According to our latest data, a new member gets enrolled every 5 seconds or 12 members every minute! We have arrived at 174,762 total members (jumping 21,636 from last week alone!) At any given time, we average around 4,000 – 7,000 members using our platform.

Of course, with this new growth, it has allowed us the opportunity to address and rethink some of the programming challenges that have happened since this growth began. We have had our tech teams in a competitive race to see which team, or person, will come up with the BEST solutions for scalability and overall better performance for the long term. We have been exploring new technologies and proprietary code to help with this and are confident our system performance will soon be able to handle 1,000,000 active members on the platform. The goal for our new technology architecture to be crafted, developed, tested, and implemented as our permanent solution is by September 1st, 2020. You will ALL notice a dramatic performance improvement in the weeks to come leading up to September 1st.


Over the last week we have some new and exciting updates:

First, we have already changed the concept of the NEW Back office design to be more in line with our Elamant brand. We wanted to ‘Re-Skin’ over what we currently have to make the user experience better. We don’t want all of our members and consultants that took the time to learn our new system layout and have to spend more time searching for what they are looking for. We are making it EASY and MUCH more ATTRACTIVE! Check it out! (Please note this is still under ‘concept’ and could be different than the actual final delivered design)

E-Pass and R-Pass Security update:
Due to the high volume of fraud that has been reported by members and consultants to the Compliance department from the ‘UnAuthorized’ use of Pass Codes, the company has just implemented a new security feature. Effective immediately, the E-Pass or R-Pass used must be the property of the personal sponsor. Passes may change ownership at any time but must be transferred. This stops the fraud of people transferring the codes but writing them down and still using them anyway. If a new member wants to Register, the E-Pass MUST belong to the person that is Sponsoring them or the Pass will be invalid. IF you wish to have another user become the sponsor, then you MUST transfer that passcode to their account so they have ownership.

Now with this update, made last Friday, there was some confusion as to how it is intended to operate. YES, you may transfer ownership of an E-Pass or R-Pass to ANY Elamant member. This is only for the Compliance crackdown on people selling codes and transferring them, but then writing down the codes and using them anyways. This will no longer be allowed with these new rules in place. If you OWN the pass, you may use it yourself or Enroll a member that you personally sponsor. If you do NOT own the pass… it will show up as INVALID.

Rank and member count update:
Our fast growth is a good thing but brings challenges. The current way the member list is being calculated is taking a lot of time daily and this is going to be a problem every time we grow very quickly. As mentioned above, this wasn’t a problem initially, but as we see more traffic, we realize now would be the time to completely restructure the code for a long term solution. As mentioned in the update above, this may take us 3-4 weeks, but in the meantime, we will keep running the calculations to ensure the ranks and report of “Active” and “Inactive” members are correct. Please let support know if you have someone with an incorrect rank that needs assistance and the teams will look into it.

Founders Promotion:
Exactly 16,599 members that qualified for the Founders Bonus Promotion were credited:
10953 users registered before 12 July and ranked to Founder in the week of 12 – 25 July.
5646 users registered between 12 – 25 July and ranked to Founder
This also included members that achieved the rank of Founder but also advanced to Consultant service level or higher during the promotional period.
We can confirm that all qualified members have been paid $200 into their e-wallet

Rank Up Bonus
Even though some of the major system challenges during the ‘Peak’ times last week, we still managed to have a record-breaking number of members and consultants qualify for this final bonus! This bonus will be deposited into the qualified member’s e-wallet on Thursday, August 6th, in South African Time Zone.

Data Monetization – Sneak Peek: Week 2

Did you know that broadly there are 12 types of data monetization strategies from receipt data? More importantly, did you know that Elamant is in a unique position to capitalize on all of them? Starting this next coming week we will share some details on what we have been working on behind the scenes to make our data valuable.

So what makes this shopping data valuable? The fact that the data itself and the insights from it could help organizations reduce costs and/or increase revenue or profit determines the worth of the data. The first step of this journey is to ensure that the data we collect is accurate, reliable, and complete. While we have had our fair share of challenges with the data, just like any organization that grows at a rapid pace, we now have a solid mechanism in place to create a “single source of truth.”

Wondering what our “single source of truth” is and why it’s important? Well, the answer is only a week away!

PayCard/Pass Economy –

As we move forward with the monetization of our company, we will have many new options coming for our members and consultants in the near future. We are VERY excited about the current and future development of our platform and, more importantly, the proof of concept that we have been working on since the beginning. We will have many more updates coming regarding these new alternative options throughout the month. The pass system has been working well as both compensation and enrollment, but now, as we enter this new phase of monetization, we will be allowing members and consultants to choose their permanent method of compensation for both Data Points and Consultant fees! We are almost there and soooo ready for it!

Facebook Mastermind Invitation – Director and above request your Facebook Mastermind invitation by sending an email and member ID to NOTE: YOU MUST include your Facebook ID or email address registered with Facebook so we can send you an invitation.


Password Resets

This week we have seen a higher than usual request by individuals, (other than the original account holder) to reset account passwords.

We want to remind everyone that NO Password Resets will be approved outside of the automatic password reset process.

To get your account password reset follow these instructions.

1. Go to your account to login.
2. Click the “reset password” link.
3. Type in the email associated with your Elamant account.
4. Follow the emailed instructions.

If by some chance you do not remember the email associated with your Elamant account, it’s incorrect email, or you just aren’t receiving the email link, then the full KYC (Know Your Customer) process will need to be completed. You will be required to show proof of ownership by submitting any of the requested documents that Compliance requires to validate your account.

Thank you for understanding. The Elamant Compliance Team.

August Has Arrived!

July was a month of Growth and Preparation. We are in August and now it’s time for us to finalize some of the many things we have been working on. Every week we provide updates and progress reports both to keep us accountable from the corporate side and to ensure ALL our Members and Consultants get the latest updates directly from the company. We are working harder and harder every day, just like all of you. We are truly in unity with one goal in mind and that is to create the BEST benefits membership platform for our customers and the BEST value to our future Merchants! The TIME is no longer ‘coming’… the TIME IS HERE and NOW!

We will have many more updates and even a special guest interview in the newsletter next week!

WE are UNIQUE. We certainly ARE Different. But more importantly… We ARE UNSTOPPABLE!

See ya next week!

Ryan Evans / CEO