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You are all very lucky, and I don’t say that callously. You truly are very lucky. I get to watch first-hand the inner workings of this company, including Ryan’s 20-hour workdays, the professional services from people helping to support the company, the world-wide Elamant staff and contractors, and essentially all of the different teams working together like a symphony to both build and protect this company. As you read through this newsletter, and every newsletter, you’ll come to understand the massive global team that is here to support your goals and dreams as an Elamant member, customer, partner, or consultant. In 20+ years of executive management with companies that have a global member/affiliate base, I’ve never experienced a company so committed to timely, aggressive launches of products and services to benefit their members. So I’ll say it again, you are all very lucky… and so am I!

– Mike Magolnick, Chief Strategy Officer


Elamant is pleased to announce that our token is now live!

Members will be able to access our token via the pass section on the Elamant platform. The Elamant Token acts as both an R-Pass or an E-Pass and can be purchased directly from Elamant. This token is also transferable.


Any member who pays the company via Bitcoin or via Credit Card will have a “Monetized Badge” next to their profile. This can be seen around the platform, from the dashboard to the Uni-level list.

Our technology development team would like to note that any payments before this week will also benefit from this. The badges, however, will be on a rollout basis and might not be available immediately so our team asks for members to please be patient as each account is updated.


All Pay Card Bonus Credits have been allocated. If the credit has not yet been reflected in your E-Wallet, please send your proof of purchase to admin@elamant.com.


Elamant is a well-respected global organization, and we ask that our members represent the company appropriately. That being said, our team is sending out an additional reminder that we do not pay commissions, nor do we give out payments for recruiting anyone into Elamant. As such, we ask that you remember that sharing your consultant compensation online, especially with the intent to entice anyone into becoming an Elamant member is against the Member Policies and Procedures. Elamant is not a MLM company, but we are still seeing people representing the company as such, and this needs to stop.

If anyone goes against the Member Policies and Procedures, then we will have no choice but to terminate your membership and consultant relationship, and you may also be legally liable for anything you post that is deemed inappropriate according to Elamant.


Elamant’s online presence has been getting bigger and better!
First of all, have you seen our social media?! We love it, and we hope you do too! Our team wants to make sure everyone follows our Instagram account @officalelamant to be kept in the loop of all things Elamant, and to help the company grow in engagement and outreach by liking and commenting on every post. Now that Elamant Cares is up and running, we would love to have you also follow @elamantcares on Instagram and to be on the lookout for updates and improvements on the website, elamantcares.org.

Secondly, we are working hard on new videos. Scripting and storyboarding is underway, and we’ve been actively working with our design team to pull all of the pieces together and create some great assets for everyone.

Thirdly, we’ve officially launched our PR channel via PR.com. Elamant is a Platinum Partner for PR.com, which also enables us to have a full company profile. As we’ve sorted out all of the profile details, we have been able to build it nicely so far. You can stay updated on Elamant’s public relations by visiting the PR channel, business.pr.com/elamant.


This week has been both a busy and productive one for our support team. They have had great success in serving our Elamant members with each and every ticket inquiry, and our ticketing system has seen positive flow in closing tickets with pending redemption cycles.

Per our members’ requests, Elamant will be implementing some improvements this week that we are excited to announce! Data credits will be separated into 40 weekly credits rather than on a monthly counter and PDFs will be able to be uploaded once members scan their receipts.

Regarding time entries, our support team has been working hand in hand with our programming department, and a solution will be available shortly that will allow members to report their requested time.

With respect to our members who have manually entered stores, our support team is pleased to announce that they have now been approved! Our technology development team is responsible for the approval process, and they have asked us to kindly remind our members of the process. Please note that stores are being approved daily, and each one is subject to review before approval. If any entry details are found to be inconsistent or incorrect, the requested store will be removed. A report will then be compiled and submitted to Elamant’s Compliance Department.

Additionally, if you have made a payment using Bitcoin or a Credit/Debit Card in regards to the $50 PayCard Pre-Order, support asks that you please forward an email to admin@elamant.com

Concerning present ticket inquiries, Support kindly requests that all members who may be seeing a delay in their account renewal or enrollment upgrade, please report your case to support via your back office.

Furthermore, the support team would like to remind all members that logging tickets on behalf of their teams is not an option that is available. Each member is required to submit their own personal ticket via their back office. In doing so, members will be able to receive adequate communication and the case will be dealt with on a personal level.

Here at Elamant, we strive to build teamwork and community, and certain inquiries and issues involve more than one of Elamant’s departments to be involved in order for Support to assist our members thoroughly. If and when a ticket concerns the work of another department, Support kindly asks that members be patient until an update and/or solution has been presented. Our support team wishes to remind our members that they work diligently and passionately to resolve all member requests and inquiries in both a timely and efficient manner.