July Recap

This has truly been an INCREDIBLE month! Every single week we have seen thousands of members come in and we are currently at 153,126 total members! I want to take this special time to WELCOME all the NEW members to the Elamant family and CONGRATULATE the leaders and new Founders that have been created! We are very honored and proud to have you all with us. Elamant is truly making history every single day!

For the month of July we have:

*Stimulated the growth with an ongoing promotion every week

*Improved our systems and scaled for better load performance

*Finalized the background work on the Travel Portal, Merchant Platform, and Mobile APP Concepts

*Increased our corporate, tech, support, and Compliance teams

*Found and started beginning stages of implementing a viable PayCard platform

*Fixed bugs, corrected system glitches, closed thousands of support tickets, and have continued to make real measurable progress every week (as mentioned in the weekly newsletters)

We are like a ‘Fine Wine’ and just getting better and better over time


FINAL Promotion – Week 4

As mentioned in the Weekly Newsletter last week, we NOW have a new promotion! You can find more information about the promotion by clicking HERE!



Founders Promotion Deposit – As mentioned in the promotional update regarding the Founders Promotion Extension, (found here), the deposit will be made to all who qualified on July 29th by the end of the business day in USA Pacific timezone.

Lost R-Passes and E-Passes Update – We apologize for the delay concerning the R-Passes and E-Passes system. The process might still yet take a few more days, but rest assured that the passes are currently being processed by the top Developers at Elamant. Due to the complexity of the pass system, an automated solution isn’t viable without the possibility that some of our clients might not be accurately assisted, therefore our teams are working around the clock to manually credit the passes that were lost due to the glitches in the system back on July 17 and 18th.

System Compensation Calculation – As some of our Consultants have experienced yesterday, the system took 3-4 hours to complete the calculations due to the 153,000 members in the system. We are working on trying to make that timing more efficient as we grow, but for now, please expect the system to take anywhere from 2-6 hours to complete the calculations and process the approved hours.

Mastermind Invitation – Director and above request your mastermind invitation by sending an email and member ID to mastermind@elamant.com. Please also include your Facebook ID or email address so we can send you an invitation.

Zimbabwe – is on Fire! with 62% growth in the last few weeks, this country will soon take the #1 spot of the most members in the company! Even though EVERY country (in our current Economic Zone) is GROWING exponentially, the Zimbabwe market is truly inspiring and we are looking forward to seeing what they accomplish in the near future!

Burundi –  The present situation in Burundi Africa is a volatile one, to say the least. We have begun testing our pre-launch research in this country over the last several months and determined it is in the best interest of Elamant to furlough any new registrations for this market. Our Business Advisory Board is directing us to build our infrastructure more fully to support those regions where it will be most needed in the near future, with a 10-year-plan anticipating growth regions as they develop. With the compliance and legal advice at hand and lack of interest from this country, the pre-launch will cease and registrations will no longer be possible effective immediately.

KYC Removal – With the current pattern of growth, we have decided to bring on an established KYC company to help us automate this process and will no longer be using our internal manual system. We will have more of an update on this in the PayCard update section below.

PayCard – We are currently working on developing our PayCard Pre-Order form in the back office. This will allow ANY member that has an e-wallet balance to pre-order their personalized PayCard directly from their back office. Once the 1-time payment of $99 has been made, then the automated KYC process from the banking institution will begin right then. We were hoping to have this completed by August 1st, but with the other system challenges and support we have had, this has caused a slight delay. We do believe we should have this up and running by the 15th of August, if not before. We are all very excited about this new card platform and can’t wait until we start seeing it in our member’s and consultants hands! We will have more of a detailed update on this process next week as we will be further along with the internal development of the Pre-Order and KYC form.

BTC – As we have discussed in several of our previous Newsletters, we have had many challenges with utilizing the BTC option due to lack of automation. We have decided to only utilize BTC withdrawals for the top service levels in the company due to the higher withdrawal limits than a card would allow. Since this will be a manual process, we will require the KYC from the card-issuing bank is processed to validate the identity of the member/consultant.

PowerPoint Presentation and Service level badges are in your Back office under the ‘Resources’ menu. Please keep checking back to the Resources menu as we will be uploading more and more useful content to assist you with all the correct information for your Elamant journey.

Data Monetization – Sneak Peek!

Over the next several weeks, we will be giving all of our members some insight into the 12 monetization strategies that we are cultivating for the future! Already over the last several weeks, our data scientists have been slicing, dicing, and analyzing the data. The aim is to help Elamant visualize and plan for securing our future and to make any necessary changes along the way and, more importantly, to come up with a step by step strategies for monetizing our exclusive data over time. We strongly believe that the Elamant community, which is growing stronger by the day, should be aware of the progress of how we are collecting data and what is coming in the future. Our data analytics team will be sharing interesting insights from the valuable data we are collecting and how we intend to monetize them to provide better uses and benefits for our Data Points to our customers.

Stay tuned and watch out this space for interesting insights starting next week!


As always, we here in the Compliance department want to ensure your day to day operations run as smoothly as possible. So today we are going to talk about an enormous issue in the community. Third-Party social media pages and profiles. As well as the use of unauthorized media. All related information can be found here (https://myelamant.com/legal/member-policies-and-procedures/) Specifically, the section noted as Member Code of Conduct. It is important to note that we as a company maintain the production of all media related to Elamant, and as such do not allow for the creation of Third-Party social media pages, or user-generated marketing copies, prints, audio, video or digital media without express written consent from Elamant.

Please understand that we are in no way saying you can not advertise directly using authorized material. The issue is creating, fan pages, business pages, and other social media accounts using the Elamant name. And it can lead to heavy consequences for you as a member.

The reason we do not allow these pages or this kind of media to be created is to protect you as valued members. By maintaining a singular social media presence, we can ensure that you and your members do not get scammed by fake pages. We can also prevent others from using your page to scam people. When it comes to media like Photos and Videos, we also want to ensure uniformity this is also another way we reduce the scam risk to you. Using officially provided media makes it easier to spot a fake. It also prevents you from missing opportunities because your media does not match the companies. Failure to adhere to these codes also means your account is at risk of suspension or even termination depending on the nature of the violation.

If you have any questions feel free to Email the Compliance department at Compliance@Elamant.com

August is Coming!

July was the month of Promotions and Growth… but August is the month of UPDATES and software deliverables! We are very excited to show you all what’s coming. Each week we will be unveiling some details of our new platforms and special enhancements the team is making to help our customers have a better, and more rewarding, experience using their membership… like a Completely NEW Redesign of our current Back Office platform for easier viewing! (some sample concepts of the design below)

We are truly on the move and making measurable progress EVERY Week! This is HOW we are Unstoppable! Keep Moving Forward!

Until next week!

Ryan Evans / CEO