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Elamant Business Growth and Infrastructure Development in the “Elamant Economic Zone”

These have been challenging economic times for many due to the pandemic, understandable social unrest, and world socio-economic transformation. For some businesses, this change in economies around the world has been catastrophic. Major retailers and financial institutions have gone out of business, even as other businesses increasingly thrive.

Fortunately for you and Elamant, our business is booming due to the opportunity and knowledge we have working with our Independent Contractors and Consultants who enjoy the benefits of an Elamant home-based business. The world economy and the way we do business is changing…and it’s changing in the direction of your Elamant Independent Business. Elamant is on the cutting edge of remote, decentralized operations designed to support our Consultants as you work remotely from your homes. You have joined Elamant at a time of dynamic opportunity, as schools and businesses increasingly do business the way you do business, depending not on centralized administration but using the internet and other communications technologies to sponsor, train, and promote.

As we have charted the organic growth of Elamant, we have begun to action our 10-year-plan to support the growth of the “Elamant Economic Zone” where it has presented itself. That means that over the next six months, we will be increasing services and programs in those countries where Elamant already is well-established while furloughing business where the resources required would defocus our support in strong business centers such as sub-Saharan Africa. And we are planning action to open areas that present themselves as enthusiastic centers for Elamant enterprise development.

As you know, we have experienced tremendous enthusiasm for the power of Elamant consumerism in Vietnam and Japan, with increasing interest expressed in a number of countries in the Pacific Rim.  But by far the greatest energy and consumer power have come from several countries on the African subcontinent. To service that growing volume, in February 2020 we opened offices in Richards Bay, South Africa.  And we anticipate business support centers in other countries in the African subcontinent as volumes direct.

Network Marketing grows most rapidly in areas where there are well-developed communications networks, which normally are present in areas of urban concentration.  Eighty percent of sub-Saharan Africa’s growth over the next decade is anticipated to occur in cities, making it the fastest-urbanizing region in the world. According to the Brookings Institute, spending by consumers in African countries is estimated to reach 6.6 trillion US dollars sometime before 2030. In other words, this is the decade for your Elamant business.

However, that outlook is not without its hesitation. The World Health Organization reports that among countries with the most Covid-19 cases during the past week, South Africa is #11, behind the USA which is #2 with more than 2 million cases and 100,000 deaths currently and anticipated to top 200,000 deaths in less than 120 days.  A World Bank report projects that, as a result of the pandemic and depending on the success of measures taken to mitigate the pandemic’s effects, economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa will decline from 2.4% in 2019 to between -2.1%  and -5.1% in 2020, which is not so severe as in many European countries; even Greece, which had fewer cases than any other country in the Eurozone, expects a downturn of -5% to -7%. In other words, the report predicts that southern Africa will experience its first recession in 25 years. That’s difficult news for many businesses in many countries, but not for your business. Network Marketing typically outperforms the economy during recessionary downturns, because people are looking for ways to replace jobs or to augment their incomes. So, now is the time to be building, to be sharing, to be helping your family, friends, and neighbors to weather difficult financial times of the moment…while at the same time staying safe. One of the new features of Elamant support will be to provide training on distance techniques of sponsoring pioneered by Network Marketers around the world. And whatever the future holds, you can be assured that Elamant is anticipating the best way to support you and the future of your Elamant business.

To support your businesses during these economic times of challenge worldwide, we are focusing Elamant resources in the Elamant Economic Zone where you are having the greatest success:

  • South Africa
  • Zimbabwe,
  • Botswana,
  • Namibia,
  • Vietnam, and
  • Japan

Additionally, we have other African countries such as Swaziland which is in pre-launch to join Elamant Economic Zone in the near future. To support such dynamic growth, we are furloughing registrations in markets outside the Elamant Economic Zone where the current crises of the pandemic, social unrest, and other issues are forestalling growth, including countries in:

  • Europe,
  • the Middle East, and
  • North and South America

This is not to say that countries in Europe and elsewhere may not soon recommend themselves to join the Elamant Economic Zone, but for the moment we must focus our success. Since these geographical areas do not currently represent significant sales volume, your businesses will not suffer, and in fact, they will enjoy increased support from Elamant as we redirect investments to countries in the African subcontinent, East Asia, and countries sharing the Pacific Rim of the Elamant Economic Zone.

While we are asking you to direct your sponsoring activities to countries in the Elamant Economic Zone, we welcome recommendations of where you would like to see Elamant go next, and we will evaluate the influence had by Elamant Consultants in those countries as well as determining where business environments are favorable to the Elamant Network Marketing business model.

I will be releasing a statement tomorrow detailing this renewed focus on the Elamant Economic Zone and new training and technological support for your Elamant Business to support what you have built while anticipating the growth of your business into the broader international market.

We understand your ambition, and we approve of your enthusiasm for international growth. However, our Business Advisory Board is directing us to build out infrastructure more fully to support those regions where it will be most needed in the near future, with a 10-year-plan anticipating growth regions as they develop.


While we will support Members in additional countries, we will not permit them to sponsor additional members or Consultants until such time as our business growth in the current Economic Zone is fully supported. They will be able to continue to enjoy the benefits of the travel program and use the platform to refer others that are in the target area but will not be able to participate in the Data Rewards program for that country.

In an economic crisis when so many businesses are going out of business, our action plan is to support your business to thrive.






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