Data Rewards

The modern rewards program for the modern shopper

Maybe the biggest failing with a lot of so-called “rewards programs” out there is that they’re just not built with your particular lifestyle or needs in mind. They offer rewards that can be redeemed for “perks” that leave a lot to be desired, or travel “benefits” that you wouldn’t even think of actually using.

But at Elamant, we pride ourselves on our ability to do things a bit differently from everyone else – and our Data Rewards program is a big example of this. Only at Elamant will you get special rewards for sharing your shopping experiences with us – the kinds that you’re probably already having.

All told, the process goes like this:

  • Sign up for your Elamant membership and start shopping.
  • Submit receipts from the stores you already shop at through our interface, or through our convenient mobile app.
  • By sharing that purchase data with us, we will reward you with up to 20% cash back PER RECEIPT.

Ultimately, what we really want to do through our Data Rewards platform is enhance your buying power by partnering with the brands and retailers that you already love. All you have to do is turn in your qualified receipts and you get data points, alongside instant deals and discounts on the shopping experiences you’re already having!

Note that you can also share your shopping preferences and lifestyles with us to extend those data benefits even further.

Rewards are earned simply by submitting “redemptions,” which are collections of receipts in one week increments that meet a specific price criterion. Our sophisticated system automatically reviews those receipts to determine their validity and soon after, the rewards are yours to take advantage of.

This is just another in a long line of examples of how Elamant is committed to finally allowing you to enjoy the lifestyle you’ve always seen for yourself.


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