an hourly rate. 

Earn $20-$450 per hour for training, supporting, and educating your team

MARCH 12, 2020

There is a Forum for Everything

Whether you’ve got the travel bug or do a lot of traveling for work, at Elamant Travel we believe the only way to travel is the 5-star way. Every destination has its own luxury accommodations, dining, tours, and more. For some, going back to the same place may seem the easiest.


If you are INTERESTED in alleviating these struggles, ELAMANT IS THE BEST PLATFORM. I am about to become a landlord, I am about to purchase my dream wheels. Elamant has restored my HOPE. My future looks brighter than before. I am Now UNSTOPPABLE! Thank you ELAMANT🐘🐘🐘

Natalia H.


I was introduced to the Elamant business on the 5th December 2019. The first thing I did, I studied the business concept and I decided to join Elamant there and then. It was easy to explain the concepts to others and as a result after 2 weeks in the business, I was ranked up every week. The best thing that happened to me is being an Elamant Member. SUCCESS is within reach, FOR SURE.

Aina K.


I am very excited to be a member of Elamant club. On the 16th of June 2019 I was invited by one of my friends to go and chill out in her house as she ll have visitors and to wear yellow and black. To my surprise, these visitors were going to do a presentation. I love my business cause it has changed my life and above all changed the lives of other people. I give thanks to my family, my husband who is always supportive and Janine our leader. Elamant is unstoppable

Nolundi M.

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

I joined Elamant in 2017 as a member. I loved my membership benefits – cashback from my shopping plus booking travel with Elamant saved me a fortune. I enjoyed the membership so much I decided to start building a team. This was all very new to me and thanks to my mentors and the company support and training I now have a team that is growing daily. I am still learning and growing and look forward to the future with Elamant.

Karen W.

United Kingdom

I am currently a senior Manager and every day I thank God for this wonderful business opportunity. Elamant has come at the right time when my business was about to collapse due to the Economy downfalls. I’m pleading to everyone who would like to change their financial status not hesitate to join Elamant as this is the opportunity you will forever be grateful. Thank God and Ryan for this Golden mine millions in opportunities.

Christy S.


Combine to Move You Forward!

The Elements of Elamant

We are a start-up company, and we’re on the move. We’re proud of the values and benefits that we give to our members. It’s a platform that supports individuals on holidays, through the Consultant Program, and by providing data shopping incentives.