Hello Elamant Nation!

Welcome to the 5th of NOVEMBER! With only 2 months left of this year, we are continuously making consistent progress to finish out this year stronger than EVER before. We are very pleased with the decisions we have made that lead us here to this point in our journey. Even though we have come this far, …this is still just the beginning.

We realize that proper communication is important now more than ever. We want our customers and consultants to have the most up-to-date and accurate information from Elamant corporate. Change is welcomed and understandably necessary, just as long as it is in the right direction and ultimately aids us in our journey towards our destination of success. We are fortunate to have partnered with a new communications company to help us with video content and production, oversee social media, and help us enhance our overall internal and external communications.

I was able to spend some time in the studio, recording some new video content that will be released very soon! I will even have a VIDEO overview of the Monetization Revision (mentioned later in this newsletter) and this will be uploaded to the back office dashboard for all to see and watch for a clearer understanding. In addition, you will start seeing a lot more of me in video form to help get new content for our members, consultants, and new potential customers.


Elamant, at its core, is made up of the word “Elephant,” which is the largest land animal on Earth, and the word “Element,” which is a small part or piece of something. These two words come together to create “Elamant” an unstoppable force! To achieve success, we have a philosophy that we succeed when we abide by our 3 “E” strategy.

  • Educate
  • Empower
  • Elevate

Where would any of us be without education? The answer is nowhere. We are all learning, evolving, and growing on a daily basis… but with ALL this education out in the world and influences on social media, what is the right path of education to get us to ultimately have the kind of success we are looking for? This is why we know if we can help the average customer to gain practical knowledge through our soft skills training, then we know they will already have the advantage in today’s marketplace. Through education, we can accelerate our members to the front of the line and stand out from the others!

We empower our consultants by giving them the opportunity to earn while they learn. Being able to work from anywhere in the world, at their own pace, and from their mobile device gives our consultants the advantage and control over their time and freedom. Once they have attained the skills with Elamant U, we have the ability to empower them to use those skills and get paid for their time through our consultant program.

With the proper guidance and Education, the Empowerment to achieve what they desire, we then step into our 3rd “E” and Elevate them to the next level. Our goal is to always see others succeed and continue to progress to newer heights and achievements in their lives. When you are elevated, you have the ability and responsibility to help others achieve the same success. “We Rise by Lifting Others!” 

Elevate your mind & Empower your life by finding YOUR Elamant.

Be Unstoppable.

– Ryan Evans / CEO



* As we continue to keep a close watch on the way members and consultants are consuming these updates, we are constantly refining to make the maximum impact on all users around the world. We realize video clips are the best and most effective way to communicate and many written newsletters aren’t as effective since they are ofter long and full of details that may not be relevant or important to some users. We have received feedback that most people that read the newsletters scroll or ‘skip’ through and only read the articles with the headlines that interest them. After observing this, we will now move to a monthly written newsletter that will be released on the 1st of each month but will also have separate categories and blogs that will make these articles easier to locate and read instead of over-filling each newsletter will so many updates, events, news, and content that may make the information less attractive to read. We will also add in several small video clips that will be easily shareable and viewed more than an article. We truly believe this will be a positive step forward to properly distribute all the information to all members (even in Japanese and Vietnamese languages.) When important, urgent, or promotional updates are announced, we will not wait until a newsletter is published as we will post it separately and immediately for all to see quickly.

* The Exclusive LIVE Mastermind meeting with CEO Ryan Evans is NOW twice a week! We now have meetings for all Managers and above every Sunday and Wednesday!

* Mastermind VIP LIVE support is now 5 days a week instead of 3. This will allow more Managers and above to work through any issues or questions on behalf of other members and consultants. We have also extended the 4 hours of Mastermind support to now a full 6 hours per day. Just go to to book your appointment now. NOTE: You must be Manager or above to enter. If the password is incorrect, please reset your password from the main system to gain access.

* The “Go Green” promotion has officially ended. However, any new or previous member that monetizes their account by paying for their membership directly to the company, will have a full 28 days of membership, even if they were inactive for several days/weeks before. Since the promotion is no longer in effect, the members that “Go Green” from November 1st, 2020, and onward will not have the extra 7-day extension. 

* Elamant U Login Issues – We have observed the problem that was not allowing our members to login in and take their courses at times. This problem is being fixed.

* Elamant APP 2.0 is coming this holiday season with a fresh new design! Since the launch of our Elamant APP nearly 2 weeks ago, we have had 1870 downloads for Android. Apple version is still being reviewed but is coming soon!


Elamant Governance, Risk, and Compliance


Studies have linked the drive towards optimized performance to the management of risk while emphasizing the importance of remaining in compliance with laws, regulations, and society’s expectations for conduct. Who can argue that unbridled focus on rewards without consideration of risks and obligations is unacceptable – and unsustainable in the long term? Good corporate governance is a foundation attribute for a healthy organization. It sets the tone as to how the organization operates and behaves both internally and to the market generally and is founded on the principles of honesty, transparency, accountability, responsibility, fairness, and social responsibility.

Elamant is committed to aligning governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) as we position the organization for growth.  It is through a participatory model that we will be effective and efficient, and we wish to thank our members and partners for abiding by our Policies and Procedures, and Supplier Code of Conduct. We are making significant strides forward in the next phase of expansion and enhancing the complexities of the current GRC framework to ensure that all business expansion is designed for scale, duplicity, and full compliance.   Our focus is on disciplined and principled leadership that promotes a culture of continual improvement, quality control, and service excellence as we POWER UP in the forthcoming regions of growth and expansion. 
– Botswana:  our compliance and legal teams are finalizing corporate structuring and governance review for our upcoming incorporation in Botswana to ensure that we are positioned for full compliance and acceleration of our expansion efforts in this region;
– Zimbabwe:  our compliance and legal teams have finalized incorporation in the EU for our Zimbabwe members and future global expansion across product and services, and are currently working through regional regulatory compliance for full platform activation;
– Elamant Paycard:  our compliance team are working through KYB regulatory processes as we finalize member pre-orders for our Elamant paycard;
– KYC: our compliance team are vetting additional global third party KYC vendors for additional layers of redundancy across risk mitigation and compliance processes for enhanced security for our members and partners;
– Learn to Earn:  our compliance and product development team are vetting skills-based compliance training platforms to support our future learn-to-earn compliance program to enable greater earning potential for our consultants and industry-standard transferable skills.

We are focused on taking deliberate steps towards creating a battle proof foundation to enable your success!  



WOW! We are very excited about all the enthusiasm we have observed and received surrounding the monetization strategy we have provided during the transition to a direct B2C (Business to Customer) company.

The History (credit concept)

From the very beginning, we sought out to build a robust and sustainable company. We started by testing various business and advertising models with the end goal of providing good value to our customers, future merchants, and consultants.

The first step was to offering Data Reward Points to our customers as an incentive for submitting verified and accurate Point-of-Sale shopping data. In exchange, these approved ‘Data Points’ would have the ability to be redeemed for a ‘Pass’ voucher to be sold or gifted to others to enroll or renew a membership. With this model, we have been able to look into the collection of data, make adjustments to software and guidelines for cleaner data, and come up with other strategies to enhance our online product offering. Though we have been in business for now 3 years, we have never required a member to pay the company directly but rather always accepted these ‘pass’ vouchers for activation and renewal of membership. This has allowed us to gather important insight and analytics, allowed our members to receive in-person compensation if they chose, and the ability to test and prove the concept before requiring a ‘direct-to-company’ (B2C) membership subscription model.

The Purpose (of monetization)

Just like every traditional business or other membership benefit subscription model, customers usually pay for a product or service to the company directly. This direct B2C model allows the company to fully control the customer experience from start to finish. With better control, the company will have the ability to offer better value, customer satisfaction policies like a ‘money-back guarantee’, and even the ability to donate to non-profit organizations specialized in helping the local communities that the customers live in, such as “Elamant Cares”. With the implementation of the NEW Elamant U, we have added sooo much more value to our membership that even if this benefit alone was the only product, it would still be worth the membership fees. For more information on our amazing new benefit, visit Now, moving forward, if the membership money is passed to another person for activation of a ‘pass’ or voucher, then the company does not receive those funds and will only be able to offer limited platform benefits. So to take our membership benefits offering to the next level, it’s time to go direct to our customers.

The Transition (current strategy)

Based on the historical data we have received over the past year, we are now in a position to be able to offer even greater value and additional products to our customers without raising the cost of the membership. We decided on a 3-month monetization transitional strategy that would allow us to phase out the ‘credit concept’ and focus on the goal to be 100% direct B2C (business to customer) by January 1st, 2021.

Over the past year, our members and consultants have accumulated these ‘un-monetized’ credits and passes as we focused on building our infrastructure. Our initial strategy for this transition was to put together a solution that allows additional options for our consultants to get compensated for the work and services they provide to our company.

With our current strategy, we have positioned an E-wallet Monetized Score in the back office available to ‘Monetized’ members/consultants (members that have paid the company directly). With this score, the idea was to showcase the percentage of ‘un-monetized’ E-wallet credits that have been “Monetized” and ready for immediate withdrawal into their personal BTC wallet (after first doing proper KYC). This concept was to show the progress of total Monetized team members that count towards the current service level. Once the percentage of the funds was withdrawn, the percentage of monetized members in their team would have to increase before any more Monetized values were eligible for withdrawing.  The idea was simple in concept, but we observed many challenges, misunderstandings, and technical issues that have really complicated this transitional process.

The Problem (with current transition)

Without a clear understanding of how this transitional Monetization strategy works, many Members, Founders, and even Consultants have provided us with some valuable insight into the reality surrounding this strategic decision. These specific challenges, misunderstandings, and problems included:

  • Understanding of the Ewallet Monetization Score is too complex and not simple to understand every variable and rule
  • Members, Founders, and certain Consultants wouldn’t be able to benefit since this was only focused on ‘E-Wallet’ Monetization
  • Misunderstanding of the percentages of E-Wallet and ‘Monetized Funds’ with many having a $0 balance after withdrawing the first time
  • System glitches, double payouts, support issues, and overall confusion

What started out as a very positive concept has started to create a lot of undue and unnecessary pressure and frustrations for many members because of the above challenges. GOOD NEWS. Here at Elamant, we have ALWAYS put our customers, members, and consultants first in any of the decisions we make. If something doesn’t quite work out as initially planned, we listen, change course, and execute a new plan quickly. We are pioneers in every form of the definition. Paving the way with NEW ideas is something we are very familiar with as we head towards our destination of success and proof of concept.

The Solution (for everyone!)

Our REVISED Monetization strategy will begin on November 5th, 2020 at 6pm South Africa Standard Time (SAST). This new strategy will address the above-mentioned challenges and enhance a SIMPLE and EASIER way for everyone to understand AND Benefit! Yes, EVERYONE. Including New members that may enter our journey with us today or at any time throughout the rest of the year. Here are the details:

NEW Sponsor Monetization Bonus – FOR A LIMITED TIME, beginning November 5th, 2020 any new or existing ‘Monetized’ member, Founder, or Consultant will receive a 1-time instant $25 USD bonus, deposited into their NEW Monetized Wallet, for EACH personally sponsored Monetized member (enrolled, renewed, or simply activated with an Elamant Token). After 3 personally sponsored ‘Monetized’ members, the sponsor will receive a 1-Time $50 USD bonus for every new personally enrolled or renewed Monetized member!

NOTE: This promotion is not retroactive. The personal sponsor of anyone that joins, renews, or simply monetizes their active membership account, will automatically receive the bonus beginning November 5th at 00:00am through November 30th, 2020 at 11:59pm.)  

Introducing the NEW Monetized Wallet – Funds in this wallet will be immediately available for conversion to an Elamant Token (increments of $99USD) or withdrawn to a BTC wallet in NEW increments of $25 USD Monday through Friday! Yes, this means even if you only have $25 dollars in this NEW wallet, you will be able to withdraw that full amount to your personal BTC wallet! The funds that will go into this new wallet are funds from the Sponsor Monetization bonus and Monetized Consultant compensation from new time entries submitted.

NEW Consultant Monetized Rank –  Our Consultants have shown strength and passion to get where they are now in their leadership roles. They understand the simple basics of business that helping, supporting, and educating our customers’ aids in retention for the long term. Every company should be focused on customer retention, even more so than introducing new customers, simply for the fact that loyal customers help build a sustainable company, no matter the industry. Our consultants have certainly helped us understand where we need to focus our efforts and we are happy to launch our official NEW Consultant Monetized Rank. This ‘rank’, or service level, will show the total number of ‘Monetized’ customers in their teams. Utilizing the same scale of hours allotted, this new Monetized Rank will allow ANY Consulting Fees earned to be credited to the new Monetized Wallet and available for immediate Token conversion or BTC withdrawal.

This NEW Consultant Monetized Rank will be in Full Effect beginning November, 8th 2020 at 12:01 am Server time (SAST). Consultants will no longer be able to earn non-monetized credits since EVERY hourly rate they receive moving forward will be 100% monetized based on their current Monetized Rank. This is the BEST news YET for ALL our Consultants and above worldwide!

Elamant E-Pass and R-Pass Buyback Promotion.
Sell us YOUR E-Passes and R-Passes and receive an 11% additional bonus! Don’t try to sell your passes for a lower value, sell them to us and we will be able to credit this amount to your new Bonus wallet MORE than what you can sell it for anywhere else! The company will credit your NEW Bonus Wallet $110 for every E-Pass and R-Pass that you sell to us! This Buyback promotion will officially end on November 30th, 2020 at 11:59pm (SAST).

NOTE: To help us with the Elamant Token implementation transition and also because of the buyback promotion, E-Passes and R-Passes will no longer be able to be transferred from member to member or activate and renew an account. These passes (membership vouchers) will be bought back at $110  

Introducing the NEW Bonus Points Wallet It has been a very long and educational past 3 years. For all the loyal members that helped us get to this point, we want to show our appreciation and allow ALL ‘Un-Monetized’ E-wallet credits and credits from the Pass Buyback Promotion to be converted into Bonus Points and placed in the bonus points wallet. We are always focusing on the future and strongly believe all the value in this new Bonus wallet will be Monetized completely within the next 3-6 months. We will be utilizing our “Monetization Score” to show the progress and percentage of the Bonus wallet that will be available to transfer to the Monetized Wallet for payout in Token, BTC, or (in the near future) the Elamant Paycard. This is a huge step forward for Elamant to take on all the un-monetized credits and allow these points to be converted to Monetized withdrawable funds over time. We will not be offering this additional benefit to any new member that enrolls on January, 1st 2021, or thereafter. The Monetized progress bar will start moving closer to 100% once Elamant reaches its Monetized customer subscription goal. On January 1st, 2021, the Bonus wallet will no longer accept any additional Bonus Points (“BP”)

BTC Withdrawal Terms and ConditionsTo be eligible for Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawals, any member or consultant must have completed the KYC “Customer Identity Information” form in their back office. There may only be one “pending” withdrawal request at any given time. When the “pending” withdrawal is undergoing “processing”, it will be paid into the personal Bitcoin (BTC) wallet within 1-2 business days. A BTC withdrawal request made after midnight South African Standard Time (UTC + 2) will be in “Pending” status until 11:59pm South African Standard Time (UTC + 2) that day (nearly 24 hours) and then undergo “processing” that following business day.

The service and processing fee of $10.00 and an additional 3% transaction fee has been temporarily waived for each withdrawal through the end of the year (December 31st, 2020) as a holiday bonus. These processing and transaction fees will once again be in force beginning January 1st, 2021.

Cancellation of a withdrawal request – A Bitcoin withdrawal request may be canceled anytime before it reaches “processing” status. Once “processing” begins, the withdrawal request may no longer be canceled. The cancellation fee of $10 USD has been temporarily waived for each cancellation through the end of the year (December 31st, 2020) as a holiday bonus.

BTC validation – The very first payout will be limited to $25 USD to validate the BTC address. Once verified, the BTC address will remain locked and may not be changed. A member may replace a BTC address at any time, however, please note that the new BTC address needs to undergo validation at the $25 USD minimum as well.

The minimum withdrawal amount for BTC withdrawal is $25 USD and in increments of $25 USD and there is currently no maximum withdrawal limit throughout the end of the year (December 31st, 2020) as a holiday bonus. For example: If you have $627 in your E-Wallet, you may withdraw up to $625.

All values are in USD.

Any KYC approved member or consultant will be eligible to withdraw

BTC will be processed daily from Monday – Friday during normal business hours.

Data Points Monetization With the new Merchant Advertising Platform (M.A.P.) now LIVE, and with the coming onboarding Merchant Holiday promotion, we will be able to closely start gauging the advertising revenue impact on the Elamant shopping data-sharing community and start showing a Data Points Monetization progress bar for the first time in history! We have finally arrived at the “Proof of Concept” stage and couldn’t be more excited to start giving our shopping customers real monetization options such as BTC and Elamant Paycard withdrawal AND even the ability to RENEW their own Monetized membership simply from the Shopping Data alone! As we start this process, our active Monetized members will start to see a progress bar for the percentage of Monetized Data Points available for withdrawal even by this December (just a month away)! We will continue to promote and onboard new local merchants from around the world and show them a better way to advertise with the power of actual shoppers.



On the 15th of November, we will be announcing a few additional promotions and membership enhancements! 

  • Merchant Advertising Sales Bonus!
  • HOLIDAY Shopping Bonus!
  • NEW Consultant Leadership Training Certification
  • New Travel Portal, your own personal ‘Butler’ with Concierge booking services

Including the already announced

  • E-Pass and R-Pass BUY BACK Program!
  • Sponsor Monetization Bonus!
  • Bonus Wallet Monetization!
  • Daily BTC withdrawal for ANY member, Founder, or Consultant

All details of this MAJOR end of year promotion will be revealed on November 15th!