Wholesale Travel Benefits (Coming Soon!)

Save anywhere from 30-70% on travel by booking directly with Elamant Travel. As an Elamant member, you have access to over 240,000 hotels and resorts around the world, all while enjoying exclusive wholesale rates and receiving our travel guarantee that lets you go with peace of mind. Find the same flight or hotel on the same day that’s cheaper anywhere else, and we’ll pay 110% of the difference. We take a mere 1% commission or less on all the travel that we book, rather than the standard 5-8% that most other travel companies charge; this is one of the advantages of Elamant membership.

Members also receive travel credits, which are used for free travel. For every dollar spent, receive 1.5 % back in travel credit, the same as cash value. Take a lot of trips? You’ll be rewarded with free travel!

Did you know you could be a travel agent working online and traveling the world? Through Elamant Travel, receive travel software that allows you to book your personal or public travel needs including flights, cruises, car hires, hotels, and more with up to 80% discounts, price guarantees, and free travel rewards. Plus, you have the opportunity to earn an hourly income by supporting and educating your clients. Elamant helps to enhance your world.

Lifestyle Portfolio

Here is the space to showcase your lifestyle. Lifestyle Portfolio is only for our exclusive members. People who love to travel, shop, and showcase their lives. This is social media that is solely for Elamant members, a safe space to share the experiences that you’re proud of, your accomplishments, and your travel adventures. Express yourself, connect with friends, forge exciting business connections, and experience interactivity with your fellow travelers. Share your enthusiasm and discuss your unique passions with others in posts within the community.

We respect your privacy; it’s sacred. That’s why we’ve put in place privacy settings to allow you to share things with Elamant members who are friends, or you can go live on the public forum with security, privacy, and freedom from being judged. Communicate with like-minded individuals who enjoy reading and submitting travel posts and commenting on your photos. People who link up, walk in solidarity, and are on the move.

Data Rewards Shopping

We all love shopping for those special luxuries, but we also enjoy the necessities. Things that we need every day, such as groceries, fuel, restaurant meals, and medicine. We strive to offer the very best in shopping data reward benefits for our members and one of the ways we do this is by allowing our members to share their current shopping experiences and receipt data for rewards and data points! What makes this program so incredible is that you can continue to shop where you ALREADY shop with NO change to your current buying habits.

With our collection of data on these members, our goal is to create specific consumer reports and sell advertising to local merchants, marketing partners, and big data companies. Working with retailers, we enhance your buying power through our data rewards platform. Just turn in your qualified receipts to enjoy instant deals and discounts. Target marketing aids merchants in connecting with a specific demographic of potential clients, the ability to run their businesses more effectively by targeting actual shopping customers in their area.

The Consultant Program

We believe that word of mouth is the best form of advertising. It’s meaningful because there are enthusiasm and experience behind it. It’s a stellar review. And you know that you’re not being sold something. At Elamant, we love to reward word of mouth by offering the Consultant Program. This is a route for members to receive their membership for free.

With members from all over the globe, local support, training, and education are fundamental. The Consultant Program opportunity means that if you’ve sold three memberships and your team is growing, then it’s time for help and support, which you can provide through the Consultant Program.

Earn $20-$450 per hour for training, supporting, and educating your team. If members have the desire to help, possess the abilities, and want to enhance their business skills, then they can make money. We don’t want people selling; we want them to support others!

The Elements of Elamant Combine to Move You Forward!

We are a start-up company, and we’re on the move. We’re proud of the values and benefits that we give to our members. It’s a platform that supports individuals on holidays, through the Consultant Program, and by providing data shopping incentives.

We chose the name Elamant because we want people to find their element. Here, you will discover many pieces coming together; when all of these pieces come together, we create an unstoppable force — just like an elephant. That’s Elamant!