Greetings Unstoppable Nation!

First off, I would like to apologize for the delay in this newsletter by a few days. I personally have been traveling and also waiting for some information on other updates. However, one thing always remains… we WILL always have a Weekly Newsletter published. I’m excited to share this weeks’ Elamant Newsletter with you!

I’m very proud of the progress we are making every single day. Every company has it’s share of challenges, surprises, and yes, even technical difficulties. As a customer or merchant, when you measure the potential longevity of a company, it’s always important to see how the company will handle these obstacles and see if they are going backward, staying the same, or continuously making measurable steps and moving forward. Elamant ALWAYS strives to be a better version today than we were yesterday.

This past week, I have been traveling to build out our corporate executive board and bring on corporate officials that would not only add value with their skills but have the passion to lock arms with us. Today in the Elamant Mastermind group, I introduced the newest member of our Executive board and had her share her story. We will officially be announcing her appointment in next week’s newsletter and also publically on our website. We are very honored to have her on our team and know she will be able to fully help our company with corporate governance, financial oversight, legal and compliance, and management of country operations in each country we do business in.

Our NEW membership benefits and additional value-added software is on the way and is already being testing out all this week! We will officially begin the rollout of the Elamant Travel Portal (hotel booking section firstly), The OFFICIAL Mobile APP (Android App first with the Apple App to follow), an Elamant E-Commerce Store for corporate-approved gear and accessories, and the Merchant Advertising Platform! These are scheduled to begin the rollout phase on Monday, October 5th, 2020!!

The NEW “Elamant U” soft skills training system, podcasts, and resource library is now scheduled to launch Monday, October 19th, 2020! This new added benefit has more value alone than the total cost of our membership. The company providing these education and training courses currently charges their direct customers $299 USD to start and $99 USD per month just for access. Only as a valued Elamant member, when you pay for your membership (enrollment or renewal) directly to the company, you will have this entire benefit included without ANY additional cost than just your normal Elamant Membership subscription fee.

Please enjoy these updates!

Let’s stay focused. Let’s reach higher. For together, we are unstoppable!

– Ryan Evans / CEO


NEW South Africa Offices!

The local Richard’s Bay Elamant branch is Expanding! In the anticipation of the launch of our new premium benefits, we have established the new sales and support office for Elamant Travel and the Merchant Advertising Platform!


We are all part of this great Elamant business as it continues to grow around the world. Our data collection, processing, and analysis efforts are getting stronger and more fluid every day. In addition, our portfolio of member benefits continues to grow each week with the continued vetting and addition of new benefits. With that in mind, we have some very important compliance reminders to help everyone continue to grow with us safely while protecting the values and integrity of the company.

To begin with, WE DO NOT RECRUIT. More specifically, our members or Consultants do NOT get paid for “recruiting.” Our members may refer to other members, but the maximum value they receive for doing so is the reward of a Free Elamant Premium Membership. Our Consultants receive compensation to facilitate actual service work for the company. They must submit hours that then go through our compliance validation process and if approved will be awarded compensation. However, our Consultants will only qualify to be paid for work such as translation services, helping customers with membership and back-office support, and other local and regional customer training of our system and benefits.

Equally important is the fact that any income claims such as screenshots of your back office, sharing details of how much money you make, or exaggerations of what someone can potentially make as an Elamant consultant is considered enticement and is grounds for immediate suspension and/or termination. In addition, any reference to Elamant’s consultant program as a multi-level marketing or pyramid compensation scheme is a misrepresentation and therefore prohibited.

Any misrepresentation of who Elamant is or what the company does may result in suspension or termination of your membership. If you have a question about something you are reporting to others about Elamant, please email our compliance department [] for clarification and correction, if necessary.

Policies and Procedures Update: v4.0

The newest version of our Policies and Procedures has now been officially uploaded to the site and back office. You may find the latest policies and procedures by clicking this link or at any time in your back office resource menu or in the footer section of the main website. THIS IS A MUST READ as it has important information and better clarification on terms and details relating to the Elamant Product, Platform, and member code of conduct. Please take the time to read, understand, and share it with other members and consultants in the company.

Money-Back Guarantee Policy

Members are fully protected by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. An Elamant member may cancel their membership for ANY reason within 72 hours (if paid to the company directly) and will receive a full refund to the Credit/Debit card used to complete the membership purchase. Our goal is ALWAYS focused on Customer Satisfaction and to continuously provide value for every Elamant member! For more information, visit this link 

*The refund guarantee applies to new membership enrollments only.

**Must have been paid by credit/debit cards or through WeChat Pay on our website or, at which time the membership will be immediately terminated.

***There are no refunds if payment is made using Bitcoin (BTC) or other forms of cryptocurrency. There are also no refunds or exchanges on Elamant Pass or Token sales. All bulk order sales paid to the company are final.

Consultants Renewal Update:

As we migrate towards a fully funded monetization model, we are looking to solve as many challenges with this process as possible. One of these challenges is the ‘loop-hole’ that many consultants and above have found. We mentioned several weeks back in the newsletter about our ‘Monetization’ Strategy that would allow our Consultants and above more payout options and additional flexibility. To do this, we stated “Consultant and above must pay their recurring platform fee direct to the company” instead of using the Automatic Renewal Program that allows renewals from e-wallet or R-Passes. However, recently we have discovered once the Consultant goes inactive, they may utilize an R-Pass and become ‘Active’ again. This is something that is no longer allowed. As of this update, if the Consultant became ‘Inactive’ and wishes to Renew their membership, the system will now check to see their proposed service level if they were to become ‘Active’. If they are a member or “Founder” then the R-pass will be accepted. If the ‘Inactive’ member would become a Consultant or greater ‘service level’, then they will no longer be able to use an R-Pass and it will prompt this member to pay via credit/debit or BTC.

TECH TALK / System Updates

Elamant Token Official Launch! – The Elamant Token will officially go LIVE on Thursday, October 1st, at 00:00 Server time (9am SAST). The Elamant Token can Enroll or Renew ANY account without the need for an E-Pass or R-Pass. This token is able to be transferred to ANY member account, whether ‘active’ or ‘inactive’. Since this Token is not generated from any wallets, it serves as a ‘Proof-of-purchase’ directly to the company. This ‘Token’ will activate ALL benefits, INCLUDING the ‘Elamant U’ soft skills training center, and comes with our 3 days (72 hours) customer protection money-back guarantee. Our goal is by January 1st, 2021, to allow the Elamant Token to replace ALL Passes and be generated from the Data Points wallet and E-Wallet. As always, we are working hard to provide a better experience for you and all of our customers.

Elamant Paycard Pre-order! – We are getting closer and closer to our initial order qualification goal and very excited to announce these updates.

  • All customers that paid for the Elamant Paycard will be receiving their instructions to submit their KYC information directly to the card-issuing bank within the next few days to a week. Even though we have not yet hit the required minimum purchase order, we are still moving forward with KYC and card issuance for our Pre-Order members ASAP. Once you receive this email, Please do NOT Delete it. We will be automating and streamlining this card ordering and card issuance process in the future to make it easier to pay, qualify, and receive.
  • The $99 USD Pay Card Pre-Order will be officially ending September 30th, 2020. There will NOT be an extension for the Elamant Paycard Pre-Order with these bonuses attached.
    • All members that have pre-ordered this card by that time will receive a $50 bonus deposited onto the card
    • AND a $50 credit to their ewallet!

This essentially means Elamant will be covering your pre-order of the card as a “Thank You” for helping us meet our initial order goal to qualify for this program to benefit all our customers and consultants. Hurry though, this offer ends in less than 1 week from now!

Renewal Popup – Popups have been added once you sign in and your account is expiring in the next seven days. This should help you renew on time and not miss out on access or benefits.
Enhanced support tools have been now added to serve our members more efficiently and faster. You will notice as of now support tickets will be addressed much faster and resolved.
Time Entries Deletion – Consultants and above now may delete any time entries in the current week to assist with any time entries submitted incorrectly.
Redemption Date Alignments (Bug Fix) – Enhanced viewing of redemption date start and end time have been aligned to be more accurate with the redemption start date.
Reporting – We have added the following reporting tools to your back office:
  • Data Points Report/History
  • Renewal Points Report/History
  • Unilevel Report

Credit Card and Bitcoin Acceptance – To better assist our customers to pay the company directly, Credit/Debit and Bitcoin has now been added for new enrollments

Adding stores that aren’t there – We are paying to utilize Google’s Merchant Store API to ensure clean and accurate capture of data. This process ensures no duplicated entries or misinformation. However, for the vast majority of our members is certain countries, their favorite local businesses are not listed. This is why we are coming up with a solution to allow a manual entry request. This ‘Store Entry Request’ will allow the Elamant Member to request a certain store to be added to the store locator and undergo an internal approval process. Once the store request has been ‘approved’, it will then be made available to ALL Elamant Data Reward members. This manual request is now currently in development and is set to go LIVE Sunday, September 27th, 2020.

The Mobile App:
The frontend has been completely developed. The app will primarily launch for Data Rewards functions at first and then additional enhancements will follow in the additional revisions in the future.
Some features to look forward to with the App:
– edit shoppers profile.
– Edit Marketing research Questions.
– Add and Remove Stores
– Add and Remove Receipts
– Start a redemption.
– Ease of use
– and more!
MAP Portal
– Frontend entirely developed.
– Email Integration completed
– Integration with the current system is underway.
– MAP Marketing materials and product video is being finalized
Elamant E-commerce – We are also excited to announce that we have made phenomenal strides with the Elamant Shop, where you will have the opportunity to purchase Elamant branded apparel and marketing tools. More news to follow on this as we expand… but for now… here’s a ‘sneak peek’ of some AWESOME company branded apparel!





Continuing our discussion on the Merchant Advertising Platform (MAP), which by the way is shaping up well, let’s focus on the value our platform will bring for the merchants.

In the last week’s Sneak Peek, I broadly touched upon the scientific technique for arriving at the price for service we would offer to the merchants. One of the components, if you recall, was the “qualitative considerations.” One of the qualitative considerations is the amount of value add. After all in any service, one could charge only a fraction of the value-added benefit, thus giving MORE value to the customer. That’s the only way to ensure the relationship is long term – give more, take less!

So how much value will we generate for merchants and how is it better than any other advertising company? Before we explain what we consider “better”, let me first define what is considered “good” currently. For every dollar spent on marketing, a revenue of 5 dollars would be considered good. Essentially, in the current scenario, advertisers are happy with a 20% cost of acquisition!

Honestly, that seems costly to me as a business owner – not every business can afford it. But why is it so high? This could be because of many reasons but one of them is the amount of inefficiency to reach a genuine buyer.

While Google and Facebooks of the world, display the advertisements to someone who “might” be interested in the product, we already have access to genuine shoppers just like YOU – the huge and ever-growing Elamant Unstoppable Community! This is best explained by the diagram below, which is the standard marketing funnel

In a nutshell, merchants advertising through MAP get directly connected to YOU – the actual shoppers who shop regularly as opposed to a random Facebook user! And that’s exactly why we can offer a price that could bring the cost of acquisition from 20% to as low as 10%!



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