What makes a journey worthwhile? For shopping aficionados, part of the pleasure is discovering distinctive wearables, artisan goods for the home, and unique objets d’art. These rare treasures provide the narrative of adventure and are conversation pieces. Highlight your exceptional style while supporting local artists. Consider these factors when shopping abroad:


Like the name of the Chet Baker album, Let’s Get Lost! One way of finding a unique, hand-crafted, designer, or antique piece is through the fortuitous wandering that’s part of the delight of travel. Whether coming across a marketplace, following an alley and discovering a bazaar, or entering an art gallery located on the way to the café, a perfect piece of craft or work of art is like love: When you see it, there’s no doubt that it’s meant for you! You know just the dress to wear with that statement necklace; you picture serving at a holiday dinner from a distinctive platter; recognize that the amulet is the perfect gift for your sister.



Knowledge is not only power but it is the lodestone of engaged connoisseurship. It guides those individuals who are happiest when planning, studying, and organizing. To ensure that you obtain the finest samples of handicrafts, antiques, and artwork, research before your trip or while on holiday. If you want to find katana swords from Japan, Las Catrinas figurines from Mexico, or pottery from South Africa, learn about the object of your passion. Whether you are a collector, avid art enthusiast, or pride yourself on your acquisitions, research to find out the distinctive elements that are the hallmark of the standout piece of artisan handicraft or artwork. Learn about the history, innovations, materials, and markings that denote rarity, authenticity, and superiority — if you’re into that kind of thing, that is!

Express Yourself:

Stand out from the crowd with one-of-a-kind wearables, artwork, antiques, artisan wares, and traditional craftwork. In a time when mass production is the standard, possessing something beautifully unique and uniquely beautiful is a fantastic experience. Whether you’re scoring a rare ring, cool chalice, or woven wall-hanging, seek out and take home goods that are a moveable feast of memory, and that will elicit interest and admiration while helping you to relive your special trip each time that you engage with it.




Go with a Knowledgeable Guide:

To discover the best shopping experience you may want to research history and books on arts, crafts, and culture, and to check websites and forums. This will teach you what is on offer at the location that you are visiting, the hallmarks that make a piece prized, and local customs such as whether bargaining is appreciated or not. For those who prefer the human touch, you can talk with friends or family, and check online forums, go on a guided art/artisans tour, inquire from travel experts such as Elamant, or ask the concierge at your hotel for suggestions of places to visit that fulfill your shopping desires.



This is an opportunity to live your values by supporting individual artists, galleries, studios, markets, and artisan co-ops. Whether you are seeking fair trade handiwork, handwoven garments from a co-op, or ethically sourced gems and jewelry, you are demonstrating and manifesting your desire to make the world a more beautiful place.


For investment-quality items such as art, antiques, and jewelry you may want to seek out a certificate of authenticity or appraisal and consider paying for items with a credit card for extra protection to help ensure against possible fraud and for documentation.

Transporting Your Treasures:

Many items will slip into your carry-on or checked-in luggage. If you buy something too fragile, large, or cumbersome to carry, you may be able to have the merchant mail it. (For peace of mind, get an itemized receipt and insurance.) If the shop is small or you are buying from an individual artist, then you may need to take charge of the shipping yourself. The first step is to carefully pack the purchase, legibly label the box with the mailing address, package contents, and declare for customs “Personal Use Purchase” or “Unsolicited Gift.” Many 5-star hotels will mail the package for you, or you can send it from the post office or utilize FedEx, UPS, or DHL.

A Fantastic Travel Companion

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