Platform Breakthrough

Happy Monday, everyone! We are super excited to announce the decision that was just made by our Tech and development teams only hours ago. After discussing new ideas, architecture redesigns, and database optimization strategies, the team has created an amazing opportunity for us to ensure a long-term and scalable back-office platform! With problems and challenges, comes an opportunity to enhance or find a better way. We truly believe we have done just that, and our team says this will be ready for us to go LIVE within the next 30 to 45 days! With this new system architecture, we will no longer have the same major type of performance issues that we have been experiencing with a large number of people accessing the database at once. This new architecture redesign will also allow us a better overall user experience, and customer support will be minimal. I got to tell you, I have seen this new system take our platform and simulate over 1,000,000 members and still outperform our current platform. What would take hours will soon only take seconds. I’m excited about what is coming! 

We have many updates today, so please be sure and read this whole blog post to ensure you have the most up-to-date information regarding the company.

Pre-Order Paycard

The pre-order for the paycard platform will go live on August 15th. You will be able to pre-order your personalized bank card and be one of the first to receive it! The pre-orders will close on August 31st, and our volume goal from the bank is to have a minimum of 10,000 orders to facilitate the initial order. We know there is a high demand for this new pay card system so we shouldn’t have any problems hitting that goal with 187,000 active members currently. We are opening this invitation to all members, Founders, and Consultants of the company and in all countries in our current Economic Zone. Each application and pre-order form submitted will go through an ID and verification process known as KYC (know your customer) and validation of the physical address for mailing. We do not have an estimated time of delivery for when the paycard platform will be live due to the many variables that are out of our control, including minimum orders. We do know this will be a lot more streamlined as we slowly involved in a better monetization platform.

Consultant Platform Fee

Ever since the inception of our company, we have been giving credits, points, and passes to activate and renew membership accounts in our system. We are constantly developing new strategies and ideas to help allow our members and Consultants more flexible uses of these passes, points, and credits. Beginning from August 15th, all Consultants and above will be shifting to pay their recurring platform fee of $99 USD direct to the company from their back office at the time of their renewal. We will be no longer be allowing the use of an R-Pass or E-wallet balance to pay for the Consultant (or above) platform fee. With this strategy in place, we will be offering the opportunity to pay for 1 cycle, 3 cycles and save 10%, or a full year and save 30%. Consultants and above are used to paying their platform fees, but we are just shifting the medium in which that is paid so we can offer more flexible options for our Consultants to receive their funds in the future.

Bitcoin Withdrawal Option

After several months of trying to do it manually and with our own build-out of a Bitcoin withdrawal system not being successful, we have decided to look into partnering with other companies that have already established very successful BTC withdrawal options. Will be in discussions this week with these companies and will have an update on the future of a Bitcoin withdrawal coming soon. We do understand we can’t do this manually as we have tried to build out a BTC payout system with KYC integrated. As many of you know that did not work out as intended which left us in doubt with trying to pursue any type of BTC withdrawal option. However, after some very productive meetings last week with some of the company’s top leaders, we may have a solution that would allow us to implement an already-established platform and make the withdrawal process much easier and convenient. 

Consultant Fees Pending

For the past several months we have noticed an issue with the display on the pending wallet that was never showing. We understand our Consultants may submit hours through the time clock each week and then go into a ‘pending’ status for another week for approval and verification. Once approved, the funds will then be deposited into the e-wallet. However, our dashboard was not showing the amount pending since the inception of our system back in May. We have fixed this issue and now all of the Consultants that submitted hours last week now see their ‘pending’ amount displayed in their dashboard. This has caused some confusion that funds were not released, but this simply isn’t the case, it is just showing your next week pending amount that may be credited if the time report is approved.

VIP Support

We had an idea that we would take the Mastermind group and offer 4 hours of LIVE non-stop support, and it was a success! Since then, we have learned several things about how to find that process better. We have started developing software that will allow appointments to be made directly online to schedule a one-on-one meeting with the support and Tech Team. We are going to be having another Live support session for our Mastermind group and getting problems and issues resolved instantly if possible. We are hoping that this will soon evolve into a daily Live Support (Mon – Fri) and then eventually into having this as a benefit for all Consultants to better help support, educate, and train their members. we will keep you all updated on the progress of this platform as well.

Data Points Glitch

Last week we had a system glitch that prematurely the paid out data points to everyone that had submitted a Redemption without it going through the proper approval process. Many have seen approved redemptions merely a day or two after they had submitted it and that is not enough time to properly process all of the data correctly. This is why we allow 30 days for the Redemption process to ensure that we have each Redemption properly evaluated against fraud, bad images, and other inaccuracies to ensure our data is clean and correct. Because of that massive approval glitch, we had to run a system check to only allow those that the redemptions were valid and approved and retract the data points that were not to be deposited yet. The tech team has assured us they are very sorry for the inconvenience, and we have made the necessary steps to prevent this in the future. We do understand that some of those members have converted their data points to a pass before the system was corrected. In situations like this, we have allowed the past to go ahead and activate members, but we did reverse the data points that were prematurely credited into the wallet until their Redemption is officially approved.

Error 501 and Incorrect Service Level/Ranks 

These are some of the main problems we have been facing over the last several weeks as we have continued to experience new growth and higher user bandwidth than ever before. The 500 + error code and incorrect ranks have been happening during our peak performance hours run during the system slow and ultimately non-functional for several hours at a time. This single problem is what we have just come up with the solution to solve as mentioned in the first update of this blog. We do plan on scaling to meet the needs of our customers and business associates for many years to come and this is why a new platform infrastructure is absolutely essential. we may continue to have these 500 errors for the next few weeks during peak hours until our new project infrastructure is in place within 30 to 45 days.


Protecting yourself and your account. 

This week we want to touch on a couple of issues we see a great deal of feedback on. 

Your membership account password is your responsibility to keep it private and safe. Other members, personal sponsors, or Consultants should not create accounts for other members of the team and should NEVER have access to other people’s private information. Members or leaders that have attained unauthorized access to the password or login credentials of another member, may be suspended or even face termination.

You also should not include your password or what you think should be your password in any correspondence with Support or the Compliance department. We can access members’ accounts and will NEVER ask for your system password. 

You also must know how to recover your lost account. This begins with going to the login screen and clicking the “Forgot Password?” option and following the necessary steps to create a new password.  It is also important to check your junk/spam folders if you have not received the email.

If you have put in the incorrect email address when creating your account, your final option is to submit a ticket to the Support team to assist you. Be sure to include a picture of your Photo ID or Passport so that the Support team can verify that you are in fact the owner of the account. 

Moving on from that. As per our company policy, we do not allow for the sale, transfer, or alteration of accounts. Outside of very few extreme circumstances such as the death of the account holder. Even in such an extreme event, we would need a copy of the death certificate before making any alterations to the account. In all other cases while we do look at them understand that we do not ever accept any request not made by the account holder. 

Furthermore, if a downline member becomes disinterested in Elamant and gives you their account information, you are under no circumstances allowed to resell or provide that account to another member. ALL new members must be registered. 

The following will occur when we discover an event like this. The Abandoned account will be suspended pending a full termination if we determine the original account holder did in fact abandon the account. If the owner did not abandon the account and it was obtained via theft, we will secure the account for the original account holder. 

The member who sold the account to a new user will also automatically be suspended pending a further investigation that will result in fines at a minimum or a full termination as well. 

Data Monetization – Sneak Peek”: Week 3

In the last week’s newsletter, we mentioned “Single Source of Truth” but didn’t define it while promising to do so this week. So here we are! 

The Single Source of Truth or SSOT, as it is called is a practice that happens if the master data is updated, then all the reference also gets refreshed. That way there is no internal discrepancy in the data, thus making it reliable!

Now that we have a flavor for what SSOT means, the question is, “What do we do with reliable data?” The short answer is we generate insights that help Elamant in making business decisions and also in making data monetization easier.

Let’s understand this with the help of an example. In last week itself, the Elamant community uploaded about 33K invoices (Point of Sale receipts), and close to 90% originated from just five countries.

This insight helps us identify which countries to focus on when we launch the Merchant Advertising Platform (MAP)! So which countries are producing the most data? Which top 5 should we target for the launch of MAP? Any guesses?