OUR System Is LIVE!

The time has arrived! Our new platform is NOW LIVE!!! There has been a lot of changes to help enhance your Elamant experience… and IT’S ALREADY AWESOME!!

As we mentioned previously, all account expiration dates have been extended by four days to compensate you for the migration period but in addition to that we have also granted another 7 day extension to ALL members (whether active or inactive) as mentioned in the ‘Letter from Elamant CEO’ below. Our tech team has also ensured that the following features has stayed the same:

– Accumulated Renewal Points

– Passes and Pass history

– E-Wallet and Consultant Income

– Time Entries for Consultant and Above

– Redemption Cycles (for those currently in redemption)

– Data Points

– Data Credits

– Pay Card pre-order

– Teams and Referrals

We have made changes to the store structures to help provide more accurate and reliable data. Each member is required to re-enter their stores using our Google API for more accurate store data collection. The process is much quicker now more than ever and will allow members to search their regular stores, now integrated with Google Maps – bringing you faster results, accurate data, and even greater ease of use!

Our support and technology development department has been working around the clock to ensure that any unresolved tickets are attended to during this migration period. These efforts have providing us with the accurate data to assist with a smooth migration. Should your query not be resolved, the helpdesk has been opened up again ready to serve!

Get ready to use this new system! We LOVE IT ❤️? and we know you will too!!


Greetings Unstoppable Nation!

The past 24 hours has been very informative and helpful for our programming and support team. I want to first start out by saying we have made the right decision. In order for a company to scale to the number of members we project, we had to start with a better system architecture and foundation than what we had. For example, at 4500 active members using the system at any given time, our CPU and network usage for the AWS system was peeking out at 95% and 100% maxed out by the time we had 5000 + members concurrently using the system.

We have now observed 6000 active members using our system during our peak minutes within the last 24 hours and it has only use 3% of our resources! This lets me know the solution has been solved with this new architecture.

Now, let’s talk about the problems, challenges, and solutions that we will be implementing.

*All members (both active and inactive) will receive an additional one-week membership extension. This means there will be absolutely no cost to the member for any downtime whatsoever.

*All members will receive a maximum a 40 data credits (as a courtesy) for the week whether they have entered any receipts at all or not due to this transition and challenges.

*All consultants and above will have a 1-week extension which will provide them the ability to enter this weeks hours next week as well. This will ensure no hours are missed.

Elamant will always keep our customers and Consultants best interests in mind. we realize some of the challenges that have taken place over the last 24 hours has affected many of our customers and Consultants… But it’s how we handle those situations that makes us different than other companies.

This is what keeps us Unstoppable, what makes us a worldwide community!

We will be also having updates every 4 hours from our operations manager, Ruan Conradie. So please stay up-to-date on these as well as we will be posting them in the Facebook Connect group.

Latest Updates:

One of the main enhancements with migrating to this new system architecture is the ability to push our new developments and enhancements in REAL TIME instead of waiting to schedule ‘Maintenance Mode’ which would take the system down for a couple hours. There has been a LOT of enhancements, bug fixes, and developments within the last 48 hours. For the sake of time, I will include some of the most updated items that have been completed and pushed to production.

– E-Pass Activate from account (found under E-Pass Page)
– R-Pass Activate from account (found under R-Pass Page)
– E-Pass Activate on Transfer (found under E-Pass Page)
– R-Pass Activate on Transfer (found under R-Pass Page)
– Change Password (My account > Profile page)
– Mobile friendly design update & Font size increases
– Deleting of receipts has been added.
– Display of Data Credits has been added and can be found under the “view receipts” page
– 40 Data Credits have been credited to each and every account as per CEO compensation.
– All accounts have been extended by 1 week as per CEO Compensation
– Enrollments issue has been resolved.
– Sometimes there is not a date picket for date fields, we have added this functionality
– Dashboard showing “NaN” for some people on their team counting
– Sorting of receipts from “Newest” first to “Oldest” at the bottom
– Receipt statuses have been vague, This has been changed
– General design improvements have been amended
– Improved store searching – We have fixed the issue when using special characters such as &,# and ! for those of you struggling to find a store in the platform, search for the store on Google, it will display the correct name that should be used on the Elamant Platform.

The Elamant Cares Foundation

Our foundation has been officially initiated and the website is currently under development! Keep checking back for all the latest developments of this new platform


“Elamant Cares was founded on the core basic principle that our lives are better when we are helping people.”

– Mike Magolnick, Executive Director

Executive Introduction

It’s my great honor and pleasure to announce the appointment of Mike Magolnick to become our new Chief Strategy Officer of Elamant and Managing Director over The Elamant Cares Foundation! We are very proud to have his experience to help us take our company to the next level.

  Mike Magolnick is a 20-year executive, a 3x Bestselling Author and a popular keynote speaker on entrepreneurship, digital marketing, Blockchain technologies, social media, and reputation management.

He is a marketing and social media pioneer and among the most connected people in the world with a personal reach of millions of people including business and political leaders, celebrities, authors and global thought leaders. Mike is verified as a public figure on Facebook and has been recognized for years as one of the top 100 global entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter.

Mike has run 2 public companies as CEO of one and COO of the other and has been a recognized expert in technology having been interviewed and/or appearing in print in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, American Venture Magazine, Direct Selling News, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The American Business Journal. He also has served as a 2-term President of North Texas Mensa

Data Monetization – Sneak Peek: Week 7

Let’s continue from discuss on MAP and dig a bit deeper. We have been collecting and analyzing shopping invoices/receipts for the past several months with the intention to monetize them somehow! And we started digging deeper into the data the opportunity presented itself in the form of MAP – the Merchant Advertising Platform. Let me explain this taking example of South Africa!

Thanks to our vibrant and ever-growing Elamant community we now have a huge database of nearly 2 million shopping invoices/receipts spread across about 100K shops in the country of South Africa alone! So who do we approach to sign-up for MAP? Theoretically, any shop can sign-up on MAP but it would be most effective if we target the favorite shops of our community.

A bit of digging in the data reveals that the top 10 stores alone contributed to about 480K invoices, the top 100 stores did 840K invoices and the top 1.6m invoices! And yes, there were about 1500 stores that put up over 100 invoices each. Clearly, it makes sense to go for these 1500 stores as opposed to targeting the remaining 98.5K stores in the pool!

Top 10 480,000
Top 100 840,000
Top 1000 1,600,000
Top 100,000 1,640,000

For these 1500 stores, we have already created value. All we need to do is start monetizing it. Would you be willing to help us in creating value for Elamant by helping us onboard these stores and generate money for yourself in the process? If yes, we might have something in ‘store’ for you! Look out and watch this space… it’s coming SOON!