Data Rewards

The modern rewards program for the modern shopper

Maybe the biggest failing with a lot of so-called “rewards programs” out there is that they’re just not built with your particular lifestyle or needs in mind. They offer rewards that can be redeemed for “perks” that leave a lot to be desired.

Black-out dates, impossible to get flights, and “benefits” that never actually feel very beneficial at all. Sound familiar?  

An Elamant membership is a different experience. We are a market research company at our core, and with that in mind, invested in making our Data Rewards program as seamless as possible. 

You begin by sharing your normal shopping journey with us. No need to change habits or shop anywhere specific. 

Then enjoy the benefits! Like getting access to our world class wholesale travel discounts in the travel portal launching in 2020.  More Information Coming Soon


Be Different. Be Elite. Be Unstoppable!