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Welcome to a NEWER Elamant Weekly Newsletter format. We will be delivering all the FACTS and LATEST UPDATES in a very short and easy-reading format. Was this newsletter delayed a few days? Yes. Was it worth it? You decide.


Ryan EvansCEO

Introducing Vanessa Ashlock

To all the leaders and members of Elamant, it is my sincere pleasure to meet you! There is never a time like the present to express thanks and gratitude for the opportunities that life affords us. I am truly honored to be invited to work alongside Ryan and our global leaders and members. I look forward to supporting you all as we focus on delivering value and excellence against headwinds of incredible velocity and rates of change.

Leadership is only as effective as its ability to inspire progression, and what I witness is leadership that has unified its members, that has inspired in its members a commitment and desire to contribute to creating generational impact and position Elamant as a company that is accountable and responsible, and a company that has the fortitude to withstand, the agility to adapt, the vision to succeed, and a company that CARES. Elamant is truly positioned to be UNSTOPPABLE as we unify all business functions by creating an impenetrable foundation of corporate governance, regulatory compliance, fiduciary accountability, and operational commitment. Never underestimate the power of unity: putting the right people, in the right seats, on the right bus, going in the same direction.

May you all be armored with the courage, integrity, humility, compassion, passion, and wisdom to meet the headwinds of life and be supported by Elamant that believes in the greatness of people.

Vanessa Ashlock Chief Financial Operating Officer

BTC Withdrawal: Success!

With the Monetization strategy now in force, where the customers are directed to pay the company for the product and services we offer, we now have a new option to allow our Consultants out there doing the work for support, training, and education to withdraw their Consulting Fees. The 1st BTC withdrawal from the Monetized E-wallets was a SUCCESS! We now have a good system in place!

Since we have fully tested the system now, it’s TIME for some MAJOR NEWS and EXCITING Enhancements to our BTC withdrawals going in effect from now until the end of the Year!

  • We are REMOVING ALL processing and transaction fees for the BTC withdrawal no matter the rank or service level! This will put MORE money in your pocket!
  •  We are REMOVING ALL Limits and “Caps” associated with each service level!
  •  We WILL NOW be allowing withdrawals 5 Times a WEEK! This means a withdrawal may be submitted Mon – Friday and will be paid out to the verified BTC wallet within 24 hours! (Note: Any withdrawal requests made after 5pm South Africa Standard Time (UTC +2) will be added to the next business day for processing.) 

Elamant U

WE  ARE LIVE! Now our Monetized members will gain EXCLUSIVE Instant Access to the BEST Soft Skills training platform on the planet! You can now access this new benefit from your back office left side menu. For a free preview of what you will be receiving, head over to https://elamantu.com/

Elamant Mobile APP is LIVE!

After a week of beta testing, we are proud to announce the 1st version of our Mobile APP is now LIVE for public download from Google Play. We expect the mobile App to also be available for the Apple App store by the end of the month and will keep you updated on the latest.

On your android device, you may click the link below to download the official mobile APP!

Click Here to download

Merchant Advertising Platform: Onboarding is LIVE!

We are HERE! Welcome to M.A.P. – a BETTER way to Advertise!

If you are a small business owner and want to tap into our vast network of proven shoppers, then visit the https://map.myelamant.com/ to claim and verify your store to qualify for a FREE trial. Becoming a provider to our growing network of shoppers can increase exposure, drive shopping traffic, and increase sales.

More information, videos, presentations, and e-commerce benefits will be coming soon! Onboard now for Free!

Travel Portal

The travel portal has had many challenges but we are finally here. By the time we have the newsletter for Wednesday next week, the New Travel Portal, giving our members the BEST rates, will be LIVE! We are in the final stages of testing to roll this out for ALL members!

Elamant Paycard Sneak Peek!

It’s coming. We are getting closer.

We will have more updates on the NEW Elamant Paycard in next weeks’ newsletter!


Support Update!

We have progressed this week in our Support department with Tickets becoming less and less by the week.
Here are a few pointers our support team has regarding submitting tickets.
* We only assist members that submit a support ticket through the help desk channel.
* Support does not have the ability to make any changes to a members’ Monetized Badge. Many have requested that support monetize them. Since the monetization badge is only given to members that pay the company directly through the system, this is something we don’t have control or access to do from our end.
* We have received tickets from members requesting that Support Unsuspend accounts. If your account has been suspended, please contact the compliance department through the correct channel or email: Compliance@Elamant.com
* Support cannot make any changes to any member’s accounts if they have been “Terminated” due to the account being inactive for 60 days or more. Please read our Member Policies and Procedures to understand more about each account status.
* Support has received tickets from members submitting their Receipts and requesting that support upload them to their Dashboard as they did not submit their receipts in time. We need to remind members that each individual must take responsibility for their own accounts and support will never upload data to any members’ account.
* Members requesting Support retract passes that they have authorized and sent to another account. Support will never ‘retract a pass’ or a Token that was sent to another member. Additionally, if a pass was sent with, “Activate Now on Sending” the member would have their account renewed or upgraded instantly. Our system pop’s up a warning message that wants to confirm the pass or token is going to the correct account. Once the member clicks send on the Confirmation, then the pass or token is sent immediately and is not recoverable.
* Support would like to remind members the ‘Forgot Password’ button is available on the main login page of the website. If you are unable to reset your password this way, only then you may email Support@Elamant.com. In addition, for the purposes of account security, you must provide a photo of you holding your valid Government ID Document before we are able to change your credentials.
* Support has received tickets that their account has been tampered with and passes have been sent to other accounts. Support cannot assist in these matters because this is a compliance issue and needs a proper internal investigation. Please email Compliance@Elamant.com and provide as much information as possible so the teams can properly investigate.


* Compliance has received a report that one account has been tampered with and many E and R passes have been stolen from this account. This has left no option for the Compliance department to do a full investigation and suspend all accounts that have received and used these passes. If your account is suspended, please send an email to Compliance@Elamant.com for further steps to take to resolve your account.
* Compliance has suspended accounts this week as we have been sent evidence from other members that Elamant passes have been offered for sale at a discounted rate on Social media and members have purchased these passes. Please be advised that you are at risk if you are caught. Elamant does not accept the membership cost discounted as it devalues what we have.
* We are currently in the process of suspending accounts that have group names and/or pages using the Elamant Company name and branding on any Social Media. There is only 1 official Elamant Facebook Page and only 1 official Elamant Connect group. Please be aware if you own, are admin, moderator, or even Following one of these groups or unofficial pages you may be in violation of our Policy and Procedures and risk termination or suspension.
This week we have been notified especially with one group in particular on Facebook that has the name of “Elamant Zimbabwe” that promoting misleading and FALSE information. Please be advised that any member of this group is at immediate risk of having their accounts suspended or terminated. If you are following or a member of this group, we advise you to remove yourself immediately as we are taking action NOW against any member publically spreading misinformation.
* We want to remind all members that ‘Stacking’ of accounts is an immediate offense under violation of our Policies and Procedures. Members that have duplicated accounts under one another (example: username or email of Elamant1, Elamant2, Elamant3, etc) is flagged for ‘stacking’ and will have a full investigation performed to validate each account. This week alone, we have terminated 290 accounts found in violation of this policy.
All customers, members, and consultants, are advised to read the Terms and Policies that are agreed to each time you log in and use our platform. You may always the latest policies in your Back office under the “Resources” menu item.