Welcome to Week 3

First of all, I want to take the time to welcome all of the new members that have just started their journey with us! We are very happy to have you with us. This is truly the time to be a new member more now than ever before. With so many new benefits and exciting things coming this summer you are in the right place at the right time to maximize your shopping and travel benefits! I would also like to say a very BIG congratulations to all of those who have achieved the status of Founder and Consultant this week! We look forward to your continued growth and success in our company.

Welcome to week 3 of our new platform and Elamant home! Every week we are making progress and it certainly shows. With every challenge comes an opportunity to look for solutions. These weekly newsletters have been helpful for corporate to continuously connect with our customers and consultants directly to give valuable updates and insights on the progress and enhancements being made. we have received an overwhelming amount of feedback showing your love and support for our new form of communication… and some love it so much they have even asked for daily updates! We are glad to continuously bring value and show real progress being made behind the scenes here at Elamant …and this is just week 3.

Challenge Meets Opportunity

Every problem we face brings with it the unique ability to find an opportunity. In most cases, the solution we implement turns out to be much better than what we originally planned for before the problems arose. A perfect example of this is with our support teams. due to the high traffic and large volume of support requests, we were able to implement a better ticketing system to keep track of everything in a much better and more efficient way. This new help desk system is now live in your back office and provides instant access to our support Representatives. Instead of tickets taking anywhere from 5 to 10 days (in some cases more) to resolve, we have an estimated turnaround time of 2 to 3 days. In this case, the solution is much better than the original way of doing things, and it’s all thanks to the problem and challenge we were faced with.

We have many updates to give from what has happened in the last week. It would be better to bullet point them below for easy reading and organization since we do have quite a lot of completed tasks.

  • Our member help desk system is now live and fully operational. ALL support requests will need to use this new system. Any messages sent to any of the Corporate Executive team or Master Consultant through email, Whatsapp, Line, or through Facebook messages/comments, will be met with an autoresponder informing the person to submit a ticket through the help desk. 
  • We have increased the file size limits and added additional file types for receipt uploads. This new limit now allows 5 MB per receipt and other picture formats and PDF files are now also accepted
  • We have removed the credit card processing option due to server and activation issues. 30 or 40% of the time the member that paid would not be activated. We’ve decided to remove this option temporarily in order to work out all of the issues surrounding it. This has also opened up the opportunity for us to look at other pay in options for Japan, Vietnam, and South Africa. as of now, the only way of registering for renewing for an account is direct through BTC or by means of an E-Pass or R-Pass.
  • Users login to back-office directly. We have found an issue that has caused the server load during peak times on Saturday evenings. even though all members are rushing to turn in their hours and submit the receipts, our hardware should still be able to support the rush… but after observing the past two weeks we have finally found what had caused the slow lag and delay that many members have experienced. This led to our tech Team allowing our members to log in directly to the back office instead of going through the social media portal. We have noticed a reduction by a large margin in our database usage which allowed members to access the system all weekend with no problems. We will be running another test this weekend to see if we need to make another adjustment and a long-term decision based on the data we see
  • Continued development on the new Travel Portal and Merchant E-commerce (MAP)
  • Resolved several thousands of tickets with some of the most pressing issues being related to passes, incorrect ranks, and incorrect numbers members. Support is still working hard to clear out the backlog, but we are asking all members to resubmit their requests via the new help desk if they have not had a resolve within the last 5 days.
  • We have now added timers to the Data Rewards platform that will display how much time they have left to submit the receipts before they are eligible for Redemption. 

We have in fact done many more things last week, but for the sake of time and exhaustive reading, I think it’s best that we move to what we expect to accomplish this next week. I will also put these in bullet points to make it easier to read.

  • Launching a brand new promotion! (ALL DETAILS are located at the END of this update)
  • We will be implementing a file compression of receipt uploads to accommodate receipts of any size. This means we will take any image file and convert it to the format and file size that are company needs automatically.
  • Continue resolving customer issues through the support help desk
  • Continue working on the Travel portal and Merchant E-commerce (MAP)
  • Implement a new email delivery system that will allow all members to receive our “forgot password”, new registration, and company updates emails without fear of it going to SPAM. 
  • Launch the first phase of BTC payouts (more details on this are in section 4 of this update)
  • Release a new official Elamant company PowerPoint slideshow presentation. (Friday) 
  • Allow members to access and view their profile from the back office section
  • Implement a new resources panel directly accessible from the back office
  • And continue being Unstoppable. That’s probably the most important task that will be doing 🐘🐘🐘

The Famous FAQ’S

This week I am calling them “Famous” because it seems like everyone enjoys this section quite a lot. Since our company is ever-changing, these frequently asked questions will be nearly outdated on a weekly basis. The questions our members were asking last week will not be the same questions that people ask this week. This is why the section of a newsletter is very important for the readers in the current week.

#1 – Why am I not allowed to enroll someone from certain countries?

Well, this particular question is answered in a separate newsletter blog due to the detail and economics surrounding our decisions of certain countries and complete focus on others. You can view that article here

#2 – How do I change my name, email, and other user-specific details?

This was answered in great detail in last week’s newsletter but maybe I can give a more simple explanation here for better understanding and clarity. 

We do not allow members to change their own details at any time. We do understand there are several reasons why one may need to change their personal details, that is something you will have to submit a support ticket for. The large majority of the reason why people want to change details is that they would like to transfer ownership of the membership to someone else. for this reason, our compliance department must get involved to ensure the protection of the member that the information is being transferred from. 

If you need assistance with this, please submit your request in the helpdesk section of the back office.

#3 – Why can I not see my Elamant pass transaction history from the old system?

That is because data has not been migrated yet. We are still developing the current database to accept all of that old data and in the correct fields for a proper display. You will actually have your E-Pass full transaction history sometime this week.

#4 – I sent a Pass to an incorrect member ID. Is there any way to validate the name of the ID before I agree to submit it?

Yes, what you are referring to is a validation check. That is being worked on as well and will allow our members to have confidence that they are sending their passcodes to the right account. We have that as one of the top priorities as well for implementation and that should also be done sometime towards the end of the week

#5 – When will I be eligible for my Redemption?

we have added a new Redemption timer as mentioned above that will give you an accurate clock. Four members that joined us before we migrated over to our new system, and those that joined us on the 17th of May, all have the same Redemption date of the 17th of June. That first Redemption will then go through a 30-day approval process.

Since some members where do a Redemption shortly after the system went down, these members we’ll all be credited 100 data points on the 17th as mentioned in the previous updates. For those members that were due to submit their second Redemption, they will receive 200 Data Points on the 17th. 

Payday is here!

We are very excited to start phase one of our implementation for Bitcoin payouts to our consultants. Judging by the immediate past when we launched our new system, we understand that there are going to be technical challenges and learning curves from our members and consultants alike. To help with this we are looking at implementing a rollout that will help us with testing and learning what challenges lie ahead as we go.

This week we will be going from the very top of our service levels and doing a test run of our KYC and Bitcoin payout system. We are looking forward to some great feedback from our top leaders and smooth transactions so we can move on to the next phase which will include more ranks.

We will be contacting the top leaders directly to opt-in or opt-out of this test run, validating the KYC, and confirming the amount they wish to withdraw.

Even though all the challenging times with our software and is further behind schedule than what we would like, we are still moving forward and making progress in all aspects of our business! These are truly exciting times! Get ready The Best is yet To come!!

The “Welcome Back Promotion”

Ladies and gentlemen! This is the official announcement of the first promotion of our new system! We understand the incredible opportunity and value that we have and we want to welcome the old members back to check it out! 

Promotion Details:

Start Date: June 21, 2020 00:00 PTD (9am SAST)

End Date: June 30, 2020 11:59pm PTD (8:59am SAST July 1st)

Target Customer: ANY member that is “inactive” at the start of the promotion (this includes those in a Free Trial)

Promotional benefit: Pay $10 to instantly become “Active” for 10 days! If they want to continue being active, they may upgrade with an R-Pass or by paying the company directly, and they will start a fresh new cycle from the day they paid the $10. 

Many of our members that are inactive have been over 30 days inactive. This means they would have to pay the cycles they missed in order to continue with the same Redemption and data reward cycles as well as keeping their position. With this new promotion, we clear all of that away! It doesn’t matter if they are 45 days inactive… We would like to Welcome them Back! This will give each of them a fresh start and a new beginning with our company. We will be implementing a $10 WB-Pass code for those that wish to pay and gift the code to an inactive member. 

Terms: Any member that goes inactive after the start of the promotion will not qualify for this promotion. The time of the $10 activation will automatically start their new membership cycle. All active members will count towards the advancement of service levels for our leaders. The $10 activation must be paid to the company directly but the upgrade or renewal does not. At any time during the 10 days, the member will be able to upgrade their membership to a fully paid premium membership by means of paying the company directly or by using WB-pass

Our goal with this promotion is to bring back all the members that started with us and show them what they are missing now. With our new platform, the sky is the limit! We have so much to be excited about this year and we just want to share it with everyone. 

Every week we have more and more progress being made. I’m looking forward to what this week brings and we will do another full week recap next Monday!