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We all have a story and we all have dreams. Elamant was founded out of the belief that everyone has the power to write their own story and work hard to achieve their dreams. We’ve always believed in the greatness of people, so we set up a company that not only helps businesses but also is a tremendous resource for our members to be great and pursue their dreams. Everyone’s journey is different. Elamant is here to help people find their own path and in some cases to pave their own path – and that drive to bring the dream closer to reality for our members is our journey. Elamant started very small and personal and no matter how big the company grows to, it is our mission to contribute to the personal experience of each and every member and business we work with.

Founder & CEO

Ryan Evans

Ryan Evans is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, public speaker and family man. As the CEO of Elamant International he has grown the company in more than two dozen countries across five continents.

Chief Strategy Officer


Mike Magolnick is a 20-year executive, a 3x Bestselling Author and a popular keynote speaker on entrepreneurship, digital marketing, Blockchain technologies, social media, and reputation management.

He is a marketing and social media pioneer and among the most connected people…

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Here at Elamant, we are a community that thrives on cultivating culture and relationships with our unstoppable members. You are who inspires us and motivates us to keep moving forward. Join us in an insider experience of Elamant to be seen, to belong, and to be a part of something bigger.