CEO Corner

When I started this company I had no idea that we would have the ability to impact so many lives around the world. I’m humbled and honored that all of you have decided to take this important journey with me. The new platform is a culmination of a vision I had in the beginning to represent the next level of technology and support. Of course, with that implementation, we’ve seen some challenges, many of which we’ve already been able to overcome. We continue to work around the clock for you, our Elamant family.

Let’s stay focused, let’s reach higher, let’s make an impact on people’s lives, and together we are unstoppable.

– Ryan Evans / CEO

Global Growth

We couldn’t be happier about our growth and the direction of the company around the world. We also know that with this incredible growth, our members deserve the type of infrastructure that can support a multinational corporation like Elamant. As we mentioned a few weeks ago, the addition of Mike Magolnick has brought tremendous depth to the management team. We are in the process of negotiating with a few others right now to add additional support to the operations and compliance side of the business. This includes specific personnel in a management capacity that will help with our markets as well as maintain relationships with local and regional authorities and potential corporate partners in the various regions throughout Africa, Asia, and Europe.

While we know that this is a process, and nothing happens overnight, we are excited to be able to share updates with our member family every week. We are especially excited about this coming week as we are expecting several notables things to close.

Thank you all for your patience and support and we grow and build this amazing company.


We are all part of this great Elamant business as it continues to grow around the world. Our data collection, processing and analysis efforts are getting stronger and more fluid every day. In addition, our portfolio of member benefits continues to grow each week with the continued vetting and addition of new benefits. With that in mind, we have some very important compliance reminders to help everyone continue to grow with us safely while protecting the integrity of the company.

To begin with, WE DO NOT RECRUIT. More specifically, our members or Consultants do NOT get paid for “recruiting.” Our members may refer other members, but the maximumvalue they receive for doing so is the reward of a Free Elamant Premium Membership. Our Consultants receive compensation to facilitate actual service work for the company. They must submit hours that then go through our compliance validation process and if approved will be awarded compensation. However, our Consultants will only qualify to be paid for work such as translation services, helping customers with membership and back office support, and other local and regional customer training of our system and benefits.

Equally important is the fact that any income claims such as screenshots of your back office, sharing details of how much money you make or exaggerations of what someone can potentially make as an Elamant consultant is considered enticement and is grounds for immediate suspension and/or termination. In addition, any reference to Elamant’s consultant program as a multi-level marketing or pyramid compensation scheme is a misrepresentation and therefore prohibited.

Any misrepresentation of who Elamant is or what the company does may result in suspension or termination of your membership. If you have a question about something you are reporting to others about Elamant, please email our compliance department [] for clarification and correction, if necessary.

Tech Talk

E-Pass and R-Passes have been reengineered to activate on transfer, our system ran faster than the actual transfer, leaving some members on free membership for 15 minutes, by adding a 1-second delay in the process we have made it instant-on transfer.

Paycard Pre-orders – Our development team has linked the past payments to the accounts, we urge all members to go through the steps of order to ensure all details have been captured and are up to date with KYC, if your payment does not reflect, please send your proof of payment to; We are also pleased to announce that Credit Card payments are now available to pre-order your Card.

Consultants and above had the opportunity to submit their hours for the week of migration to compensate for any downtime. This has been paid out on the 13th of September 2020 and should be in your E-Wallet.

Redemptions are now live! Redemptions have gone live and Data Points paid out to the qualifying accounts. We know you have been waiting for this functionality, we are pleased to announce this has been reengineered for better results.

Data Rewards: Receipts “Disappearing”
Even though the receipt data is in the database, in some instances, it was not showing up in the ‘View Receipts’ section. We have now solved the caching issue to allow the user to see this new data instantly!

Shoppers Profile Update:

Thank you for your valuable feedback! As a result, we have now opened up the functionality for all payment methods on the “Shoppers Profile” for all members …regardless of Redemption status!

You NOW have the opportunity to enter or update your card details, but this will only be open for the next 2 weeks. Once the 2 weeks is up (September 26th, 2020) we will revert back in accordance with the rules outlined in the Data Rewards Program (found in the Policies and Procedures)

UAE (United Arab Emirates) currency has now been added to the Data Rewards platform for receipt submission. The currency code is “AED”

Support Enhancements
Support’s system has been enhanced to help our members more efficiently, during this time we have seen an incline in tickets being opened. our support department is under pressure getting all your tickets resolved. Our agents are working around the clock to get your queries resolved.

Naming Conventions
The Dashboard has been enhanced to deliver a clearer response to your enrollments state, to deliver an easier understanding of their rank and member base.

Design Enhancements
General Design enhancements have been changed around the platform, from signing in for iPhone users, to data rewards, we have changed some quality of life aspects to deliver the ultimate user experience.

Credit Card Processing has been implemented on Pay-Cards, Enrollments, and renewals for more convenient payments to the company.

System Updates:

Credit Card Enrollments and Renewals have gone live. You will now have the option to pay with a credit card on your renewals,
we have also brought Bitcoin back on Enrollment for Premium Membership. You will also have the option to place your Pay-Card Pre Orders with your credit – or debit card

Due to all the changes and updates of the last week, the Newsletter is delayed by one day, We would like to ensuring that we cover all the news and announcements. This is one you won’t want to miss out on.

Consultants and above will have the opportunity once again to capture hours for last week in the time entries this week, this is to help with the system Migration.

General Design Improvements have also been made to enhance some user experience

Data Monetization – Week 8

Last week we dived deeper into MAP and spilled a few beans on the strategy for launch and how data analytics is coming handy in making our data-driven strategy. This week, let me get deeper and share how we arrived at the price for the subscription fees for store-owner advertising on MAP.

Before we delve into the price, it is important to differentiate between cost and price. While it is a simple concept many people use cost and price interchangeably. In our context, the cost includes many factors. Key ones being, cost of collecting data (which in turn include consulting fees being paid, Data Points, R-Pass, E-Pass, and Renewal Points being awarded), salaries/fees to staff/contractors, infrastructure cost, marketing cost, etc.

Now that we know the overall cost, this was spread over the expected numbers registering with us. The more customers we have, the lower the “per-advertiser” cost for us and vice versa.

Once the cost is calculated, several qualitative factors like competition, the profit margin being targeted, the willingness of advertisers to pay, etc. Once these factors a price is arrived at.

What I just described is an abridged version of the methodology we applied to arrive at the packages of MAP for advertisers. We already have hundreds of merchants that are waiting for us to launch this Unique and Valuable advertising insight so they can start putting their advertising dollars to better use! This is one example of how YOUR data IS Valuable!

Product/Service News

We’ve solidified the technology behind our new travel system as well as Elamant University. Our tech teams are working hard with our new partners to implement everything as quickly as possible. We hope to have both of these great new resources ready to launch in October.

Elamant ONLINE

Our marketing and PR team stays hard at work every day. First of all, make sure you follow all of our social media…

Secondly, we will be launching our public PR channel soon. Please keep checking our social media and the About page on the website for updates on the Elamant brand around the world.