Weekly Newsletter – June 22nd, 2020


It has been an incredible month here at Elamant. Usually, during any major software or company transition, there is a halt in progress or customer sales until the company is operating more smoothly. However, here at Elamant, we are on the MOVE! With now crossing over 5,000 NEW registered members every week, we are only gaining momentum and certainly not losing any! These are truly incredible times we are living in and I’m excited that you are on this journey with us. I want to personally welcome all the new members and congratulate all the consultant leaders that have advanced service levels this past week!

I would like to take the time to highlight 2 special leaders that are both at the Earth Executive service level from AFRICA: Holiness Hlela and Nana X!! Congratulations to you BOTH and keep showing Africa the meaning of being UNSTOPPABLE!

Welcome to week 4 of our new platform and new Elamant home! This week we have released our new service level Rank badges and people absolutely LOVE them! You will soon be able to find these badges in high-resolution in your new ‘Resources’ menu item in the back office. 


The Change to Back Office

We have found the solution to ensuring our office software runs fast and more efficiently. Last week we reported the slowness was caused by our ‘WordPress’ social media platform and caused the system to be congested throughout the peak times of the week. Due to these findings and addressing the scalability of the software with our development teams, we have made the decision just to build off of our new back-office system. Now all members will have the ability to login to the system and experience the speed they deserve without any lag or delays, even during peak performance periods. This week, you will find a NEW “Resources” menu item and NEW “Profile” page so you can see all of your important registered account information. We feel this would be a better place to build the base for all other plans and benefits to plug in to. Our social media/lifestyle portfolio will be back, but with different software attached to this new back-office system. 

New Compliance Department Dedicated to Protecting Your Elamant Business!

Standards are fundamental to effectively operating as a Member of Elamant. That’s why we have Policies and Procedures now why we have empowered our NEW COMPLIANCE DEPARTMENT to reinforce professional standards of operation, reporting, and other essential business operations in Elamant. One of their first focuses is to be certain Time Clock Reports are accurate and complete, and they already have begun to discover inconsistencies in time entries. So, if you have a time entry that is declined, know that the Compliance Team is here to support you…and getting a notice from Compliance is a reminder to assist you in complying. Consultants are only paid for the actual hours they work for Elamant. You must carefully track your time, down to increments of one hour. In your personal time log, each time entry should be followed by a summary description of your activities at that time. As an Elamant Consultant, you have broad latitude to determine what, when, and how you work and are even encouraged to source and develop your own hours. However, on rare occasions, we discover among us a few who are not interested in operating fairly; and in those instances, Compliance will assist us in first suspending and possibly terminating offenders. (If you become aware of Elamant standards not being met, you now may send a report to compliance@elamant.com) As a reminder from the Policies and Procedures

Elamant reserves the right to audit, investigate, and question any hours that have been submitted for approval. In addition to denial of the time tickets, some severe or repeat cases may be referred to our compliance department for further action, including, but not limited to Removal from Consultant Program, Membership Suspension, Termination, and/or a fine.

$10 for 10 Days Welcome Back Promo Is Activating Elamant Members

Make the Promotion Even More Effective with Your “Contact to Welcome Back!”

The Welcome Back Promotion announced last week is being dramatically successful.

Many inactive Members already have paid $10 to reactivate their Elamant Membership for 10 days, giving them time to enjoy and to reconsider all the Elamant benefits they have been missing.

Although Elamant already may have reached out to inactive Members in your organization, nothing is more effective than a personal touch. Your personal touch.

So, take this opportunity to “Contact and Welcome Back” inactive Members in your organization.

Last Day to Participate: 30 June 2020 11:59pm PTD (8:59am SAST July 1st)

Inactive Member May Participate if… 

  • Currently Inactive (prior to 21 June 2020)


  • Are a Member Currently in a Free Trial


  • $10 instantly Reactivates for 10 days!
    • No requirement to pay for Cycles missed!
    • Continue Redemption and Data Reward Cycles!
    • Keep previously attained position!
  • Continue activity anytime during the 10-day Reactivation by:
    • upgrading with an R-Pass, or by
    • paying Elamant directly
  • NEW CYCLE then commences from the day $10 is paid!

And if you want to “gift” activity to an inactive Member in your organization… you may purchase a bulk order of WB-Passes directly from the company.


  • Must have become inactive prior to 21 June 2020.
  • Any Member who goes inactive after 21 June 2020 does not qualify for this promotion.
  • The $10 reactivation:
    • Automatically begins new Membership Cycle
    • Must be paid to the company directly, but
    • The upgrade or renewal need not be.
  • At any time during the 10 days, upgrade Membership to a fully-paid Premium Membership by:
    • Paying the company directly or
    • Using an R-pass
  • All active Members count towards the advancement of service levels for leaders.

Cryptocurrency Test Success!

…but Challenges Remain to Be Resolved

As you know, last week we test-marketed payments in Bitcoin, and the GOOD NEWS is that we successfully paid nearly 1/4 of a million USD in bitcoin cryptocurrency to Elamant Consultants! And as we intended, the test of Bitcoin payments revealed a number of challenges yet to be resolved, some of them inherent in the nature of cryptocurrency architecture.

Push Not Pull!

One such challenge is that cryptocurrency is pushed, not pulled. By this, we mean that once Elamant has a bitcoin address, we are able to push Bitcoin payments to that wallet. However, if just one number or letter in the address is mistaken for whatever reason, the payment is lost. And unlike with traditional banking, there is no way for Elamant to track where the payment went, or for you to recover the payment.

With cryptocurrency payments, Elamant has one shot to get the money to where you want it to go…and that’s true with every single Bitcoin payment made. So, with tens of thousands of payments amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars, there are tens of thousands of opportunities for something to go wrong.

Thankfully, that happened in only a few cases with this first test. But imagine if one of those “cases” was your payment?

Elamant has a relentless commitment to making payments to our productive Members accurately and effectively, and we are troubled by a system that permits even a very slight chance of any payment not being made. So, we are continuing to review this first push of Bitcoin payments, and we will update you as our research continues.

Support Ticket Resolutions & Help Desk

During the past week, Elamant resolved and closed out hundreds more of your Support Tickets. And we are moving ever more rapidly and effectively to bring Support current with your requests.

Among the issues resolved were customer issues related to pass transfers, ranks, and downlines.

Also, a number of incorrect sponsor assignations were addressed and resolved along with credit card and blockchain integration issues.

An upgrade that will support these efficiencies is a NEW Member HelpDesk that permits Members to submit tickets directly to support through your website, with tracking and notification to provide you updates and details of the resolution.

Some pending company-wide items include KYC approval delays and Data Rewards Redemption option not showing. Please understand we are aware of these problems and making every effort to provide solutions.

[If you already have a ticket filed with support, there is no need to submit again.]

Platform Scalability • WordPress • Travel Portal • and MORE!

We are happy to announce that new developments of platform scalability are providing additional power to support performance during peak usage times. Included in these upgrades are the removal of the WordPress login area and soon-to-be-launched replacement pages for resources and personal information. You soon will be experiencing increased usability of many Admin reports, including data point crediting, search, and Excel downloads for many reports. Mailgun has been implemented for Member mailing, and the development of the Travel Portal is advancing rapidly (we will have new announcements coming in July 2020).


Looking Forward …the lifestyle of a pioneer

A “Pioneer” is defined as a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area. I understood that by reading books and learning about the lifestyle of a ‘pioneer’ may just help prepare me for the journey ahead! Pioneers were explorers. Even though they didn’t always have the complete foresight to see the obstacles or know what to expect, they were prepared to face whatever came their way. 

It’s important that I first take you back to the beginning, to our chapter 1, so you will understand fully where we came from and, more importantly, where we’re headed!

Even though we aren’t exploring new lands physically, we are exploring new territories in data analytics and business. Every journey has a beginning… only ours has had several! A company will rarely begin its journey more than once, or as in our case… four times! Though our company has had the unique challenge/opportunity of launching many times, one thing can be said for certain, we just don’t give up. We have experienced many challenges over the past 2 years, but our goal, focus, and determination remain strong. Why? It’s the destination. Yes, it would have been much easier to give up and say, “Well, we tried” and move on to something a little less innovative and challenging. But one thing I always like to say,

“If we quit, we guarantee our results… but if we move forward, we either succeed, or we learn.”

Our journey began directly after the close of another company that I was a corporate operation and marketing consultant for. I always believed in the concept they had of collecting ‘Big Data’ from the point of sale receipts and loved the idea of their membership platform. They even had a referral program that encouraged growth to expand internationally for a wide variety of data collection. I truly believed in the potential and vision and understood what the company was trying to accomplish.

Even though I didn’t own or manage the company, I, just like millions of others all around the world, felt like it was a part of me. Well, after a lot of fraudulent data submissions, fake IDs, and, fast growth in China, that company permanently closed its doors in September of 2017. 

I was immediately faced with a choice… I could stop right there and go back to my small technology shop from rural Missouri that I started years ago, or… I could take the map, prepare for the journey, and pick up where they left off. Much like pioneers, I didn’t know what to expect or how we were going to arrive… but I knew where we were going. 

I have heard it said before many times, “Your past does not equal your future.” You have the choice and power to shape the future to look completely different than in the past. “If it’s meant to be, then it’s up to me!” So, with a positive mindset and strong determination, I embarked on this new journey. I realized right away that if I was going to start, then I needed to be focused, strong, and unstoppable. 

In crafting this new company, I knew it would be a collection of benefits that included a diversity of ambitious travelers, smart entrepreneurs, and everyday shoppers. With all of these ‘elements’ coming together, we had the power to become an unstoppable force … like an elephant! The name “Elamant” was born.

“We show the world our unique individual pieces in the image of an elephant.”

The logo and branding of our company reflect on our traditional core values of respect for each elemental part that makes up our company. Therefore, if we operate alone, we will crumble … but if we work in unity, together, we are unstoppable! 

After our successful red carpet launch event in Singapore on November 8th, 2017, we have had many unexpected challenges. From programming and software malfunctions, corporate staff changes, a few online gossip blogs, and dishonest vendors, we started experiencing our waves of problems. Like the explorers when they would encounter some unexpected weather, terrain, dangerous wildlife, or lack of food and water, they had to act quickly and make survival decisions. Now, with the right executive team in place, a solid software platform, and a programming, support, and legal team to help with scalability and growth we are on track to have the most successful year yet! Even with the launch of our new platform, we still have so many new enhancements coming out this year. We are in a good place now in our journey where we can see the vision clearly and… I can confidently say, “The best has yet to come!” 

When you are faced with challenges in your life, you can either let it defeat you …or define you. In this journey, we have truly had our defining moments. After looking at criticism from customer reviews, gossip, and yeah even some rumors, I was able to get an inside look at some challenges and perceptions, then use it to better enhance our program and solve people’s concerns. Any chef will tell you while trying to perfect their signature dish; “Listen to your customers. “

Elamant is still in the start-up phases of its journey, but we already know more than we did, and know what it takes to succeed. We must face the challenges with excitement and understand that by continuing to improve the value for our customers and merchants, we get one step closer to our destination on this journey!

You have a choice. Keep moving forward and CHOOSE to


Ryan Evans / CEO

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."