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  • The Elamant Token launches today


WELCOME TO OCTOBER! Wow, it has been an incredibly busy past few weeks as I have been traveling around the USA establishing our new corporate team and new corporate headquarters. We are in the process of multiple launches throughout the month of October and I am so excited about what’s coming! We have a whole new clothing line launching as well as the new Elamant and Elamant Cares websites. Make sure you stay connected with the company through our social media, where we are continuously posting updates about the company and the upcoming launch schedules.

As I mentioned last week, we will be rolling out the new travel portal on Monday, October 5th. With this launch, we will be opening 1,000’s of world-class hotel options and a network of over 100,000 different hotel chains. After this successful launch and implementation, we will then be adding other important travel benefits like airlines, cruises, rental cars and more!

This is such a busy and exciting month for Elamant! Stay focused, stay positive, and stay updated with me as we roll out all of these great new features and system enhancements!

We are FINALLY HERE! Let’s Go!

Ryan Evans / CEO


Since coming aboard with Elamant I’ve noticed some unique things about this company. It’s obvious that the company’s growth is exceptional, but even more exciting is the passion that the people around the world have for this brand. What I would recommend to everybody is to take a moment to really understand what we have with this very young company. We have something very special and it needs to be protected. I love seeing the words of our members and consultants around the world talking about how this company has impacted their lives. It is incredibly important for everyone to be diligent in the representation of who Elamant is and what Elamant does. My tip, if you want to call it a “tip”, or my word of encouragement would be to do what you have to do to protect the integrity of this company because it truly can make such a great difference in the lives of millions of people. I can’t wait to see where we are next year and the year after with such a wonderful family of members.

– Mike Magolnick, Board Member/Chief Strategy Officer


Today is October 1 and we are excited to announce that the Elamant Token has launched. A reminder… the Elamant Token can Enroll or Renew ANY account without the need for an E-Pass or R-Pass. This token is able to be transferred to ANY member account, whether ‘active’ or ‘inactive’. Since this Token is not generated from any wallets, it serves as a ‘Proof-of-purchase’ directly to the company. This ‘Token’ will activate ALL benefits, INCLUDING the ‘Elamant U’ soft skills training center, and comes with our 3 days (72 hours) customer protection money-back guarantee. Our goal is by January 1st, 2021, to allow the Elamant Token to replace ALL Passes and be generated from the Data Points wallet and E-Wallet. As always, we are working hard to provide a better experience for you and all of our customers.



Elamant paycard preorder has been extended for Round 2. Round 1 orders have already been processed and members should be receiving their KYC email from our provider, Uulala this week – some as early as today. Once the KYC is filled out, the next step is to get the member on their personalized Elamant paycard platform. All members who ordered the paycard in Round 1 have NOW received a $50 e-wallet bonus PLUS will have $50 USD preloaded on their upcoming paycard!

Pre-order Round 2. We have reduced the cost of the card to $29.95 USD!! This includes KYC and shipping and handling. NOTE: There will be no e-wallet credits or preloaded funds for the Round 2 orders.

Due to time zone differences, the Round 2 pre-orders will officially start on October 2nd. 


We have two big updates from the compliance department this week. First of all, it is incredibly important that everyone remembers to represent the company correctly. For example, we do not recruit, we do not pay commissions and we are not some type of MLM company. If there any questions about how to represent the company, please reference the Member policies and procedures document. The second important piece of information is an understanding of the difference between a compliance issue and a support issue. If you have a support issue, please go through the proper channels to resolve your issue through the support department. Our compliance department focuses mainly on issues in and around the member policies and procedures. If you have a question as to which department to share a concern with, please speak with an Elamant consultant that is your assigned support representative – typically the person who helped you enroll as a Member.


The Elamant brand, our visuals and our messaging are constantly being enhanced. Some of the key things that our marketing team is working on include scripts for upcoming videos, content for our various websites, a refreshing our company presentation, continuous updating and growth of our social media channels with new content and images, and also very exciting is our new public relations channel which will be finished this week and rolled out through a connecting link on the Elamant website. Our PR channel will not only feature press releases, it will also feature a full company profile, representing the company on a very well-respected third-party website. This is a big boost for the credibility and integrity of the company.


Elamant Cares is official! This week we received the corporate paperwork back and we are excited to say that our dream to build a global non-profit resource is finally a reality! Many of you may have noticed that our social media (@elamantcares) and our website elamantcares.org are live. The website is going through quite a few upgrades and changes so please keep checking back. Our plan is to start taking support requests as early as November 1!


We want to be clear on the proper process for renewals and sharing of R-passes. First of all, if you are transferring a R-pass, you must transfer the pass directly to the person’s account that will be using the pass. This is to stop fraud, stealing of passes, and ensures that the correct owner authorizes the use for their account.

In the system, there is a simple way to renew your account with the renewal (R) pass.

1) Click on the R-Passes link at the bottom of the left menu (see image and red arrow below).

2) Click on the Use R-Pass link on the right side of the screen to use the next available R-pass in your R-pass wallet.

By following these steps, you will be able to renew your account with an available R-pass that you own.

NOTE: You will NOT be able to use a R-pass that do you not own. If you received a R-pass, you must ensure the original owner transfers the pass from their account to your Elamant account wallet prior to attempting to use it for renewal.


The last few days has been very productive in the Support office. There has been a positive flow in the ticketing system with many assessments, supporting and ability to close tickets in confidence with positive customer satisfaction.  Within the last 8 days we have increased our Support team and training has been a great success.

Our additional team has now started assisting members via the Support Ticket system.

Support kindly requests that when members submit tickets for assistance, please only submit one ticket per issue as there has been many duplicated tickets which is not productive, and time taken away from assisting other members.

Support wishes a friendly reminder goes out to all members that the support team is always ready to assist members however this would need to be support related issues only.

Members please direct all your none support related questions to your sponsors as they get paid to train, educate and support you.

Support has received ticket requests to change Personal Details such as an email address or spelling mistake in a Name/Surname in the Back Office. This can only take place if the support team receives a clear photo of yourself holding your Government Identity document and Elamant Member ID.

Support may request additional evidence at any time if they feel further security checks are needed before any personal details are change. This is to protect all members as well as the Company for any violation in Personal Data Sharing.