Mounting UP and on the Move!

Over the past couple of weeks, I had the opportunity and pleasure to personally meet with several leaders and members directly (through Zoom) from each country within our Economic Zone. After learning from each of them, we have compiled a list of tasks and goals for us as a company to set our focus. These meetings were full of awesome energy, excitement, and productive feedback!

Part of what makes us Unstoppable is the fact that we can all come together and find solutions for any challenges that we may face. Throughout this past week, I have learned that our members, Founders, and Consultants truly have the heart to help others and do everything they can to help our company continue to make progress. Even through translation, (as was the case with Angola, Vietnam, and Japan) we were able to accomplish many great meetings and answer so many questions directly. One thing I’ve always said, that still rings true today, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” 

With these meetings taking place All around the clock had different time zones this past week, I have gained so much more insight into the things that matter the most to our Members and Consultants of the company. Communication is key! People must know the intention and goals that are to be accomplished by our company are solid and unshakable. We truly have an amazing concept here and we are working every single day to prove this concept to the world!


We certainly have a lot of updates to get to just from this past week so it’s best that I itemize them in list format to give everyone the straight facts without a lot of reading. 

  • BTC Payment had problems last week on both the Paycard pre-order page and the renewals. This problem has now been solved and is working very well! Members, founders, and Consultants are now able to pay directly to the company using Bitcoin from their back-office dashboard.
  • The Elamant Pay card pre-order will be extended due to these system challenges and allowed to be purchased through the new system. Please note, once we hit the minimum order required this will not affect or delay any of the cards already ordered.
  • We will begin migrating to the new system starting September 1st, 2020, and coming back online with our new system on Friday, September 4th, 2020. We will give many more updates on this process in the next week’s newsletter.
  • The Elamant Pay card details will be announced with terms, fees, and instructions once the platform is launched and we secure our pre-order goal. This may only be a week or two away!
  • This week our second Support Office has been painted and our new branding will be going up on the wall. Our Support staff has increased this week and training has commenced with them. The Support team had the honor to meet one of the TOP consultants of the company, Holliness this week, and they would like to say “Thank you for your presence!” However, due to an overwhelming response of members and others wanting to come to see the building and operations, we must only allow those that have made an appointment prior, since the support team has a lot of work to continue doing.

Positive Solutions:

Bitcoin Exchange – 

We have found a great way for our members in South Africa and Nigeria to save money on transaction fees when purchasing Bitcoin assets from their bank. We have a referral coupon link (below) that will give our Elamant members a 50% savings on transaction fees, making it much cheaper than other exchanges such as Luno. If you see a value in it for yourself when purchasing Bitcoin, please feel free to use it. Getting Bitcoin may be done with their EFT bank transfers, which usually provides same-day deposits!

Credit Card Merchant – 

We are closing in on having a credit/debit card merchant for specific countries added. This will be something that we will be looking to have implemented in the new system on or before September 15th, 2020. We know once this method of payment is implemented, our registration process will be much more streamlined.

BTC Payout Software – 

This is truly an exciting update! After many months of trying to build out our own KYC and BTC withdrawal process, we have decided to seek other software methods that would provide this assistance in a more automated way. The GOOD NEWS is we have FOUND IT! After the integrations of our new system have been completed, we will launch the KYC for Bitcoin and allow our Consultants and above this option in addition to the Elamant Paycard if they so choose. This is just one more flexible option that will allow our Consultants to enjoy the funds from their hard work of service!

3 BOOM Announcements

…..are coming in next week’s newsletter! We will be finalizing some of the details in our meetings this week to prepare for these announcements. I have teased some of the exciting announcements to The Mastermind group and they all agree these enhancements will be a straight revolution for our company! We are very excited about what’s coming and hope to provide you all the details next week.


Renewal Points Error – This week the system has deducted renewals from the Ewallet instead of the Renewal points wallet. This was a system glitch that has now been rectified. Members have been credited back into the Ewallet and deducted from the Renewal wallet.

Consultant and above system renewal glitch – since the announcement of the monetization strategy where we have started requesting (for the first time) direct payments instead of automatic renewals from e-wallet credits, we have had some system challenges. The main one is the glitch that allowed our consultants and above to automatically renew with the use of an R-Pass. This was a glitch in the favor of the Consultant that has affected thousands and allowed them to renew automatically. Because the system glitch was not the fault of the Consultants, we will not be retracting the R-Pass renewal and requesting payment directly. We will allow them to stay renewed until the next cycle.

Promotion Credits – Members have reported that they were due promotion credits from last month. Many members have reported that they were due and had qualified for the promotion, however, after checking the system records, we have found some of these members did not actually qualify.

Incorrect Rank levels – Many members accounts were reflecting the incorrect Rank level, this has now been rectified and anyone that had lost any renewal points has now been credited.

Support Ticket System – Many members are still submitting tickets for other members of their teams. Please refrain from doing this as it duplicates the support ticket system which slows down the support needed to give other members.

Data Rewards – Members have asked why they had their Data credits removed. This is due to a system error that took place where some members had received Data credits that they were not due.

Support has received many emails and support tickets from Consultants asking why they cannot renew their accounts with R passes. This is not supported related and members should always go back to their sponsor and/or read all the company newsletters to keep updated to the latest information.


We have received many reports of members violating our Terms and Policies. Elamant does take this very seriously and will take action against anyone that does not comply. Specifically, we have found members that have had their accounts suspended or terminated will blast out and SPAM hate speech, defamation of character, hate mail, false allegations, and other methods to try and damage our reputation. Every post and conversation is logged and we are within our rights to seek legal (and in some cases ‘criminal’) action against these individuals. Please continue sending all screenshots, statements, and proof from these individuals as we are building a case against them.

Members must be careful when attempting to buy an E or R pass from random advertisements posted in groups or chats on any social platforms. We have received many emails that members have purchased Passes and not received it once they have made payment to an individual and have now been blocked. Our team has seen several cases where these ‘promoters’ aren’t even registered with Elamant nor have any affiliation with our company. Be wary of giving personal information or trusting sources that aren’t verified or validated. The best practice is to go to your personal sponsor or closest direct Consultant to help provide you with any Enrollment or Renewal Pass. This way you can rest assured that they have an actual account with Elamant.

Compliance has also received emails from members that have had passes taken from their account or someone else has had access to their accounts. Compliance advises all members to please keep their passwords safe and ALWAYS change your password if another member was involved with your enrollment. Do not take the risk of someone having your personal credentials.

Data Monetization – Sneak Peek: Week 5

How do you know whether a business is sustainable? Profitability? Well, yes but that only tells how efficient the business is. A sustainable business is the one that has a passionate team that goes beyond the job description, grows personally & professionally, and as a result business grows along with them!

Fortunately, this is exactly how Elamant is functioning at the moment. But how do we know? Well, over the last several weeks we have been tracking the progress of the Elamant community and our members on a steady basis continue to advance in their service levels, which is a clear indication of their passion and belief in Elamant. But don’t take my words of it. Let the numbers do the talking! A quick look at the graph would tell that in the last 4 weeks, a whopping 13K members have advanced by one service/support level …and there even one person who leapfrogged 5 service levels in 4 weeks!! (i.e. from a Member to Manager)

We are excited about all the progress we are making. Our consultant community is strong and continues to grow their skills and provide support, education, translation services, and training to all of our customers/members out there! With this team in place, we are UnStoppable!