CEO Corner

Hello Elamant NATION!

Are you ready? This weeks’ newsletter is FULL of all the latest updates and important information that you won’t want to miss! OUR technology development team has been working around the clock to ensure we provide the BEST overall membership benefits product to all our customers around the world! We are constantly adding software upgrades, system enhancements, and more value to your membership benefits every single week. We have a LOT to cover so please take the time to read each update in full. I am just so excited to share these updates with you all… so let’s not delay any longer and get right to it!

Ryan Evans / Elamant CEO

Technology Updates!

We have an ENORMOUS amount of updates, system enhancements, and now, Product Launches to cover. I’m going to go through each one of our updates and product enhancements in detail in this section.

Elamant Member/Customer KYC Action Capabilities – We want to continuously be able to offer our members and consultants more flexible options to receive their rewards, benefits, and compensation, so this is why we must do the best job in qualifying our members with proper KYC methods. Elamant International has established a professional Anti-Money Laundering / Know Your Customer policy in accordance with international banking laws. As such, we are providing a guideline for all Elamant Members and Customers to understand the actionable
capabilities within the Elamant KYC framework. Our KYC process has been implemented and can be found under the My Account section of the dashboard.

Level 1 (Onboarding and Enrollment) Requirements:

  • Agree to Terms and Conditions and Policies and Procedures
  • Provide a verifiable email address and/or phone number


  • Elamant Membership
  • Use of Elamant Pass and Token system

Level 2 (Active Membership) Requirements:

  • Everything in Level 1
  • Internal KYC forms are completed
  • At least 1 verifiable form of ID/proof of residence


  • Everything in Level 1
  • BTC Withdrawals

Level 3 (Active Membership + Paycard) Requirements:

  • Everything in Level 1 and 2
  • Payment for Paycard
  • Bank KYC forms are completed
  • Verifiable ID/proof of residence in accordance with bank KYC rules


  • Everything in Level 1 and 2
  • Elamant Paycard

Forgot Password – We have now found the bug and fixed the functionality for members to reset their passwords using the email account registered with us to verify themselves.


  • All new passwords must be at least 8 characters or longer.
  • Elamant staff will NEVER ask you for your password – DO NOT give it to anyone.


Mobile App – We are happy to OFFICIALLY Announce we have just submitted our Elamant Mobile APP to the Google Play store for approval so all our members worldwide can download. This approval process is currently pending but you can expect to see it live on the Google Play Store within the next few days and on the Apple App Store soon after that.


Travel Portal – The Development of the Travel Portal has taken much longer than expected but it is nearing completion. We are in the final stages of testing, styling, and gearing up to provide an amazing user experience! We have received some positive feedback already, and are excited to be launching this by Friday, October 16th at 12pm noon South African Standard time OR sooner!

To see our current progress, head over to the Elamant Travel Portal

Elamant U –  Our NEWEST additional membership benefit will allow ‘monetized’ members to have exclusive access to the #1 Soft Skills training center in the world! This benefit and value alone supersedes the cost of an Elamant membership and will continuously bring value to our members each and every day! This GREAT new benefit will launch on Monday, October 19th, 2020.

Known Software Bug Fixes
Interface – On some phones, you could not reach the bottom of the site, and a banner could block you from reaching all buttons or information on some pages. This has now been fixed. The navigation bar also went transparent for some members, making it difficult to use. This has been fixed as well.
Receipts – Receipts that are older than 60 days from the initial date of upload and haven’t been used in a Redemption, are expired and will no longer be visible. Receipts will now have their absolute dates listed, instead of “X days ago”.
Stores – Searching for stores did not always return a relevant set of data, which has been revised. We are still making improvements on this front to make it easier than ever to find the stores you currently shop at so you can enter your receipts for them. Manually entered stores also undergo a daily approval, and if you manually add a store that we don’t have, you should be able to use it within 24 hours.
Time Entries – We have added a popup when you click on denied time entries to see some information explaining why the time entry had been declined. Some Consultants experienced a problem where they could not enter Time Entries directly after changing ranks, even though they had hours available. This has been fixed.
Unilevel List – The Unilevel List can now be sorted by clicking on the column headers and can also be searched using the input at the top of the list.

Support Weekly

We have received many Tickets regarding the Counted errors within the Rank levels especially with the Consultant and Senior Consultant levels… For example, members have reported they should be consultant level with only 11 Counted.
For Consultant Rank level you need 3 active Personals, 12 active Team members ( Your personals are included in your 12 Team members) No more than 50% can be counted from one team. 50% of 12 is 6. Members, please remember that your personals would be counted as your teams. Team 1 – One Personal and 8 team members, this would mean that you have 1 Personal and 5 Team members as only 6 can be counted from a team. Please take this above into account when you are counting your teams. Members, please revert back to the compensation charts to access what is required per rank or to your Sponsor as they get paid to train, support, and educate you.
Support is receiving many requests for personal details to be changed. We cannot change any personal details unless a member provides a clear photo of themselves holding a copy of their Government-issued Identity document. This is to protect the company as well as any members.
A few members were unable to submit their receipts last week due to the Red Renew reminder on the lower screen, this has been resolved however some members were unable to upload the receipts. We have a history of members that were unable, please submit your ticket via the ticketing system and your receipts to receive your weekly credit.
Renewal or Card Payments made to the Company. Please, can all members that have any issues with your payments such as your green badge or the $50 bonus that is not reflecting contact as support cannot credit any accounts.
Redemption Approval / Decline Cycle dates in the back office in the Redemption page. Previously the redemption view reflected the day the redemption would be approved or declined. We have now added a cycle start and end date in the redemption page. Members are advised that a cycle process takes 30 days therefore in the redemption page it will show the start date and end date of the process, This would mean that your redemption would be approved or declined the very next day of your end date reflecting.
Support would like to remind all members to follow the correct channels as members have been duplicating work. This is not productive for all departments and certainly takes time away from members that are needing support related assistance.
Support ChannelsHelpDesk Members to submit a Ticket via their back office under the HelpDesk Tab Members that are unable to access their Back Office Members that have paid the Company directly into the Elamant FNB bank account in South Africa for any Payments directly to the company using Bitcoin or Credit/Debit card via your Back office Members to report any fraudulent activity, Personal reports
Members to be advised that all emails will be ignored if sent to the incorrect department.

The Monetization Badge

By now you have probably seen some members of your team or other consultants in your network with the GREEN Monetization Badge. This is proof of direct payment to the company in part of our efforts to provide more benefits and additional payout options for our members and consultants.

What are the benefits of having a “Monetization badge?”

  • Elamant U – Exclusive soft skills training and certification courses designed to ‘Create a Better U’
  • Premium Travel Portal – This provides an EXTRA level of benefit to include our “Best Price Guarantee” and “Travel Points” to earn Free or discounted trips!
  • More flexible payout options such as Elamant Paycard and Bitcoin (BTC) methods
  • 3-Day Money Back Guarantee. Cancel for ANY reason within your first 72 hours of initial enrollment and you will receive 100% of your money back.
  • PLUS ALL other features and benefits of our Elamant Membership program such as the Data Rewards, Elamant Token software, Mobile App, E-Commerce Merchant discounts, and Consultant Program.

A “Monetized” consultant with an e-wallet balance, will see the amount of the e-wallet “Monetized” for withdrawals. The “Monetization Score” informs the Elamant Consultant the current progress of total “Monetization” in their team counted towards their current service level. For example, if the “Monetization Score” is 50%, then that means, 50% of your e-wallet will be “Monetized” and ready for withdrawal in BTC or, in the near future, to the Official Elamant Paycard.

Go GREEN Promotion!

The GOAL of this promotion is to bring back members that no longer have an active membership with us and to provide an opportunity for our current ‘Active’ members and consultants to get “Monetized.” We are very happy to offer this AMAZING promotion for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Start Date: October 15th, 2020 03:00am PST (12pm SAST)

End Date: October 31st, 2020 11:59pm PST (8:59am SAST Nov. 1st)

Inactive Members

Any expired member who renews using a Token, or any direct payment to the company, will have a new membership start date and be given 28 days + 1 bonus week for a total of 35 days! This member or consultant will receive a “Monetized” badge.

A New Monetization Cycle

If you are already “active” and you “Go Green”, you will receive a new membership start date and be given 28 days + 1 bonus week for a total of 35 days and receive a “Monetized” badge.

Already Monetized?

Congratulations! If you are already monetized and wish to extend your membership by using a Token, or a direct payment to the company, you will receive an additional week of monetized membership for free!

We want ALL members to be eligible to benefit from the “Go Green Promotion” so we have come up with a solution that will allow ALL members company-wide to take part. We understand some members have already extended their membership up several months using the R-Pass method which doesn’t allow for “Monetization.” If these members wanted to “Go Green” to make withdrawals from the system in BTC, for example, they would have to wait until their next available renewal cycle to “Monetize” their membership …and for some that would be several months away.

The SOLUTION: Elamant will be converting ALL membership extensions outside of the ‘current’ membership cycle, back into a Renewal Pass (R-Pass). This will solve the issue of members wanting to monetize without waiting until their next renewal date and still allow the members that want to use their R-pass for renewal instead to have the flexibility to do so. If a member has only a few days left of the current cycle, the system will automatically renew the membership at the time of renewal if they have an R-Pass in their R-Pass wallet.

This solution will go LIVE on October 16th, 2020 at 00:00am Pacific Standard Time (PST)

We are always striving to find solutions to any challenge that our customers or consultants may face. This is just 1 more way that helps us Be Unstoppable!

The BTC Withdrawal Option is Here!

Due to the current Monetization method that we launched last month that has allowed our customers and consultants to pay the company for their membership subscription directly, we are NOW happy to announce our NEWEST withdrawal method …Bitcoin! As mentioned previously in this newsletter, our Monetized members NOW have a Monetization Score on their Dashboard, informing them how much eWallet balance they will be able to withdraw to their personal Bitcoin accounts. We will allow ALL “Monetized” members to issue an ewallet withdrawal every week! This BTC withdrawal method will be LIVE Friday Morning at 9am South Africa Time! Details below:

NOTE: Please make sure that the Bitcoin Address on the Profile page is accurate before attempting a withdrawal.

Important information:

If you are not familiar with Bitcoin, PLEASE educate yourself on the blockchain and how it works before attempting to withdraw. Submitting an incorrect BTC address may result in the funds no longer being recovered once the transaction is completed. Receiving Bitcoin usually takes 30 minutes, however, it can take up to a couple of hours or longer. An incoming transaction needs to receive 3 Bitcoin network confirmations to appear in some bitcoin wallets. Most Bitcoin wallets do not offer an exchange to a bank or cash exchange. If you do NOT understand Bitcoin or are unfamiliar with it, we would recommend that you do not use this method of withdrawal until you are comfortable.

Withdrawal Terms and details:

To be eligible for Bitcoin withdrawals, ALL members and consultants must have completed the KYC Customer Identity Information form in their back office.

  • The “Monetized” E-wallet account holder may request to withdraw funds into their personal Bitcoin (BTC) wallet at any time from Sunday 00:00am Pacific Standard Time (PST) to Saturday at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time (PST)
  • The Bitcoin withdrawal request will be processed by 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) that following Monday.
  • All BTC withdrawal requests must be made by Saturday 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) to be eligible to pay the following week
  • The service and processing fee of $10.00 and an additional 3% transaction fee applies for each withdrawal.
  • A Bitcoin withdrawal request may be canceled before Saturday at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) and the funds will be put back in the e-wallet minus the $10 service and processing fee
  • To verify the Bitcoin address the very first payout will be limited to $100 to validate the BTC address. Once verified, the BTC address may not be changed. A member may add another BTC address at any time (up to a maximum of 5) but each address will be limited to $100 to validate the BTC address on the 1st withdrawal. To remove the ‘lock’, a member must contact

The minimum withdrawal amount for BTC withdrawal is $100.00 and in increments of $100.00. Example: If you have $650.00 in your E-Wallet, you may withdraw $600.00.

Additional Terms & Conditions for Bitcoin Withdrawals
All values are in USD. The maximum withdrawal amount per month for BTC transfers depends on the qualified service level of the Consultant. The withdrawal option is only eligible for e-wallet only at this time.

Member and Founder – Max: $400 per month (or $100 per week)

Consultant through Executive Consultant – Max: $1,200 per month (or $300 per week)

Manager through Executive Manager – Max: $5,200 per month (or $1,300 per week)

Director through Executive Director – Max: $10,000 per month (or $2.500 per week

Wood through Water Executive – Max: $25,200 per month ($6,300 per week)

Elamant Executive – Max: $100,000 per month ($25,000 per week)