Weekly Newsletter – July 6th, 2020

Welcome To July 2020!

We are now in JULY and we have not slowed down one bit! With only 178 days left this year, we are on track to hit 100,000 active members by July 15th, and current projections are showing 250,000 Members by end of September and nearly 1 million members by the end of the year! This month is truly a special month in more ways than one. We are breaking growth and projection records, launching new software, and launching 1 NEW promotion EVERY SINGLE WEEK! (Click Here to Read Article) as mentioned in our earlier post.

NEW Promotion – Week 1

Since we certainly have many countries out there that can not read English, we are going to make it very easy and convenient to translate by explaining this promotion in text.

CEO Birthday Month Celebration – Week 1

‘Inactive’ Member Promotion

Start Date: July 3rd, 2020 00:00 PTD (9am SAST)

End Date: July 11th, 2020 11:59pm PTD (8:59am SAST July 12th)

Any member that is ‘Inactive’ before or during the promotional period, may Renew their account and receive:

* 1 FREE Month extended membership! ($99 extra value)

* Fresh Start! (New membership cycle and clean slate)


* Member account must be ‘inactive’ and ‘Renewed’ during the promotional period July 3rd – 11th. 2020

* Member may renew by paying the company directly through their back-office portal or through the use of a Renewal Pass (R-Pass)

* Members that go ‘inactive’ AFTER the promotional period, will not be eligible

* “Clean Slate” means any wallet balances, redemption cycles, and old receipt data, stores, and transaction history will be cleared for a fresh start.

* New membership cycle start date, Extra membership cycle extension, and clean slate happen immediately after reactivation of membership during this performance period.



You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers!

Is there any way to “OPT-OUT” of the recent Promotion? 

No, other than just don’t ‘re-activate’ your membership until after the promotional period.

Ok, so let’s address this ‘Clean Slate’ idea and some of the misinformation circulating around the Elamant networks. Elamant currently has in place a unique ‘ARP’ (Automatic Renewal Program) that will automatically renew a member account if they have at least 99 RP in the Renewal points wallet, $99 in the e-wallet, or at least 1 Renewal Pass. With that process in mind, the ‘inactive’ member is going to have less (in most cases zero) in the account balances anyways and the main goal/intention is to bring the member back and allow them to start fresh. This promotional benefit is a ‘2 for the price of 1’ type promotion and is a very good value, however, if an inactive member wishes not to take part in this offer, then they may want to wait until July 12th to renew their account.

Why is the help desk taking too long to solve queries? Are they supposed to close a ticket if the issue is not resolved?

Support is still very much backed up but No, if a ticket is not resolved the ticket should not be closed. This has been coming from an internal management incentive for support staff to help and assist as many members as possible and we have found some of the staff were just doing an automated response and closing the ticket, and for some, not fixing the issue or answering the question as intended. We had a meeting with the staff and have addressed this issue with them. The support team will be taking more time with each ticket this week and onward …we are just asking if it is a basic or general question about how the system or how our membership works, then please ask your sponsor/consultant leader.

When will I get the Free Data Points for July?

The members that have migrated from the old system have had to postpone their projected Data Rewards Redemption due to the system being down. We needed to ensure every member was on our new software and not using the email process any longer. In order to ensure this transition operated smoothly, we decided to give every active member that migrated from the old system a 100 or 200 Data Point credit on July 17th, 2020. This will be the last official credit that the members will receive from the software transition.

Why are my Consultant hours declined? 

As a Consultant you have a contracted responsibility to record and report the hours that you spend helping our members and company by supporting, educating, and training. Please understand that our internal Compliance department is working overtime to ensure the quality of work is being done per the terms and conditions of the Policies and Procedures document. We need to ensure that our members are getting all the support and help that they need. Consultants that have submitted hours throughout the week and have made an effortless attempt to submit hours by entering a short description for a lot of hours claimed or by copying and pasting the same descriptions over and over are being declined. PLEASE take the time to DETAIL what value you are bringing to the company and be specific. We pay a LOT of money for good, quality work to be done, and we need to ensure it is taking place.

What is the latest on the payout solutions? 

We were hoping to have an update for you this week but it looks like this exciting update will be coming July 15th instead. We have been looking into a more convenient solution for our members and Consultants that will be available to a larger group of countries in our Economic Zone. We know you will be just as thrilled with this new announcement as we are.

Weekly Recap

As always, we have a lot of progress happening behind the scenes here at Elamant. To make our reporting easier to read, we have made it in “Bullet” point format.

  • Resolved issue with receipts appearing in other user’s data rewards
  • Resolved issue with the first-time redemption being able to submit for 200 data points
  • Developed a check for duplicate receipts (not yet deployed)
  • New maintenance page added (see below)

  • New About Us page with TEAM pictures and Bio page for the Executive team
  • Continue support ticket work including downline and rank issues.
  • Launched redemption changes
  • Implemented solution for image compression for receipts
  • Created data analysis dashboard for backend ADMIN development
  • Continued development on Travel portal (integration of NEW Elamant branding and design)
  • Continued development on MAP portal – Will be ready for review soon and start plugging into the rest of the site
  • Elamant APP design/wireframe/layout will be completed by this coming Friday
  • Implemented QA/Approval structure for the weekly release schedule
  • Added comments field to redemptions listing so users can see details about ‘approved’ or ‘declined’ Redemptions.
  • Users that had used passes more than once on an account on accident by select “activate on transfer” have been credited
  • Removed Old Welcome Back Promotion
  • Rank details added to back-office and mast views in Time Entry section
  • Incorrect weekly consultant payment issues resolved
  • Issues with ranking up automatically (Member to Founder) addressed and corrected
  • Some Lockdown promotions credited for members that qualified but didn’t receive the credit.
  • Added comments field into redemptions so that support can give proper justification as to why redemptions are approved or rejected.
  • “Redeem Now” button moved from view receipts page to redemptions page
  • “Received From” column added in both E-Pass and R-Pass pages.
  • Special Characters added to time reporting comments to allow Japanese and Vietnam etc. for time reporting
  • …and many more tasks completed from the Compliance, PR, Marketing, and Support departments.

You can see how much progress we make just in 1 week, every week, with each official Newsletter. We are learning, crafting, and (at times) rebuilding our software, brand, and overall company to ensure a prosperous journey for many years to come!

Thank You!

I just have to take this time to say how incredibly blessed and humbled I am to be surrounded by such amazing leaders and members. I have received thousands of birthday wishes and some incredible and very touching posts from people. I would like to highlight one of our special leaders all the way from Windhoek, Namibia, Natalia H. wrote a very touching post that I wanted to share:

Teamwork doesn’t happen when people come together to work. The true meaning of teamwork is when we work together under your inspiration.Today we thank you endlessly for being a constant source of inspiration to our lives. Your sense of wonder and curiosity for the world make us want not only to see as much of it as you, but to see it through your eyes. Your kind soul and charming nature causes people to gravitate towards you — how lucky we are to be a part of your world, not only do we look up to you as our CEO ,we look up to you as a friend, a brother, a son and a Father to the AFRICAN soil .

Mr Ryan Evans you have inspired me in so many ways throughout the last 5 months 3 weeks 6 days of my life. You taught me the value of a strong work ethic and a positive attitude in the face of hardship, Your steadfastness and appreciation for life make the world (and me) better. I also appreciate how you encourage(d) me to be open and to CHANGE MY MINDSET-being on the MASTERMIND meetings every Sunday is something I always look up to and always wish the week can come to an end to FINALLY draw inspiration from you.

I can’t say “thank you” enough, I can’t express how grateful I am for you coming into my life. You have made such a huge impact in my life, in such a short period of time. I would not be the person I am today without you and I know that you will keep inspiring me to become an even better version of myself.
You have taught me that you don’t always have to be strong. You are allowed to break down as long as you pick yourself back up and keep moving forward. When life had you at your worst moments, you picked yourself up…. Even in your darkest hour you showed so much strength.
Your passion to make a difference in the world is unbelievable. You put your heart and soul into your endeavours and surpass any personal goal you could have set. Watching you do what you love and watching you make a difference in the lives of others is an incredible experience. The way your face lights up when you finally realize what you have accomplished is breathtaking and I hope that one day I can have just as much passion you have.
You inspire me to be the best version of myself. I look up to you. I feel that more people should strive to have the strength and passion that you exemplify in everyday life.
I have never been prouder to know someone and to call someone my role model. You have taught me so many things and I want to thank you. Thank you for inspiring me in life. Thank you for making me want to be a better person. Your life has been riddled in tragedy, despair, loss and challenges.
Your exact words 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

“I remember some of the hardest times in my life, back in 2009 I LOST EVERYTHING”

Due to the economy you ended up losing your job, your house and both of your cars. You remember being depressed and not knowing what the future was-The grieve and PAIN was intense. You literally begged for work and ended up working for someone in exchange for a place to stay. Who could blame you if were cynical, hardened or miserable? Instead, you turned every drop of adversity into a continuous stream of overflowing compassion. Though there were dark clouds hovering over your circumstances, you always spotted the bright side and were a guiding light to your lovely family. Your faith, courage, strength and love have uplifted and inspired everyone……

“I know every one of us go THROUGH something very strong….-I know what it is like to have NOTHING, I know what it is like to beg for work.” -Ryan Evans

“If you give up, you guarantee your results and it’s definitely easy to do” -Ryan Evans

Mr Ryan whenever I feel stuck?whenever I feel defeated ,whenever I feel depressed or down these 👇🏽 right there REMINDS ME OF WHERE YOU COME FROM AND WHERE YOU ARE NOW

https://youtu.be/uqfx-yR6TOM )


CEO Ryan thank you so much for touching our lives and inspiring us with your love and generosity, your dedication to your family, for not giving up, for every kind and encouraging word, for wisdom, for your selflessness, for courageously blazing past set-backs and pushing beyond the boundaries of what’s POSSIBLE. Because of who you are, I have became a better me in a period of exactly 5 months 3 weeks and 6 Days.

“The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace.”
Numbers 6:24-26 🙏🏾

Thank you with all my heart 💖

Now let us turn the light on for the BIG PARTY 🎉 🎈 🥳🎈 🎉

Much Love💕 from Natalia and TEAM RichTracers


These are the type of members and leaders we have in this company. Our complete and total dedication to one another is what truly separates us from every other company out there! We just want to see other develop their skills and succeed in their lives. I feel very honored that you all have decided to take this journey with me!


Elamant CEO Birthday Month Celebration!


We have made it to July! 

I was born on July 3rd. In normal circumstances, a person celebrates their birthday for a full 24 hours. As I have been traveling the world over the past few years and celebrated this ‘day’ with others, I realized my birthday is actually 48 hours …it’s just being celebrated early in some countries!

Since unfortunately we are still under a Global Pandemic and most of us are at home, I have decided it’s TIME to CELEBRATE this day, not just for 1 day… not just for 2 days… but for the Entire MONTH OF JULY! That’s Right! We are going to have a FULL month of Promotions and Celebrations! I feel like there is no better way to show my appreciation and gratitude for our leaders and members than having you all join in on this celebration with me!

Just as a cake may have several layers, Elamant will also be having several ‘Layers’ of promotions happening with a NEW promotion EVERY WEEK!

Week 1 – Inactive Member Promotion – Starting from July 3rd to July 11th, 2020

Week 2 – Founder’s Bonus! – Starting from July 12th to July 18th, 2020

Week 3 Rank Up Bonus! – Starting from July 19th to July 25th, 2020

Week 4 – New Customer Data Collection Bonus! – Starting from July 26th to July 31st, 2020

The specific details of the 1st-week promotion are below. We will upload new details the day before the next week (or layer) of the promotion begins!


Weekly Newsletter – June 29th, 2020

Momentum Like Never Before!

As we close up the final week for the month of June 2020, we are reminded just how much progress and momentum is now possible in a week’s time! As I remember back to the beginning of October 2019, right before our system went down for nearly a month, we had only achieved around 800 active new members up to that point. As of the close of Saturday, we have had nearly 14,000 newly registered members in 1 WEEK! We have been keeping track of the total projections for growth and now have a much clearer picture of the timeline of our goal. We are now on track to have 100,000 active members in our ‘Elamant Economic Zone’ by mid-July! Momentum isn’t coming… it’s HERE!

The Last Days of the Welcome Back Promotion

LISTEN UP! If you were a previous member with us and want to come back, NOW is the Time! We have an incredible promotion that will allow you to come back to your same position, without paying any of the missed membership payments. If you are a leader, then you need to also understand the importance of this promotion. We had 26,000 inactive members before the 21st of June in our system. Imagine if just 80% of those members came back into ‘Active’ status and what that would do to the membership organization that you support! Leaders are already ranking up and experiencing the power of this retention promotion… but we only have 1 more full day left. This promotion will end when the month of June ends! It’s time to get busy and activate or even ‘gift’ these members a Welcome Back Pass so they can get back and get Active with us again!


More FAQ’s

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers!

When is the official Elamant Company Product Video and Powerpoint slideshow presentation coming? 

The legal and compliance department is reviewing ALL product marketing and promotional material to ensure we are correctly communicating our products and services to our members. The Video is still in the ‘script-writing’ stage, but once that is done, the video will be professionally done within 2 weeks. The PowerPoint presentation has already been designed for several different markets, but again, we are undergoing a review to ensure we have all the correct information available to our members. We estimated the PowerPoint presentation will be LIVE and ready by Friday, July 3rd and the video(s) should be done by mid-July.

What payout methods are currently available for my country?

Currently, the only payout method is through the use and sale of the Elamant E-Pass or R-Pass. This is the payout method that has worked for us since October of last year and has allowed the Consultants to make instant cash without paying any fees to the company. YES, a new and better payout method is being developed and YES, we are very excited about it! We just have to ensure that we are paying REAL people (better and instant KYC) and that we are able to scale for the long term (payout automation instead of manual). As mentioned in our previous updates, we have been testing our internal systems with the KYC processing and BTC payouts and we are working through many challenges on the programming and compliance side of this process and method. We will have a very important and exciting announcement regarding our long term solution in the 1st Newsletter of July! (next week) So GET READY!

Why is my Redemption button mission/not working/not available?

All members that migrated from the new system should have been able to submit their first Redemption back on June 17th, 2020. Unfortunately, since this is the very first time our Redemption method is being used, we have noticed a LOT of bugs and problems. This Redemption feature is the HIGHEST PRIORITY in our Development teams and we will have it ready to go this week and hopefully by July 1st! We are very sorry about the delay and inconvenience. NOTE: if your account is showing ‘Rollover Credits’ (reworded from Rollover points) then this is part of that error. Those points are to be used towards your 1st Redemption with us. As a reminder, your 1st Redemption will only be allowed to submit a claim for 100 Data Points (40 Data Credits per week x 4 weeks fo shopping = 160 of which 100 is claimable) and even if you have accumulated more Data Credits before the Redemption, the 1st Redeemable amount is 100 and then up to 200 Data Points for every Redemption afterward.

Why are my Consultant hours declined? 

As a Consultant you have a contracted responsibility to record and report the hours that you spend helping our members and company by supporting, educating, and training. Please understand that our internal Compliance department is working overtime to ensure the quality of work is being done per the terms and conditions of the Policies and Procedures document. We need to ensure that our members are getting all the support and help that they need. Consultants that have submitted hours throughout the week and have made an effortless attempt to submit hours by entering a short description for a lot of hours claimed or by copying and pasting the same descriptions over and over are being declined. PLEASE take the time to DETAIL what value you are bringing to the company and be specific. We pay a LOT of money for good, quality work to be done, and we need to ensure it is taking place.

When will the credit/debit card processing come back so members can enroll and renew easily? 

We are working with another company that will have more payment options and fewer API struggles than the previous processing company. With many issues like multiple payments taken from the card, accounts not activating, and good people flagged as fraudulent, we knew we needed to pull it down and look for a better solution for this method. We do not yet have the date for this going ‘Live’ yet, but we are working towards it and will have an update for you in the next week’s Newsletter.

This Week’s Progress Report

Before we get into all of the things that we have accomplished this past week, we have a very special recognition that needs to go on record in this Newsletter! We have been on a journey for several years now and trying our very best to understand what the markets need and design, craft, and structure our company to fit those needs. While we are certainly still figuring things out and still in the development phase of our product, we have been getting closer and closer to our goals every week. Here at Elamant, we have made HISTORY with our Elamant now has it’s very 1st Metal Executive is none other than Janine Ashington!

Janine has been with us since the very inception of Elamant. Her loyalty is unwavering and her determination to succeed and help others do this same is what makes her UNSTOPPABLE! We are very humbled to have such an amazing and extraordinary leader share this journey with us in Elamant! She is proof that ANYTHING is possible if you put away all excuses and do whatever it takes to make it happen.

This week has been BUSY! We have accomplished a LOT withing this past week with more support tickets and product development completed. Below is a bullet point list of just some of the things we are proud to announce the completion of.

  • WE HAVE BEEN HIRING! We now have NEW Programming Developers, Accounting/Bookkeeping personnel, and Social Media Team all within the past week! The week before we brought on our new Compliance department and some new support staff. The company is growing and we are putting in place the correct structure to support this growth.
  • The Welcome Back Pass had some issues that didn’t allow members access to the Data Rewards Program. We have fixed this and these WB passes are working great now
  • E-Pass and R-Pass transfers now have a confirmation screen to ensure you authorize this transfer and confirm it is for the intended party
  • Some ranks were not showing the correct rank of “Founder” and not receiving Renewal Points. We have found the issue and credited all the members that were affected by the missing Renewal Points.
  • Travel Portal is nearing the final steps of integration and hoping for a successful launch in July!
  • Merchant Advertising Program is also nearing the final steps of the Phase 1 rollout and is scheduled to soft launch by the end of July. We will give more specific dates once we near closer to completion.

A Special Announcement

This Friday is my birthday and you know what THAT means RIGHT!? We are ALL going to CELEBRATE! I’m not going to announce anything yet… because IT’S A SURPRISE! I will post a new article that you won’t want to miss on Thursday evening so we can all get excited and celebrate together! We are about to enter into our BEST months Yet! Keep Moving Forward and above all…


Weekly Newsletter – June 22nd, 2020


It has been an incredible month here at Elamant. Usually, during any major software or company transition, there is a halt in progress or customer sales until the company is operating more smoothly. However, here at Elamant, we are on the MOVE! With now crossing over 5,000 NEW registered members every week, we are only gaining momentum and certainly not losing any! These are truly incredible times we are living in and I’m excited that you are on this journey with us. I want to personally welcome all the new members and congratulate all the consultant leaders that have advanced service levels this past week!

I would like to take the time to highlight 2 special leaders that are both at the Earth Executive service level from AFRICA: Holiness Hlela and Nana X!! Congratulations to you BOTH and keep showing Africa the meaning of being UNSTOPPABLE!

Welcome to week 4 of our new platform and new Elamant home! This week we have released our new service level Rank badges and people absolutely LOVE them! You will soon be able to find these badges in high-resolution in your new ‘Resources’ menu item in the back office. 


The Change to Back Office

We have found the solution to ensuring our office software runs fast and more efficiently. Last week we reported the slowness was caused by our ‘WordPress’ social media platform and caused the system to be congested throughout the peak times of the week. Due to these findings and addressing the scalability of the software with our development teams, we have made the decision just to build off of our new back-office system. Now all members will have the ability to login to the system and experience the speed they deserve without any lag or delays, even during peak performance periods. This week, you will find a NEW “Resources” menu item and NEW “Profile” page so you can see all of your important registered account information. We feel this would be a better place to build the base for all other plans and benefits to plug in to. Our social media/lifestyle portfolio will be back, but with different software attached to this new back-office system. 

New Compliance Department Dedicated to Protecting Your Elamant Business!

Standards are fundamental to effectively operating as a Member of Elamant. That’s why we have Policies and Procedures now why we have empowered our NEW COMPLIANCE DEPARTMENT to reinforce professional standards of operation, reporting, and other essential business operations in Elamant. One of their first focuses is to be certain Time Clock Reports are accurate and complete, and they already have begun to discover inconsistencies in time entries. So, if you have a time entry that is declined, know that the Compliance Team is here to support you…and getting a notice from Compliance is a reminder to assist you in complying. Consultants are only paid for the actual hours they work for Elamant. You must carefully track your time, down to increments of one hour. In your personal time log, each time entry should be followed by a summary description of your activities at that time. As an Elamant Consultant, you have broad latitude to determine what, when, and how you work and are even encouraged to source and develop your own hours. However, on rare occasions, we discover among us a few who are not interested in operating fairly; and in those instances, Compliance will assist us in first suspending and possibly terminating offenders. (If you become aware of Elamant standards not being met, you now may send a report to compliance@elamant.com) As a reminder from the Policies and Procedures

Elamant reserves the right to audit, investigate, and question any hours that have been submitted for approval. In addition to denial of the time tickets, some severe or repeat cases may be referred to our compliance department for further action, including, but not limited to Removal from Consultant Program, Membership Suspension, Termination, and/or a fine.

$10 for 10 Days Welcome Back Promo Is Activating Elamant Members

Make the Promotion Even More Effective with Your “Contact to Welcome Back!”

The Welcome Back Promotion announced last week is being dramatically successful.

Many inactive Members already have paid $10 to reactivate their Elamant Membership for 10 days, giving them time to enjoy and to reconsider all the Elamant benefits they have been missing.

Although Elamant already may have reached out to inactive Members in your organization, nothing is more effective than a personal touch. Your personal touch.

So, take this opportunity to “Contact and Welcome Back” inactive Members in your organization.

Last Day to Participate: 30 June 2020 11:59pm PTD (8:59am SAST July 1st)

Inactive Member May Participate if… 

  • Currently Inactive (prior to 21 June 2020)


  • Are a Member Currently in a Free Trial


  • $10 instantly Reactivates for 10 days!
    • No requirement to pay for Cycles missed!
    • Continue Redemption and Data Reward Cycles!
    • Keep previously attained position!
  • Continue activity anytime during the 10-day Reactivation by:
    • upgrading with an R-Pass, or by
    • paying Elamant directly
  • NEW CYCLE then commences from the day $10 is paid!

And if you want to “gift” activity to an inactive Member in your organization… you may purchase a bulk order of WB-Passes directly from the company.


  • Must have become inactive prior to 21 June 2020.
  • Any Member who goes inactive after 21 June 2020 does not qualify for this promotion.
  • The $10 reactivation:
    • Automatically begins new Membership Cycle
    • Must be paid to the company directly, but
    • The upgrade or renewal need not be.
  • At any time during the 10 days, upgrade Membership to a fully-paid Premium Membership by:
    • Paying the company directly or
    • Using an R-pass
  • All active Members count towards the advancement of service levels for leaders.

Cryptocurrency Test Success!

…but Challenges Remain to Be Resolved

As you know, last week we test-marketed payments in Bitcoin, and the GOOD NEWS is that we successfully paid nearly 1/4 of a million USD in bitcoin cryptocurrency to Elamant Consultants! And as we intended, the test of Bitcoin payments revealed a number of challenges yet to be resolved, some of them inherent in the nature of cryptocurrency architecture.

Push Not Pull!

One such challenge is that cryptocurrency is pushed, not pulled. By this, we mean that once Elamant has a bitcoin address, we are able to push Bitcoin payments to that wallet. However, if just one number or letter in the address is mistaken for whatever reason, the payment is lost. And unlike with traditional banking, there is no way for Elamant to track where the payment went, or for you to recover the payment.

With cryptocurrency payments, Elamant has one shot to get the money to where you want it to go…and that’s true with every single Bitcoin payment made. So, with tens of thousands of payments amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars, there are tens of thousands of opportunities for something to go wrong.

Thankfully, that happened in only a few cases with this first test. But imagine if one of those “cases” was your payment?

Elamant has a relentless commitment to making payments to our productive Members accurately and effectively, and we are troubled by a system that permits even a very slight chance of any payment not being made. So, we are continuing to review this first push of Bitcoin payments, and we will update you as our research continues.

Support Ticket Resolutions & Help Desk

During the past week, Elamant resolved and closed out hundreds more of your Support Tickets. And we are moving ever more rapidly and effectively to bring Support current with your requests.

Among the issues resolved were customer issues related to pass transfers, ranks, and downlines.

Also, a number of incorrect sponsor assignations were addressed and resolved along with credit card and blockchain integration issues.

An upgrade that will support these efficiencies is a NEW Member HelpDesk that permits Members to submit tickets directly to support through your website, with tracking and notification to provide you updates and details of the resolution.

Some pending company-wide items include KYC approval delays and Data Rewards Redemption option not showing. Please understand we are aware of these problems and making every effort to provide solutions.

[If you already have a ticket filed with support, there is no need to submit again.]

Platform Scalability • WordPress • Travel Portal • and MORE!

We are happy to announce that new developments of platform scalability are providing additional power to support performance during peak usage times. Included in these upgrades are the removal of the WordPress login area and soon-to-be-launched replacement pages for resources and personal information. You soon will be experiencing increased usability of many Admin reports, including data point crediting, search, and Excel downloads for many reports. Mailgun has been implemented for Member mailing, and the development of the Travel Portal is advancing rapidly (we will have new announcements coming in July 2020).


Elamant Economic Zone

Elamant Business Growth and Infrastructure Development in the “Elamant Economic Zone”

These have been challenging economic times for many due to the pandemic, understandable social unrest, and world socio-economic transformation. For some businesses, this change in economies around the world has been catastrophic. Major retailers and financial institutions have gone out of business, even as other businesses increasingly thrive.

Fortunately for you and Elamant, our business is booming due to the opportunity and knowledge we have working with our Independent Contractors and Consultants who enjoy the benefits of an Elamant home-based business. The world economy and the way we do business is changing…and it’s changing in the direction of your Elamant Independent Business. Elamant is on the cutting edge of remote, decentralized operations designed to support our Consultants as you work remotely from your homes. You have joined Elamant at a time of dynamic opportunity, as schools and businesses increasingly do business the way you do business, depending not on centralized administration but using the internet and other communications technologies to sponsor, train, and promote.

As we have charted the organic growth of Elamant, we have begun to action our 10-year-plan to support the growth of the “Elamant Economic Zone” where it has presented itself. That means that over the next six months, we will be increasing services and programs in those countries where Elamant already is well-established while furloughing business where the resources required would defocus our support in strong business centers such as sub-Saharan Africa. And we are planning action to open areas that present themselves as enthusiastic centers for Elamant enterprise development.

As you know, we have experienced tremendous enthusiasm for the power of Elamant consumerism in Vietnam and Japan, with increasing interest expressed in a number of countries in the Pacific Rim.  But by far the greatest energy and consumer power have come from several countries on the African subcontinent. To service that growing volume, in February 2020 we opened offices in Richards Bay, South Africa.  And we anticipate business support centers in other countries in the African subcontinent as volumes direct.

Network Marketing grows most rapidly in areas where there are well-developed communications networks, which normally are present in areas of urban concentration.  Eighty percent of sub-Saharan Africa’s growth over the next decade is anticipated to occur in cities, making it the fastest-urbanizing region in the world. According to the Brookings Institute, spending by consumers in African countries is estimated to reach 6.6 trillion US dollars sometime before 2030. In other words, this is the decade for your Elamant business.

However, that outlook is not without its hesitation. The World Health Organization reports that among countries with the most Covid-19 cases during the past week, South Africa is #11, behind the USA which is #2 with more than 2 million cases and 100,000 deaths currently and anticipated to top 200,000 deaths in less than 120 days.  A World Bank report projects that, as a result of the pandemic and depending on the success of measures taken to mitigate the pandemic’s effects, economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa will decline from 2.4% in 2019 to between -2.1%  and -5.1% in 2020, which is not so severe as in many European countries; even Greece, which had fewer cases than any other country in the Eurozone, expects a downturn of -5% to -7%. In other words, the report predicts that southern Africa will experience its first recession in 25 years. That’s difficult news for many businesses in many countries, but not for your business. Network Marketing typically outperforms the economy during recessionary downturns, because people are looking for ways to replace jobs or to augment their incomes. So, now is the time to be building, to be sharing, to be helping your family, friends, and neighbors to weather difficult financial times of the moment…while at the same time staying safe. One of the new features of Elamant support will be to provide training on distance techniques of sponsoring pioneered by Network Marketers around the world. And whatever the future holds, you can be assured that Elamant is anticipating the best way to support you and the future of your Elamant business.

To support your businesses during these economic times of challenge worldwide, we are focusing Elamant resources in the Elamant Economic Zone where you are having the greatest success:

  • South Africa
  • Zimbabwe,
  • Botswana,
  • Namibia,
  • Vietnam, and
  • Japan

Additionally, we have other African countries such as Swaziland which is in pre-launch to join Elamant Economic Zone in the near future. To support such dynamic growth, we are furloughing registrations in markets outside the Elamant Economic Zone where the current crises of the pandemic, social unrest, and other issues are forestalling growth, including countries in:

  • Europe,
  • the Middle East, and
  • North and South America

This is not to say that countries in Europe and elsewhere may not soon recommend themselves to join the Elamant Economic Zone, but for the moment we must focus our success. Since these geographical areas do not currently represent significant sales volume, your businesses will not suffer, and in fact, they will enjoy increased support from Elamant as we redirect investments to countries in the African subcontinent, East Asia, and countries sharing the Pacific Rim of the Elamant Economic Zone.

While we are asking you to direct your sponsoring activities to countries in the Elamant Economic Zone, we welcome recommendations of where you would like to see Elamant go next, and we will evaluate the influence had by Elamant Consultants in those countries as well as determining where business environments are favorable to the Elamant Network Marketing business model.

I will be releasing a statement tomorrow detailing this renewed focus on the Elamant Economic Zone and new training and technological support for your Elamant Business to support what you have built while anticipating the growth of your business into the broader international market.

We understand your ambition, and we approve of your enthusiasm for international growth. However, our Business Advisory Board is directing us to build out infrastructure more fully to support those regions where it will be most needed in the near future, with a 10-year-plan anticipating growth regions as they develop.


While we will support Members in additional countries, we will not permit them to sponsor additional members or Consultants until such time as our business growth in the current Economic Zone is fully supported. They will be able to continue to enjoy the benefits of the travel program and use the platform to refer others that are in the target area but will not be able to participate in the Data Rewards program for that country.

In an economic crisis when so many businesses are going out of business, our action plan is to support your business to thrive.





Weekly Newsletter – June 15th, 2020

Welcome to Week 3

First of all, I want to take the time to welcome all of the new members that have just started their journey with us! We are very happy to have you with us. This is truly the time to be a new member more now than ever before. With so many new benefits and exciting things coming this summer you are in the right place at the right time to maximize your shopping and travel benefits! I would also like to say a very BIG congratulations to all of those who have achieved the status of Founder and Consultant this week! We look forward to your continued growth and success in our company.

Welcome to week 3 of our new platform and Elamant home! Every week we are making progress and it certainly shows. With every challenge comes an opportunity to look for solutions. These weekly newsletters have been helpful for corporate to continuously connect with our customers and consultants directly to give valuable updates and insights on the progress and enhancements being made. we have received an overwhelming amount of feedback showing your love and support for our new form of communication… and some love it so much they have even asked for daily updates! We are glad to continuously bring value and show real progress being made behind the scenes here at Elamant …and this is just week 3.

Challenge Meets Opportunity

Every problem we face brings with it the unique ability to find an opportunity. In most cases, the solution we implement turns out to be much better than what we originally planned for before the problems arose. A perfect example of this is with our support teams. due to the high traffic and large volume of support requests, we were able to implement a better ticketing system to keep track of everything in a much better and more efficient way. This new help desk system is now live in your back office and provides instant access to our support Representatives. Instead of tickets taking anywhere from 5 to 10 days (in some cases more) to resolve, we have an estimated turnaround time of 2 to 3 days. In this case, the solution is much better than the original way of doing things, and it’s all thanks to the problem and challenge we were faced with.

We have many updates to give from what has happened in the last week. It would be better to bullet point them below for easy reading and organization since we do have quite a lot of completed tasks.

  • Our member help desk system is now live and fully operational. ALL support requests will need to use this new system. Any messages sent to any of the Corporate Executive team or Master Consultant through email, Whatsapp, Line, or through Facebook messages/comments, will be met with an autoresponder informing the person to submit a ticket through the help desk. 
  • We have increased the file size limits and added additional file types for receipt uploads. This new limit now allows 5 MB per receipt and other picture formats and PDF files are now also accepted
  • We have removed the credit card processing option due to server and activation issues. 30 or 40% of the time the member that paid would not be activated. We’ve decided to remove this option temporarily in order to work out all of the issues surrounding it. This has also opened up the opportunity for us to look at other pay in options for Japan, Vietnam, and South Africa. as of now, the only way of registering for renewing for an account is direct through BTC or by means of an E-Pass or R-Pass.
  • Users login to back-office directly. We have found an issue that has caused the server load during peak times on Saturday evenings. even though all members are rushing to turn in their hours and submit the receipts, our hardware should still be able to support the rush… but after observing the past two weeks we have finally found what had caused the slow lag and delay that many members have experienced. This led to our tech Team allowing our members to log in directly to the back office instead of going through the social media portal. We have noticed a reduction by a large margin in our database usage which allowed members to access the system all weekend with no problems. We will be running another test this weekend to see if we need to make another adjustment and a long-term decision based on the data we see
  • Continued development on the new Travel Portal and Merchant E-commerce (MAP)
  • Resolved several thousands of tickets with some of the most pressing issues being related to passes, incorrect ranks, and incorrect numbers members. Support is still working hard to clear out the backlog, but we are asking all members to resubmit their requests via the new help desk if they have not had a resolve within the last 5 days.
  • We have now added timers to the Data Rewards platform that will display how much time they have left to submit the receipts before they are eligible for Redemption. 

We have in fact done many more things last week, but for the sake of time and exhaustive reading, I think it’s best that we move to what we expect to accomplish this next week. I will also put these in bullet points to make it easier to read.

  • Launching a brand new promotion! (ALL DETAILS are located at the END of this update)
  • We will be implementing a file compression of receipt uploads to accommodate receipts of any size. This means we will take any image file and convert it to the format and file size that are company needs automatically.
  • Continue resolving customer issues through the support help desk
  • Continue working on the Travel portal and Merchant E-commerce (MAP)
  • Implement a new email delivery system that will allow all members to receive our “forgot password”, new registration, and company updates emails without fear of it going to SPAM. 
  • Launch the first phase of BTC payouts (more details on this are in section 4 of this update)
  • Release a new official Elamant company PowerPoint slideshow presentation. (Friday) 
  • Allow members to access and view their profile from the back office section
  • Implement a new resources panel directly accessible from the back office
  • And continue being Unstoppable. That’s probably the most important task that will be doing 🐘🐘🐘

The Famous FAQ’S

This week I am calling them “Famous” because it seems like everyone enjoys this section quite a lot. Since our company is ever-changing, these frequently asked questions will be nearly outdated on a weekly basis. The questions our members were asking last week will not be the same questions that people ask this week. This is why the section of a newsletter is very important for the readers in the current week.

#1 – Why am I not allowed to enroll someone from certain countries?

Well, this particular question is answered in a separate newsletter blog due to the detail and economics surrounding our decisions of certain countries and complete focus on others. You can view that article here

#2 – How do I change my name, email, and other user-specific details?

This was answered in great detail in last week’s newsletter but maybe I can give a more simple explanation here for better understanding and clarity. 

We do not allow members to change their own details at any time. We do understand there are several reasons why one may need to change their personal details, that is something you will have to submit a support ticket for. The large majority of the reason why people want to change details is that they would like to transfer ownership of the membership to someone else. for this reason, our compliance department must get involved to ensure the protection of the member that the information is being transferred from. 

If you need assistance with this, please submit your request in the helpdesk section of the back office.

#3 – Why can I not see my Elamant pass transaction history from the old system?

That is because data has not been migrated yet. We are still developing the current database to accept all of that old data and in the correct fields for a proper display. You will actually have your E-Pass full transaction history sometime this week.

#4 – I sent a Pass to an incorrect member ID. Is there any way to validate the name of the ID before I agree to submit it?

Yes, what you are referring to is a validation check. That is being worked on as well and will allow our members to have confidence that they are sending their passcodes to the right account. We have that as one of the top priorities as well for implementation and that should also be done sometime towards the end of the week

#5 – When will I be eligible for my Redemption?

we have added a new Redemption timer as mentioned above that will give you an accurate clock. Four members that joined us before we migrated over to our new system, and those that joined us on the 17th of May, all have the same Redemption date of the 17th of June. That first Redemption will then go through a 30-day approval process.

Since some members where do a Redemption shortly after the system went down, these members we’ll all be credited 100 data points on the 17th as mentioned in the previous updates. For those members that were due to submit their second Redemption, they will receive 200 Data Points on the 17th. 

Payday is here!

We are very excited to start phase one of our implementation for Bitcoin payouts to our consultants. Judging by the immediate past when we launched our new system, we understand that there are going to be technical challenges and learning curves from our members and consultants alike. To help with this we are looking at implementing a rollout that will help us with testing and learning what challenges lie ahead as we go.

This week we will be going from the very top of our service levels and doing a test run of our KYC and Bitcoin payout system. We are looking forward to some great feedback from our top leaders and smooth transactions so we can move on to the next phase which will include more ranks.

We will be contacting the top leaders directly to opt-in or opt-out of this test run, validating the KYC, and confirming the amount they wish to withdraw.

Even though all the challenging times with our software and is further behind schedule than what we would like, we are still moving forward and making progress in all aspects of our business! These are truly exciting times! Get ready The Best is yet To come!!

The “Welcome Back Promotion”

Ladies and gentlemen! This is the official announcement of the first promotion of our new system! We understand the incredible opportunity and value that we have and we want to welcome the old members back to check it out! 

Promotion Details:

Start Date: June 21, 2020 00:00 PTD (9am SAST)

End Date: June 30, 2020 11:59pm PTD (8:59am SAST July 1st)

Target Customer: ANY member that is “inactive” at the start of the promotion (this includes those in a Free Trial)

Promotional benefit: Pay $10 to instantly become “Active” for 10 days! If they want to continue being active, they may upgrade with an R-Pass or by paying the company directly, and they will start a fresh new cycle from the day they paid the $10. 

Many of our members that are inactive have been over 30 days inactive. This means they would have to pay the cycles they missed in order to continue with the same Redemption and data reward cycles as well as keeping their position. With this new promotion, we clear all of that away! It doesn’t matter if they are 45 days inactive… We would like to Welcome them Back! This will give each of them a fresh start and a new beginning with our company. We will be implementing a $10 WB-Pass code for those that wish to pay and gift the code to an inactive member. 

Terms: Any member that goes inactive after the start of the promotion will not qualify for this promotion. The time of the $10 activation will automatically start their new membership cycle. All active members will count towards the advancement of service levels for our leaders. The $10 activation must be paid to the company directly but the upgrade or renewal does not. At any time during the 10 days, the member will be able to upgrade their membership to a fully paid premium membership by means of paying the company directly or by using WB-pass

Our goal with this promotion is to bring back all the members that started with us and show them what they are missing now. With our new platform, the sky is the limit! We have so much to be excited about this year and we just want to share it with everyone. 

Every week we have more and more progress being made. I’m looking forward to what this week brings and we will do another full week recap next Monday!



Weekly Newsletter – June 8th, 2020

Promises Made. Promises Kept.

Welcome to the second installment of our Weekly Newsletter! We have certainly made a lot of progress with the new system and continue to Enhance, Improve, and Refine our Elamant Portal! This is OUR home now, and we are busy making things happen to prepare us for our next phase of growth.

In our newsletter last week, we made some promises to introduce five relief efforts to help ease the migration efforts for our members and Consultants. I am delighted to report the “Relief Efforts” were all paid on time and a huge success!

Relief Effort #1 – All members have received a 15-day membership extension. This extension was added to the current membership cycle of the Member.

Relief Effort #2 – All members have received the Maximum of Data ‘Credits’ (40) for the week of the 24th to the 30th.

Relief Effort #3 – All Consultants (and above) received the Maximum of Consultant Earnings for the week of the 24th to the 30th. This credit was supposed to be in ‘Pending’ status all last week and then paid on Sunday… However, this was paid in full on Wednesday, June 3rd, four days early!

Relief Effort #4 – Pass Exchange – All members have now received a one-time Pass conversion of one E-Pass to one R-Pass based on the criteria and qualifications described in the last newsletter. Members that sent an OPT-OUT email as instructed were excluded from taking part in this automatic conversion.

Relief Effort #5 – All consultants have been given 75 Renewal Point credits as per the terms in the previous newsletter.

The Long-awaited “Lockdown Bonus Promotion” was also paid out completely. We have experienced members that didn’t receive this bonus payout, and support is looking into the facts surrounding those that qualified. One of the most important things to remember when looking at the terms of the promotion was the need to remain “Active” and maintain the new rank.

We did have members that, after looking at the old system data, have met all the qualifications for the bonus yet didn’t receive it. This is an error and an oversight by the previous programming team, and we are making these corrections and deposits instantly after verification. Support is backed up on some specific requests, but they hope to have them all done by the middle to the end of the week.

The main goal for all of us is to build integrity by doing what we say we will do. Even going through a world-wide pandemic, software glitches with the old and new system, event cancellations, and every other possible challenge that comes our way, we want you to know when we say… WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE …we mean it!

Last week Recap!

OK… so just in the last week, we have already completed so many tasks that it took me over an hour to tell the Mastermind group everything we accomplished. I feel the best way to inform you of what was completed is in a bullet point list form. There is a lot here, so I just picked some of the most essential completed tasks for you all to see the progress.

Week of June 1st Tech Update

  • NEW Elamant Compensation Overview video
  • 2,297 support tickets resolved
  • Fixed several issues affecting ranks. We now believe all ranks are displaying correctly
  • Renewal Points, Consulting Fees, and Data Points are now being applied correctly
  • Corrected several problems with the team tree that was causing members to be incorrectly displayed under the wrong sponsor.
  • We have fixed the issue with E-Passes automatically activated upon transfer.
  • All E-Passes and R-Passes activated in such a way have been refunded.
  • We fixed issues, causing some members not to rank up instantly when requirements were met.
  • Awarded Lockdown Promotion.
  • Awarded all 5 Relief Efforts
  • Increased scalability of the system to allow higher user traffic during peak times.
  • Added a pass and e-wallet history log to the back office for all members.
  • We have opened up new options in the “Resources” page for members to select the categories. NOTE: This is still a work in progress as we will be adding content, media, and tutorials throughout the week.
  • Expanded our local corporate support center by acquiring another building next to the current one for expansion of the Merchant Program, Travel Company, and more support/tech personnel
  • Enabled support to better assist members by login into their account without the need for their personal password details
  • UPDATED the Policy and Procedures document to reflect on the User Change requests.

We are proud of all the departments for completing so many tasks! One thing that I want to expand on is the last task update about the ‘User Change’ requests that we have been receiving. This is very important for us to cover here so many understand our policy and position on this. Below is the policy update from the compliance department.

Changes to or Transfers of Consultant Positions
Members may request a change of ownership information on their Elamant account, subject to Elamant’s approval and sole discretion. Commonly approved reasons include transferring an account to a decedent, undergoing a change in business type, or other administrative needs. Elamant reserves the right to approve or disapprove any and all transfers of Member accounts, positions, and benefits, but we will generally do so if there is no risk of fraud or harm, or if the request is merely to correct an administrative error. All such transfers will be contingent upon receipt of a signed waiver of liability by the former Member.
However, in the event an account change or transfer is approved, Consultant Levels associated with a Member’s account do NOT automatically transfer to the new Member. The compensation rates for Consultants at each level reflect that Consultant’s personal skills, time spent, and value to the Company. For this reason, we do not generally permit the transfer – through a sale or otherwise – of Elamant Consultant positions.
Under certain circumstances, Elamant may make exceptions for such transfers or substitutions for Consultant Levels and positions. For example, if you’ve built a business with an Elamant component and you are getting ready to retire, then you may wish to sell your business or transfer it to your heirs. Subject to our own due diligence, including proof of a bona fide sale or transfer of a whole business, we may be willing to approve an attendant transfer of the associated Consultant Service Level and position to the new owner. Factors we may assess in deciding whether to permit a transfer include:
• Demonstration of the qualifications and capabilities of the proposed transferee for the relevant Consultant Service Level
• Harm or impact on the transferor
• Legal or commercial risk to Elamant
• Evidence of a bona fide business sale; for example, the concurrent sale of other assets or rights by the transferor at the same time as the proposed Consultant position transfer
If your transfer is approved, you will be charged a service and processing fee to cover the costs of our own due diligence and other related items. The fee so charged will depend upon the risk and complexity of the transfer to Elamant, and will be determined and disclosed to you prior to any approval for a transfer.
Ultimately, although your Service Level is a reward for your work and achievements with Elamant, being an Elamant Consultant is a privilege, not an asset. You should never rely upon an anticipated sale of your position.

Elamant is making all the right moves on this journey. With the progress that we have seen in the past 2 weeks alone, you know we are only getting better, stronger, and going to bring more value to our customers and merchants!


More FAQ’s!

We have received overwhelming praise and positive feedback regarding our Frequently Asked Questions section. It seems that some members have been given some incorrect information in the past and it’s always good to clear up any misunderstandings by answering the TOP 5 most popular questions of last week!

When and where can I start booking my discounted Travel and Trips?

Elamant made the decision not to launch the integration of our exclusive travel portal with the new system… and it’s a good thing we did. We are still upgrading, migrating, and squashing bugs in this new platform and by adding any more additional software integrations in the mix would certainly cause more issues at the moment. One of the positive things that could come from this pandemic is the need for travel has come to a halt. We will continue to develop our system and hopefully start Travel Portal integration within the next month. International travel should start to pick up by the end of August and throughout September. We plan on being ready for this massive wave in July!

Why can’t I upload and enter my receipts?

Elamant Support has received many specific upload errors regarding JPG, JPEG, and so on. We have had members not able to upload their receipts due to several factors such as file size (over 2 MB), incorrect file format, system overload (as was the case on Saturday night, and more common issues like not properly filling out the Shopper’s Profile section and adding the stores. These specific issues are why the company made the decision to implement the many relief efforts that would not allow any undue burden to the customer… one of which is extending the membership an extra 15 days. This means if the user encountered any problems, they would still not be out any membership time whatsoever. The fact that many are able to still use the system, learn, train, and enter receipts during this free time is all a bonus. We do plan on having any receipt upload issues solved this week as well.

I have already paid (or want to pay) for the Elamant Africa Launch event. When are we officially having this event?

We have now postponed this amazing event 3 times due to the global pandemic and travel restrictions out of our control. We do plan on having the event, but the earliest dates that may be possible is in September. If you have already paid for your ticket, please know it does not expire and you will have no problems going to this event. Due to the limited seating and the huge spike in growth over the last few months, we are sure to completely sell out and pack this arena.

I was not able to enter my service hours last week. Will I still be able to enter those hours or will there be an extension or credit given?  

We are sorry that you were unable to enter your time report from last week due to technical issues regarding the system. Elamant is constantly focusing on our Member and Consultant experiences to ensure the highest satisfaction is achieved. In the recent newsletter last week I mentioned many relief efforts the company would be making which included an additional 15 days of free membership for ALL members. This was to help all of us get through this transitional period without any cost to the Members or Consultants. Specifically, regarding the Consultant Time entry, our Consultants have been given an entire week to enter these allotted hours. Unfortunately, some left this task until the very end of the week, and like the members uploading receipts at the last min, it has caused the system to slow down. We have an excellent programming team that is working constantly to solve these issues and we truly believe everything will be running more and more smoothly each and every day. There will not be a credit or another extension given for last week but we appreciate your patience and understanding during this migration period.

Why is my support request taking so long?

Ok so this is the MAIN issue here and MOST asked question of the past 2 weeks. My response is going to be very long, but important to read. I also have an exciting solution to this coming and I will reveal it in the next section.


Elamant Support

As you have noticed in the report of tasks done above, support has been slammed so hard with every possible request under the sun. From requests of training (“How to Time Report?” or “How many receipts to add each week”) and also many of the same members opening 15+ tickets of the same issue because they send in from emails, Whatsapp messages, Facebook messages/posts/comments, and also from leaders as well.

First and foremost let me clarify something to everyone. Consultants and above ONLY get paid to support, train, and educate their teams. They never get paid to recruit, sell, or do marketing.  All consultants and above need to listen to your concern, help you if they can, and IF they can’t, they need to go directly to their sponsor or leader to get assistance. Support should never have to talk with members directly, only the top Consultants, Managers, and leaders of the company. Thousands of members around the world are being told “just go to support” and then they leave them be. The goal is to create a social dependant support and leadership force that helps everyone. This is the main function of our “Consultant Opportunity”. For more information on the requirements and expectations of a Consultant and above, click here.

If your direct sponsor or Consultant leader is refusing you any support or assistance, please inform compliance@elamant.com with as much information and prove to begin the investigation. If the compliance team has enough information to reasonably suspect they aren’t doing their job, then their account and hours will be audited and looked into for questioning and flagged for a performance review.

Now for the solution.

New Software Development

We will be officially unveiling our BRAND NEW Elamant Support ticketing system this coming Friday, June 12th!

Adding this new member helpdesk system will allow ALL Members and Consultants to submit tickets directly to support through their back office. This system comes with detailed ticket tracking, member ID support history, and a user notification upon creation, during, and upon ticket resolution. This system is already LIVE and integrated into our software and our support teams are being trained all week on this interface. This will allow 1 hub for ALL support to go to. With this new software in place, any support questions, comments, or concerns routed through ANY other medium (Facebook, Whatsapp, Text, or email) will be ignored. We are preparing the autoresponders now and when the system goes live I will direct everyone to this new way of doing things. This software will solve many problems for users and cut out 65% of all the duplicated work the various support reps and executive teams are experiencing!

We have MANY new developments coming which include our new MAP PORTAL, Travel Portal, and even a new payout method that will help others that are looking for an alternative other than Bitcoin.  We have not stopped… only JUST BEGUN. Get ready, hold on, and…

Be Unstoppable!

Ryan Evans / CEO

Weekly Newsletter – June 1st, 2020

Welcome to the NEW Official Elamant Connect Weekly Newsletter!

Elamant is on the move! We currently have so much going on that we decided to deliver news and updates to you every single WEEK! You will always find the latest news and updates in your “Resources” folder of the Elamant Portal, in our Facebook Connect Group, the public Blog section, and (coming soon) also in your email. We do want to ensure every member has access to the most up-to-date news, updates, and promotional details of the company at all times.


We have finally made it one week since the launch of our NEW platform! This incredible milestone in the history of our company is significant in our journey. On July 20th, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human to step foot on the moon after many years of preparation and progress. That “Small step for man …giant leap for mankind” made an impact all across the world that it was possible to think AND achieve what seemed impossible at the time. 

We have just taken our ‘first step’ on a new path of this journey, and we are ALL anticipating great things to come! Elamant has been looking forward to this launch for many years. Yes, we have tried other software options in the past, but there is something of value when we can move into our own home. A software wholly owned, controlled, and developed by our teams gives us the type of flexibility to add new features, benefits, and overall better control over technical challenges that we may face.

Our new software was launched successfully on Monday, May 25th, after an unsuccessful attempt on Sunday, May 17th. Even though we faced many technical challenges, we were able to learn and push through. Change isn’t always easy. Upgrades don’t always work as intended the first time. It’s not about the problems that we all face but our response and intention to solve any issue that matters. With that intention in mind, every other challenge that we face will be in line with moving forward toward that destination. We have a purpose and aim of being here for many years to come and to consistently provide value for our merchants and customers. 

Elamant is a growing company pioneering a concept that has never been done before, long-term. We truly believe our new software platform will provide a solid foundation for us to grow! Get READY! This Best Is Yet To Come!

Frequently Asked Questions on the New System (FAQ)

With a new system in place, we know it will take some time to get used to it. When some technical glitches and bugs happen that shouldn’t, it also creates a realm of confusion for many of our members. We have had to delay some integrations to focus all technical teams on developing solutions and support for the reported problems. We have compiled a brief list of some commonly asked questions, and we will also be creating a FAQ section in the “Resources” page of the Elamant Portal for you to always check back for more of your important questions answered. 

Is the ‘Lockdown Promotion’ still going to get credited as promised? 

In our original promotional terms, we stated the promotion would be deposited into the accounts on May 24th, 2020. Since the system was not up and active, we then made an announcement that the credit would happen on May 31st. Now, we have had to postpone the deposit a few days due to many accounts not functioning correctly, members not in the correct line of sponsorship after the migration, and other glitches that would have caused some not to receive the credits correctly. Our TOP Priority is to get the sponsor tree and total genealogy structure corrected and ALL accounts accurate again before making this deposit credit. This should have been done by now, but it may take a few more days to resolve. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but you will see our response to these issues in the “Elamant Migration Relief Plan” section of this update. 

I am a Consultant (or above) service level, why am I not earning 5 Renewal Points per day? 

This is one of the policy changes that was made to keep the two parts of our Compensation Plan separate. Only Founders are eligible to earn Renewal Points because they have recruited members to join, and their reward is ultimately a “Free Membership.” Consultants and above do not get paid for recruiting but rather training, supporting, educating, translating, and assisting our members and Founders. We must keep these two things separate to speak a clear message in what we are trying to accomplish with our Consultant Program. 

Someone told me that I just had to pay $10, and that would reactivate my account for another membership cycle. Why hasn’t this been done?

Simple answer? Misinformation. This is one of the challenges we have had, and the solution would be to consistently provide the correct information through these weekly updates. If you are finding that you are receiving incorrect information, please report the consultant or above to compliance@elamant.com. You MUST include all the required information, such as screenshots, proof of misrepresentation, and as much detailed information as you can. 

The $10 was a migration activation token that we required each individual to pay to have their account migrated over and the 1st step to our KYC process. We know fake and fraudulent accounts wouldn’t have been able to pay, so as to ensure real people and real data comes over to our new system with us. Our goal with the migration process was to discourage and weed out all of the fake data submissions we were receiving throughout our manual method of emailing redemptions. We have been noticing a lot of fraudulent submissions taking place with people having minimal regard for our rules and regulations. We saw an opportunity with our new system to get the data more accurate and clean up the process.

Why aren’t my Data Points able to withdraw to Bitcoin or to a Renewal Pass?

 One of the challenges our leaders and members face is the inability of members to use their old Data Points to renew their accounts. The company has already explained the reasoning behind this temporary solution in both the press release on May 8th and to all leaders in the company directly. Our company realizes that it will take two months of digital receipt submissions through our new platform to get accurate analytics and value to show for our Merchant Advertising Platform that we will be launching soon. It’s important to understand we are not removing anyone’s Data Points, just changing how it works over the next two months throughout this process. After that period, we have already announced that other payout options and benefits will be coming for use with those points. However, I will be announcing in the next section of this update, a few promotional relief efforts that will help ease the burden placed on the members during this transition.

Why didn’t the company credit the 14-day membership extension like it announced?

We did. We have added 14 days to the users’ current membership cycle, which only covered the downtime. This extension was to provide no loss of membership downtime due to our system being down. If your membership was set to go inactive the day after the system migration, then you would have been “active” when the system came back up but “inactive” the very next day.

When can I expect the “Approved” Redemption from April to be credited to my Data Points wallet? Are we still getting the credits in June and July as mentioned before?

Yes! Members that had approved Data Redemptions in April will be credited in June and then again in July as mentioned in the previous press releases. All of our members now have the same Data Rewards Redemption cycle. This means those that had a pending redemption due will be credited (100 or 200 Data Points depending on enrollment date) on June 17th and then again on July 17th. This will be the same time when all members of the company that was in the system prior to migration will be eligible to submit their 1st redemption. Since we are extending the membership another 15 days (see the update for Relief Effort #1 below), members won’t be losing anything at all. We have to have everyone on the same digital redemption cycle to make these 1-time manual Data Point crediting easier. Every person in the old system had a different redemption cycle. This means we would have to credit each member every day manually. It would get messy and may have errors, but more importantly, it is not efficient. This is just the best decision we could come up to allow our member’s due Data Points to eventually get on the same digital Redemption cycle to allow for a cleaner processing of data and redemption deposits.

People have so many things not working: Can’t login, membership numbers are wrong, Renewal Points aren’t automatically renewing accounts, can’t upload a receipt, KYC won’t work, not receiving the forgot password email, incorrect rank showing, can’t enter hours, and MANY other things. WHY? When will it ALL be Fixed?

Ok so this was actually something I typed up and asked my head developers. I know the majority of people aren’t experiencing these things, but we do have this and many more support tickets that are reporting real issues here. Elamant is a part of all of us, and it makes us ALL feel several waves of emotions when things WORK …and when things don’t work! 

We must realize this is just our first week in our new home, and there were bound to be some programming glitches and challenges. I do take comfort in knowing that our teams are all working overtime to get these issues resolved and quickly! One thing that we can do overall is to ease the burden from our members and consultants by putting together a relief plan. Now, this is what brings us to the MOST important UPDATES in this weekly newsletter. Continue reading…

Elamant Migration Relief Plan

If you are new here, you may wonder why we throw around the phrases, “Be Unstoppable!” or “We are Unstoppable!” There could be no more of an example of this phrase for us other than how we handle challenges and tackle problems that come our way. What separates us from others is our ability to THRIVE under pressure and in stressful times. Unstoppable is more than just a phrase to us… it’s a Way of Life!

Due to all the unforeseen challenges our members/consultants are facing with the system, we have put together a 5 – Step Action Plan to alleviate the pressure during this migration period. 

Relief Effort #1 – ALL members will receive a 15-day membership extension.  This will begin where the last extension left off. This will also apply to ALL inactive members in our system. For example, if the member went inactive last week, this new relief will automatically activate them. This extension allows you to still earn weekly, add new members, and submit weekly receipts at NO Additional COST to you! Our intention behind this decision was to help ease any pressure caused by our migration efforts and allow for patience from our members on unresolved issues without it affecting them financially. 

The timeline for this extension to be credited is on or before Wednesday, June, 3rd 2020 (PDT). 

Relief Effort #2 – ALL members will receive the Maximum of Data ‘Credits’ (40) for the week of the 24th to the 30th.  Please note: These are Data Credits and NOT Data Points. Now would be a good time for me to explain the difference for those that haven’t read the Data Rewards manual on the “Resources page” (found here). Data Credits are calculated and accumulated at the end of each shopping week (Sunday through Saturday), and Data Points are the end result reward deposited into the Data Points wallet after a successful Data Rewards Redemption. Data Credits have no actual cash value and are only for the purpose of accumulation towards a redemption. 

We understand the system may not have allowed some to upload receipts by the cutoff time. This will allow everyone the maximum, regardless if you entered anything in the system or not. If you were able to successfully enter enough receipts last week but fell short of the maximum, you will automatically be ‘topped up’ to the maximum for the week. This will now make the 2nd week in a row we have maximized the Data Credits for our members, ensuring ALL members will have 80 Data Credits towards their 1st redemption! The timeline for this credit will be on or before Wednesday, June, 3rd 2020 (PDT). 

Relief Effort #3 – ALL Consultants (and above) will receive the Maximum of Consultant Earnings for the week of the 24th to the 30th. Due to the inaccurate service level and rank calculations for some, we realize this has placed undue stress and press on our consultants that may not have earned what they should have. Because of this, we will be taking the last rank that you had achieved before the system went into migration and crediting the maximum to your account.

If you had submitted service hours last week, those would be replaced with the maximum for your service level, as mentioned above. This will help those that should have been earning as, for example, “Manager” and yet only able to enter “Consultant” level hours. The timeline for this credit will be on or before Wednesday, June, 3rd 2020 (PDT). 

Relief Effort #4 – Pass Exchange – ALL members will have the ability to perform a one-time Pass conversion. Here are the details

1. The member must have had at least one Elamant pass before the new system migration

2. The member must have at least one ‘active’ and unused E-pass currently 

3. The system will then automatically delete one active E-Pass and Create active R-Pass to be used or transferred. 

IF you wish to opt-out of this automatic conversion, you MUST send an email directly to admin@elamant.com with your member ID, and the words OPT-OUT in the subject line of the email.

The timeline for this credit will be on Sunday (midnight), June, 7th 2020 at exactly 00:00 (PDT) which is 9am Sunday morning South Africa Time. 

Relief Effort #5 – All consultants will be given 75 Renewal Points credit due to the policy update. This promotional relief effort only applies to Consultants and not any other rank or service level. For example, Senior Consultants will not qualify for this 1-time credit.

We realized many of our new Consultants were unaware of the new policy change and effected in a way that would cause them to pay out of pocket. This is not the intention of the company. We care about the work our Consultants are doing and want to ease the burden for newly created Consultants to have enough Renewal Points to renew their account. The timeline for this credit will be on or before Wednesday, June, 3rd 2020 (PDT)

Note: this relief effort will only benefit Consultants that were once Founders with at least 25 RP in their Renewal Points wallet. 

UPCOMING PROMOTION: We are Unstoppable! We have so much to be proud of, grateful for, and want to continuously work with our leaders and members to create a long-term company we can all be proud of! With that said, we will be launching a NEW promotion that will help bring everyone back that was once with us. We are looking forward to sharing the details with you… but it’s not exactly the time for this. Our priorities lie in helping stabilize our system and ensuring we are running smoothly. I hope to be able to announce this incredible promotion next week… but we will see how things go. Just know, we have a BIG secret and ready to take this company to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL! 

Thank you ALL for your patience and support. It really does mean a lot to all of us who are working behind the scenes. We will get through this, but only if we are all together and moving in the same direction. Remember, the Greatest Pressure, Makes the most Beautiful Diamonds! 


Be Unstoppable!

Ryan Evans / CEO

Looking Forward …the lifestyle of a pioneer

A “Pioneer” is defined as a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area. I understood that by reading books and learning about the lifestyle of a ‘pioneer’ may just help prepare me for the journey ahead! Pioneers were explorers. Even though they didn’t always have the complete foresight to see the obstacles or know what to expect, they were prepared to face whatever came their way. 

It’s important that I first take you back to the beginning, to our chapter 1, so you will understand fully where we came from and, more importantly, where we’re headed!

Even though we aren’t exploring new lands physically, we are exploring new territories in data analytics and business. Every journey has a beginning… only ours has had several! A company will rarely begin its journey more than once, or as in our case… four times! Though our company has had the unique challenge/opportunity of launching many times, one thing can be said for certain, we just don’t give up. We have experienced many challenges over the past 2 years, but our goal, focus, and determination remain strong. Why? It’s the destination. Yes, it would have been much easier to give up and say, “Well, we tried” and move on to something a little less innovative and challenging. But one thing I always like to say,

“If we quit, we guarantee our results… but if we move forward, we either succeed, or we learn.”

Our journey began directly after the close of another company that I was a corporate operation and marketing consultant for. I always believed in the concept they had of collecting ‘Big Data’ from the point of sale receipts and loved the idea of their membership platform. They even had a referral program that encouraged growth to expand internationally for a wide variety of data collection. I truly believed in the potential and vision and understood what the company was trying to accomplish.

Even though I didn’t own or manage the company, I, just like millions of others all around the world, felt like it was a part of me. Well, after a lot of fraudulent data submissions, fake IDs, and, fast growth in China, that company permanently closed its doors in September of 2017. 

I was immediately faced with a choice… I could stop right there and go back to my small technology shop from rural Missouri that I started years ago, or… I could take the map, prepare for the journey, and pick up where they left off. Much like pioneers, I didn’t know what to expect or how we were going to arrive… but I knew where we were going. 

I have heard it said before many times, “Your past does not equal your future.” You have the choice and power to shape the future to look completely different than in the past. “If it’s meant to be, then it’s up to me!” So, with a positive mindset and strong determination, I embarked on this new journey. I realized right away that if I was going to start, then I needed to be focused, strong, and unstoppable. 

In crafting this new company, I knew it would be a collection of benefits that included a diversity of ambitious travelers, smart entrepreneurs, and everyday shoppers. With all of these ‘elements’ coming together, we had the power to become an unstoppable force … like an elephant! The name “Elamant” was born.

“We show the world our unique individual pieces in the image of an elephant.”

The logo and branding of our company reflect on our traditional core values of respect for each elemental part that makes up our company. Therefore, if we operate alone, we will crumble … but if we work in unity, together, we are unstoppable! 

After our successful red carpet launch event in Singapore on November 8th, 2017, we have had many unexpected challenges. From programming and software malfunctions, corporate staff changes, a few online gossip blogs, and dishonest vendors, we started experiencing our waves of problems. Like the explorers when they would encounter some unexpected weather, terrain, dangerous wildlife, or lack of food and water, they had to act quickly and make survival decisions. Now, with the right executive team in place, a solid software platform, and a programming, support, and legal team to help with scalability and growth we are on track to have the most successful year yet! Even with the launch of our new platform, we still have so many new enhancements coming out this year. We are in a good place now in our journey where we can see the vision clearly and… I can confidently say, “The best has yet to come!” 

When you are faced with challenges in your life, you can either let it defeat you …or define you. In this journey, we have truly had our defining moments. After looking at criticism from customer reviews, gossip, and yeah even some rumors, I was able to get an inside look at some challenges and perceptions, then use it to better enhance our program and solve people’s concerns. Any chef will tell you while trying to perfect their signature dish; “Listen to your customers. “

Elamant is still in the start-up phases of its journey, but we already know more than we did, and know what it takes to succeed. We must face the challenges with excitement and understand that by continuing to improve the value for our customers and merchants, we get one step closer to our destination on this journey!

You have a choice. Keep moving forward and CHOOSE to


Ryan Evans / CEO

A Moveable Feast for Epicureans and Gourmands

Food is a delicious way to experience a culture, celebrate adventure, and relax and enjoy life to the fullest by engaging all the senses.

Open Your Mind to Experience a World-Class Good Time!

Whether you’re looking for a great wine shop, a kosher or halal meat market, the newest gourmet grocery store, tea house, coffee shop, or fine dining restaurant, there are many ways to get the info on the area either before or as you travel. You can get ideas and recommendations for all things food-related from gourmet magazines, online forums, friends’ reminisces, local periodicals, or travel enthusiasts who help you to savor the adventure.

It’s said that an army marches on its stomach. So does the intrepid explorer of both new territories and novel culinary happenings. Try dishes that challenge your perceptions of what you like and dislike. The world is generous, and so are the delights of the palate. Indulge in hawawshi in Cairo, bacalhau à bras in Lisbon, and biltong in Cape Town. Chomp down on chapulines in Oaxaca, or basashi in Japan. Food is a wonderful way to discover a new culture while bonding with locals, celebrating with family and friends, meeting new buddies, or enjoying solo time.

Experiences for Epicureans and Gourmets

Do you love the energy and entertainment of a festival? Are you into savoring great eats? Then join these two treats. There are food festivals that celebrate local/indigenous culture, tasty foods, or holidays, and they often feature music, dance or theater, tickling all the pleasure points. To whet your appetite, some top food festivals include the Bacon Festival in Sacramento, California, the Salon du Chocolat in Quito, Ecuador, the Herring Festival in Hvide Sande, Denmark, and the Vegetarian Festival in Phuket, Thailand.

The Marketplace of Fresh Experiences

Explore the market, a vibrant melting pot of tastes and aromas, culture and cookery. From the village to the grand avenue, from a simple farmers’ business with growers selling produce out of trucks to food fairs with artisanal baked goods, exotic spices and herbs, and fresh dairy, poultry, meat, and seafood, the market is a fantastic entry into a community; an invitation to try all manner of edibles. For those who relish vittles, especially adults who love to play with their food, the market is heaven on a plate.

Cooking Classes

Learn the secrets of the master bakers, the expert chefs, and the storied restaurateurs. When you take a class, you learn about the history of the dish and acquire the techniques that make for a great culinary success story. Discover novel ingredients, learn about herbs and spices, and uncover the secrets of sauces. A class engages the imagination, amps up experience, and delights the senses. You not only take your new skills home to delight your friends and family, but you eat everything you create in class!


“Join Elamant Travel today, and begin the journey of a lifetime.”

A Moveable Feast

Yes, a Michelin starred restaurant is one of the reasons that we love to travel. However, there are so many ways to engage in cuisine culture while vacationing. Whether you sample food from a food cart run by the proud proprietor, sit on the beach and nibble snacks, or procure a loaf of bread, a bit of cheese, a jug of wine, and share it with thou, eating in the open air is scrumptious. Everything tastes better outdoors. Beverages, too, take on a special zest. Drink up and let the good times roll by sipping coffee on a patio, lemonade on a terrace, cocktails in a rooftop lounge, or beer in a garden.


The Ethos of the Table

Lay your ethics on the table and make ethical culinary choices a part of your journey. Patronize eateries serving organic and locally-sourced ingredients. Commit to taking your morning java sold by a fair-trade coffee co-op. Visit a restaurant specializing in farm-to-table cuisine. For those adhering to a vegetarian/vegan diet, there are more options than ever to tickle your epicure fancy. Living your ethos is a delectable lifestyle choice!

An Elegant Travel Option

The experiences acquired, memories made, relationships celebrated, and personal renewal and reflection are all ingredients in the perfect vacation experience. Find YOUR element with Elamant Travel today, and begin the journey of a lifetime.


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