Progress in Every Step Forward!

  1. Happy Monday, Elamant Nation! As we near our greatest milestone yet of 200,000 active members in our system, we are making every effort to prepare the path forward by:
  2. Enhancing our Technology Development Software and international team
  3. Elamant internal Legal and Compliance expansion for both International and Domestic to help preserve, defend, and enforce any issue that arises for the longevity of our company
  4. NEW Product integrations to enhance the value in our membership even more! (Some of these coming announcements will be absolutely revolutionary for many of our members!)
  5. New Elamant Physical Data Centers in each country that we do business in to keep the data within the country and allow local members to visit these offices
  6. Utilizing a professional Public Relations company to help better explain our features, benefits, and help combat any misunderstandings or false online gossip blogs
  7. New System release to provide VALUE and prepare the future of our Local Merchant Advertisers and Travel Partners! 
  8. More flexible payout options for all our Members and Consultants including a PayCard platform (available in certain countries) and yes, even BTC integrations will be coming as well!
  9. NEW Mobile app technology for ease of use for our members and new automatic ‘Receipt Fraud Detection’ to better provide accurate shopping patterns and reporting.
  10. Scalable support for all members and special VIP support for our mastermind

WE have so much to be grateful for and we know this is still just the beginning! Get Ready for a GREAT next 30-60 days! Elamant as you know it now will not look or feel the same after all these new enhancements are LIVE and integrated!

We have many updates today, so please be sure and read this whole blog post to ensure you have the most up-to-date information regarding the company.

Pre-Order Paycard: LAUNCHED!

The Pre-Order form for the Elamant PayCard is now LIVE! Let’s utilize this time to first announce a BIG surprise BONUS to EVERYONE that Pre-Order’s the PayCard before the 31st of August, 2020 will receive a $50 USD Bonus deposited on the new card when it arrives! 

Now let’s go over some clarifications and terms for this process. In the newsletter last week, I mentioned ANY member that has an e-wallet balance will be eligible to pre-order their PayCard. Before I clarify that statement further, it’s important to know the process first. We originally intended to only roll out this new PayCard to our Consultants and above so they could test and confirm the transfers from e-wallet to the card work effectively and efficiently. After discussing with some Elamant Mastermind members, we have found many Members and Founders may also have an e-wallet balance they would like to transfer over to their card and that we should include them. This is why, last week, I made the announcement about anyone with an e-wallet balance may be allowed to order the PayCard. However, to make things less confusing, we decided to launch the PayCard application for every Member, Founder, and Consultant in our company. We have received some feedback that others believed this statement meant we would allow payment for the physical card through their e-wallet.

We have provided some terms and further clarifications at the bottom of the PayCard pre-order page for everyone. Below are those terms.

* Must have a valid Government ID. Subject to KYC (Know Your Customer) approval.

* $50 USD BONUS will be added once the member has successfully received and activated their card.

* Elamant PayCard may not be available for all residents in every country. If a member is not able to receive their PayCard due to a country restriction, the member will be entitled to a full refund.

* If the company does not hit the required minimum of 10,000 for the initial order, the applicant will be entitled to a full refund.

* Elamant PayCard may not be paid from the e-wallet, Data Points wallet, Renewal Points wallet, or by means of any Elamant Pass.

* Once the Elamant PayCard is approved and processed, you may be required to go through additional KYC from the card-issuing bank such as proof of residence, etc.

* Once approved, you will be able to receive your USD international Elamant Bank card within 2-3 weeks of processing and shipping.

* Elamant and the bank will be in contact with the applicant to ensure you successfully receive the paycard in hand.


Most Popular FAQ’s

Will Zimbabwe qualify for the Elamant PayCard? 

This is a good question and honestly, I don’t know yet. I will have that question answered this week and will update everyone on my findings next week. Elamant will always comply with all laws, both local and international. Our company has always checked against the OFAC restrictions list upon registering ANY member from Zimbabwe just to comply fully with USA law. We do understand there are some challenges with international banking but we will do everything we can to protect our members and try to offer some solution one way or the other. We have scheduled a call with all the TOP Mastermind leaders of Zimbabwe for a meeting this week to discuss this very thing and look for solutions. I will also be getting an update from the PayCard banking institution on this specific question as well. Thank you for your patience on this

Why did the Bank of Namibia issue a public release calling Elamant a ‘Pyramid Scheme’ and advise the public not to join?

We have reached out to the bank and look forward to helping them complete a proper ‘due diligence’ review of our company. We will have a conference next month and we are looking forward to a very good relationship with the bank moving forward. We have not officially released a statement at this time, but rather decided it was best to contact them directly to help clear of these false allegations. We will be releasing a public statement on this matter after the meeting has taken place and offered factual evidence to the bank. Elamant understands the Bank of Namibia is a very respected bank and we look forward to a positive relationship and working with them for many years to come!

When will the travel portal be ready? 

Our goal is to launch this new benefit on September 1st, 2020. However, since the platform architecture is also going through a change over at that time, we may have to launch on the 15th of September. We will keep updating everyone on the progress of this as we get it. I can confirm, however, we WILL have a working Travel Portal within the next 30 days. It’s coming and it’s looking great!

Are refunds available to members that have paid for the Elamant Africa Launch Event?

Unfortunately, the event center has been paid upfront and is not allowing us to receive any refunds. Their only option for us is to keep rescheduling this event until we can actually have it… and at this rate, it’s already looking like it may happen by the end of the year or beginning of the next one. It’s 100% our goal to get refunds for this event since we are living in uncertain times for any official gatherings at all. We will keep calling on this event center and pushing for a refund and will update everyone if that changes.

Consultants and above must pay directly to the company for their membership? Why?

We did cover this in our last week’s newsletter but I’m happy to provide further clarification here since this has been a popular question. For the first time since the inception of our company, we are requiring Consultants and above to pay for their monthly membership/platform fees directly to the company. This will start solving several things that have troubled many members over the past few months.

This is the first step towards a full direct to customer (member/consultant) relationship so we can provide more security and assurance against fraud. We have allowed all members, Founders, and Consultants (and above) to issue enrollment and renewal vouchers (passes) that the company would accept and activate. While this is a great way to start a market in pre-launch or testing, we realize there are quite a few malicious individuals out there that have taken advantage of our system and even our customers. Many of whom have no affiliation with our company whatsoever. As we grew, also did the problems surrounding these passes. We realize, 90% or more of our members really enjoy the use of our credits and pass vouchers, we must do what’s in the best interest for all members, Founders, and Consultants.

The thought process behind this monetization change is to also allow payment of our operating expenses to our Consultants and above in different forms such as BTC and Debit card ‘Fiat’ solutions. Just like EVERY traditional business, we must charge for our membership program to allow for more flexibility and options for all of our members.

Step #1: Allow Consultants and above to pay direct to the company – currently through BTC with other payment options coming soon with the new platform architecture

Step #2: Give the voluntary ‘option’ for ALL members to apply and receive the Elamant PayCard. Once received, allowing those members/Founders/Consultants to ‘opt-in’ and receive direct payment from the company as they direct pay for their membership (excluding Founders) from their PayCard.

Step #3: Create a NEW Elamant Pass Token that will be proof of payment directly to the company and allowed to Enroll and Renew ANY new or existing member. This ‘Token’ will be the ONLY Elamant voucher offered to begin January 1st, 2021. We believe it will take that long to phase out all the E-Passes and R-Passes currently in the system. If members still have an overflow of the unused passes, we plan on having a buyback promotion before the end of the year! Our goal is to transition as smoothly as possible.

This end goal will help us have full control over the user experience and allow a better customer service experience as well. For example: Did you know Elamant can’t offer a ‘refund’ policy on a pass voucher sold from member to member? The reason is, we have no control over that transaction and do not know what was promised or agreed to when a leader or other member offers an R-Pass or and E-Pass. We will be able to have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee or money back policy if paid directly to the company. This will help with many of the misunderstandings and misrepresentations about our business. Also, (coming soon) we will be able to ‘give back’ to the communities in need with every membership purchased or renewed directly. We certainly do have a LOT more flexibility for all our markets once we begin our monetization.

While most companies start up differently, Elamant ALWAYS pioneers it’s own way. We decided it was better for our customers, Founders, and Consultants to ‘win’ and allow the Passes to be introduced first. We have truly seen this change in people’s lives throughout our networks. For most, Elamant has been a way of hope and even prosperity during this Global Pandemic. We have heard from many people in our company that it was ‘about time’ Elamant started charging for the membership directly. Even doing some basic polls and market research with the teams and leaders, we have found that an overwhelming majority feel safer and more secure to pay direct to the company instead of to a leader or another member. We have heard you and we are on our way. It’s just important to get REAL and accurate information out there so everyone understands the process.

In closing, if you find yourself asking, “Why must I pay the company for my monthly membership subscription” then please ask yourself, “Have you ever paid the company directly?” The answer has always been ‘No’.

Masterminders VIP LIVE Support

It is HERE! This week we are launching our NEW VIP LIVE Mastermind Support scheduling software!

For our Mastermind members and ANY member that is Manager and above with ACTIVE membership status, you may now log in and book your appointment for VIP LIVE support.

Data Points Glitch

Last week we had another Data Points and Redemption glitch that caused some members to receive ‘double’ Data Points reward and some others not to receive their Redemption decision after 30 days of processing. As mentioned in the newsletter last week, we are in the process of developing newer system architecture that will be LIVE September 1st that will completely eliminate these issues. For now, we have corrected the extra payments on these accounts that have been affected and support is working to ensure each Redemption decision is made at the correct time allotted of 30 days after reviewing the shopping receipts. We do look forward to more automation and bulk Redemption decisions made from our new AI and OCR software coming with the new system and mobile APP.   


Greetings from the Compliance Team.
As a reminder, the only authorized use of ELAMANT in Facebook Groups, Fan Pages, Websites, or other forms when not discussing the business from your PERSONAL Facebook profile are those used by ELAMANT directly. Use of the ELAMANT intellectual property without express consent is a Compliance violation and will lead to a suspension, fines or even termination.
Also please remember that all policies and procedures can be found here ( as well as in the resources section of your back office.
It is always important to understand and follow these policies, specifically, the member code of conduct. Especially when it comes to speaking about the company. The reason I say this is because Government investigators do not care if you meant something as a “joke” and will pursue action against you regardless. So, if you refer to the company as a “scam” even jokingly you put not only yourself but also fellow members at risk. Furthermore, this action falls under the member code of conduct section 2.
2) In the conduct of its business, the member shall safeguard and promote the reputation of the company and shall refrain from all conduct which might be harmful to such reputation of the company or to the marketing of such service or inconsistent with thee public interest, and shall avoid all discourteous, deceptive, misleading, unethical or immoral conduct or practices. A member shall not interfere with harass or undermine to other members and, at all times shall respect the privacy of other members. A member must not disparage the company, its affiliated entities, other company members, company products and/or services, the marketing, compensation and reward plans, or company employees.”
Using disparaging language like referring to the company as a “scam” will not be tolerated. First offenses will result in a 24-hour suspension while we investigate the matter to ensure it is not a regular practice of the member.
In order to Protect the House, we must maintain it under a single roof. With over one hundred thousand members that is a monumental task all on its own. If even one-tenth of those members operated separate fan pages or groups, it would become a near-impossible task to sort out who was legitimate and who was trying to harm people with scams and other nefarious acts.
So please make sure you are always in compliance with the policies and procedures, if you have an unauthorized fan page or group, please take it down immediately. If you take it down now that means you are helping to protect the house, and also avoiding Suspension, Fines, or Termination because we have to reach out to you to have it removed.
Thank you for your understanding!

Data Monetization – Sneak Peek”: Week 4

Let’s start out this week by answering the question we left you with last week.

Which countries are producing the most data? Which top 5 should we target for the launch of MAP? Any guesses?

  1. South Africa
  2. Namibia
  3. Zimbabwe
  4. Swaziland
  5. Vietnam

Not long ago, last month to be precise, we ran a series of campaigns to activate our “inactive” members as part of the CEO Birthday Month Celebration. The intention was quite clear – we want to help our members make most out of the benefits offered by Elamant. You might also recall the recent Founder promotion we did and as part of the campaign, the Elamant family saw an explosion of these new members.

So why am I digging into the past? Or, more importantly, why am I talking about two seemingly unrelated programs? Well, the above two promotions are part of the larger aim to build a huge Elamant community of vibrant members thus making it easier for us in our efforts to help monetize all the data. These campaigns and the hard work of the community have put us in a different trajectory making our value proposition a lot stronger with the launch of the Merchant Advertisement Platform.

To put things in perspective, we grew by 70% in the last 4 weeks i.e. we went from 107K members to 182K members straight in 4 weeks. More importantly, the stronger community that we have now would make organic growth a lot faster. As we monitor the analytics of shopping patterns, membership enrollments, and the overall retention average of a single member, we can help provide the company with proper insights for the enhancement of our future