Food is a delicious way to experience a culture, celebrate adventure, and relax and enjoy life to the fullest by engaging all the senses.

Open Your Mind to Experience a World-Class Good Time!

Whether you’re looking for a great wine shop, a kosher or halal meat market, the newest gourmet grocery store, tea house, coffee shop, or fine dining restaurant, there are many ways to get the info on the area either before or as you travel. You can get ideas and recommendations for all things food-related from gourmet magazines, online forums, friends’ reminisces, local periodicals, or travel enthusiasts who help you to savor the adventure.

It’s said that an army marches on its stomach. So does the intrepid explorer of both new territories and novel culinary happenings. Try dishes that challenge your perceptions of what you like and dislike. The world is generous, and so are the delights of the palate. Indulge in hawawshi in Cairo, bacalhau à bras in Lisbon, and biltong in Cape Town. Chomp down on chapulines in Oaxaca, or basashi in Japan. Food is a wonderful way to discover a new culture while bonding with locals, celebrating with family and friends, meeting new buddies, or enjoying solo time.

Experiences for Epicureans and Gourmets

Do you love the energy and entertainment of a festival? Are you into savoring great eats? Then join these two treats. There are food festivals that celebrate local/indigenous culture, tasty foods, or holidays, and they often feature music, dance or theater, tickling all the pleasure points. To whet your appetite, some top food festivals include the Bacon Festival in Sacramento, California, the Salon du Chocolat in Quito, Ecuador, the Herring Festival in Hvide Sande, Denmark, and the Vegetarian Festival in Phuket, Thailand.

The Marketplace of Fresh Experiences

Explore the market, a vibrant melting pot of tastes and aromas, culture and cookery. From the village to the grand avenue, from a simple farmers’ business with growers selling produce out of trucks to food fairs with artisanal baked goods, exotic spices and herbs, and fresh dairy, poultry, meat, and seafood, the market is a fantastic entry into a community; an invitation to try all manner of edibles. For those who relish vittles, especially adults who love to play with their food, the market is heaven on a plate.

Cooking Classes

Learn the secrets of the master bakers, the expert chefs, and the storied restaurateurs. When you take a class, you learn about the history of the dish and acquire the techniques that make for a great culinary success story. Discover novel ingredients, learn about herbs and spices, and uncover the secrets of sauces. A class engages the imagination, amps up experience, and delights the senses. You not only take your new skills home to delight your friends and family, but you eat everything you create in class!


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A Moveable Feast

Yes, a Michelin starred restaurant is one of the reasons that we love to travel. However, there are so many ways to engage in cuisine culture while vacationing. Whether you sample food from a food cart run by the proud proprietor, sit on the beach and nibble snacks, or procure a loaf of bread, a bit of cheese, a jug of wine, and share it with thou, eating in the open air is scrumptious. Everything tastes better outdoors. Beverages, too, take on a special zest. Drink up and let the good times roll by sipping coffee on a patio, lemonade on a terrace, cocktails in a rooftop lounge, or beer in a garden.


The Ethos of the Table

Lay your ethics on the table and make ethical culinary choices a part of your journey. Patronize eateries serving organic and locally-sourced ingredients. Commit to taking your morning java sold by a fair-trade coffee co-op. Visit a restaurant specializing in farm-to-table cuisine. For those adhering to a vegetarian/vegan diet, there are more options than ever to tickle your epicure fancy. Living your ethos is a delectable lifestyle choice!

An Elegant Travel Option

The experiences acquired, memories made, relationships celebrated, and personal renewal and reflection are all ingredients in the perfect vacation experience. Find YOUR element with Elamant Travel today, and begin the journey of a lifetime.